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Potion Effects
Potion Effects
Since the Livin' Large expansion pack (or with the Deluxe edition of The Sims), your Sims can buy a chemistry set. With this set your Sims can make potions in several colours. Each colour has a special, sometimes strange, effect on The Sims. Here is a list of the colours of the potions and their effects:

Potion Color Effect
Blue Your Sim feels refreshed and 2 or 3 needs are maxed. Seems to be random. Woohoo!
Pinkish Purple Your Sim is turned into a frankensim monster that goes around breaking everything it tries to use except the easel – dig that outsider art. Eventually your Sm reverts to normal. Encasing your monster in a room with no doors and an easel keeps them from breaking things, but you can pretty much forget about going to work the next day.
Green An evil clone is created. My evil clones do very little except talk to people meanly and try to make them cry. Keeping them entertained by controlling the conversation works well, or just going to sleep and/or keeping your sims busy so they ignore the clone seems to work too. Eventually it disappears.
Light Green 2 or 3 needs are minimized, basically equivalent to a poison. The reverse of the blue and seems equally random. This can be dangerous and you may have to act fast to save your sim if you get the wrong combination – energy and hunger for instance would be bad… very bad.
Orange Sim turns invisible. Basically useless except that you can use the bathroom at the same time as non-loves. Reverts back eventually and you can do everything you would do anyway.
Red Someone falls in love with your Sim and is teleported right into the room where he/she is working. Kinda handy if you are trying to increase the number of friends.
Yellow The Sims' personality is inverted. For example, if he/she has 0 points for "Activity", he will get 10 points, or if he/she has 4 points for "Nice", then that will become 6, etc.
White My Sims have never produced this one, but I understand it can cure disease.
Written at 02:08 2002n Friday 27 September 2002 by Jendea.
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