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Hints from us
Don't get robbed, but get money - Submitted by: ChEeTaH
When a burglar enters the place, wait until the burglar alarm goes off. Then keep your pointer on the burglar so he walks slower, until the cops arrive and catch the burglar. You'll still get 1000 Simoleans, and there's a smaller chance that something is stolen. This will eventually save some money, because stuff usually is worth less if you have it for a certain time, than when you buy it. This doesn't work anymore if you have Vacation, Unleashed and/or Superstar installed.

Get Rich Quick! - Submitted by: Matthew E
As described on the cheats page, enter the money code ('klapaucius' or 'rosebud', depending upon your version of the game). Then bring up the console prompt again (Control+Shift+C) and enter '!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!:!;!'. Remember, '!' repeats the last cheat code, while ';' seperates codes on the same line. You can use up to sixty exclamation marks in total in this. Also, try storing this in the clipboard of your computer by highlighting it before pressing 'Enter', and pressing Ctrl and C together. Then if you want to repeat your series of exclamation marks, just bring up the prompt again and press Ctrl and V together. It's as easy as that!

Building Relationships Quickly - Submitted by: Matt
To gain a great relationship easily and quickly, meet with the Sim you want to start the relationship with, then click on then and select 'Talk' then 'Compliment', Talk', 'Compliment' and keep doing that until your list is full of 'Talk' and 'Compliment'. Then, delete all the 'Compliment' options so you are left with a list of just 'Talk's. This should keep your Sims happy and get to know each other quickly and easily. Then, when the relationship has increased, start Complimenting and flirting.

Free snacks - Submitted by: ChEeTaH
When a Sim is taking a snack from the fridge, simply cancel that action right when the Sim got the snack, but before they paid for it. The Sim will put the snack on the floor, but when they pick it up to eat from it, they won't pay for it! You'll need at least ยง5 though, otherwise there won't be a snack in the fridge to get.

Prevent Sim Collisions - Submitted by: ChEeTaH
When 2 Sims are in danger of crashing into each other when going through a door or some other narrow space, you can do two things. One is to select one of the Sims, and hold your mouse over them and they'll walk a bit faster. The other option is to hold the mouse over a non-selected Sim and they'll walk slower. This doesn't work anymore if you have Vacation, Unleashed and/or Superstar installed.

Late for work? - Submitted by: ChEeTaH
If your Sim is quite late for work, but not running, select the Sim and hold your mouse over them. The Sim will walk a bit faster. This doesn't work anymore if you have Vacation, Unleashed and/or Superstar installed. With any version of The Sims this will work: Sims will run if they start going to the carpool about 15 minutes before the carpool leaves. If your Sim left just before that and is only walking, cancel the action to get in the carpool. Then click the carpool and choose "Go to Work" so the Sim will go to the carpool again. If it's within the last 15 minutes you make the Sim go to work again, they'll start running to the car and so will arrive in time more easily.

Your Hints
An Easier Way to Catch a Burglar - Submitted by: ChristianFFVIII
When a burglar enters your house pause the game and put in the code 'move_objects on'. Then build a fence around the burglar, and call the cops. When they arrive, release the burglar and the cops will catch him.

No More Bills - Submitted by: SEJam2000L
Use "move_object on" cheat, pick up the mailbox and press delete. (Warning - you can't get the mailbox back!)

Another Way to Catch A Burglar - Submitted by: Lorelei
Now, everyone knows that when you put up an alarm to catch a burglar, that alarm works for only that room. Well, if you put up a single wall on each corner of your entire outside plot, and put an alarm on each one, then the second the burglar steps on your lawn, he gets arrested by the police!

Magic Trashcan - Submitted by: JessDawg54
Instead of having to take the trash to the dumpster all the time, get someone to take out the trash and then as soon as he walks away from the trash can let him drop it. Then make him clean it up it will enter the trash can and not be full.

No More Bills. Again - Submitted by: Jlp0017
When you tell your Sims to go out and get the bills, they'll come back in the house and set them down somewhere. Go into build mode and move the bills to somewhere where they can't be dropped, such as where the refrigerator is. Then press 'esc', and the bills will be gone. you'll never have to pay bills again.

Intensive Training - Submitted by: H20Hank
When starting a game, buy one mirror per person. Then have each Sim practice their speech all day. When their mood becomes too low, evict them and move them in again. Keep doing this until they have full Charisma. Repeat with any other skill.

Build a Floating House - Submitted by: Anon
You can build a floating house with ease in The Sims. To do this simply place plenty of ground floor pillars and build your house on the second story. All building must be done now. Add the stairs and remove the pillars. Your house will now be floating with no first story!

Never be late for school or work - Submitted by: Sam
When your sim is late for work or school, use the "move_objects on" cheat, and put a wall around the vehicle. When your sim comes, make a door in the wall, and when they get in delete the wall.

Double your money when you catch a burglar - Submitted by: Missbipbip
Place a burglar alarm on the outside of your house beside the door. When a burglar comes, don't slow him down at first. Watch the lot to see when the cop has arrived. You have to time it just right for it to work. When the burglar gets to the object he wants to steal, slow him down. If he reaches for the object and doesn't get it in his bag before the cop arrests him, you get reimbursed by the insurance for an object you still own in addition to the $1000 reward for catching him. I have made lots of extra money doing this!

Get skills quickly - Submitted by: Dan
You want your sim to be super creative, smart etc. but they dont have time to practice and after 2 seconds of practicing they're too depressed to do it anymore. Here's what you have to do: have them quit their jobs and live off the money cheat (rosebud). Then build a room with a couch, a bed, a fridge,a shower, a toilet and a tv, pinballl machine or some other entertainment device. Next, choose a field you want your sim to be excellent in. Buy a guitar for creativity, a mirror for charisma , a chess set for logic an exersize machine for strength etc. Once your sim is in the room replace the door with a wall by deleting the wall. Make sure the room is comfortable and spacious so your sim is happy. Make your sim practice until the bar is halfway filled. Then have them quit, have a snack, use the bathroom, take a shower, and take a nap. After their nap have them play guitar again until their bar is full. Then make them stop, use the bathroom, take a shower, have a meal and go to sleep. Once the wake up let them watch tv and enjoy themselves for a bit. Let them go outside and socialise for a bit. Repeat these steps and soon enough your sim will be super creative, smart or whatever. I know from experience that once creativity is at four points, other sims will like it and clap instead of booing when watching the Sim. It's a good idea to have them watch when they like it because that will help his social life too.

Keep that baby - Submitted by: Angelbaby
If your Sims have a baby and the social worker comes to take it away, use the "move_objects on" cheat, pause the game and delete the lady before she can get the baby. When you do this, the baby will be reborn and you can name it again (if you didn't like the name before). Also if your Sim family is depressed and you are going to delete them to get them in a better mood, and you have a baby, delete all of them except one person or the baby will be reborn.

More Quick Money - Submitted by: Kelly
Buy the 90 dollar rocket launcher. Set it off and put your pointer over the buy mode tab to be ready (or hold your finger at the F2 button). As soon as the rocket hits the ground and starts to explode, quickly go into buy mode. You can sell the explosion for 2300 simoleans. You can reuse the same launcher over and over.

If you've got any other bits of advice, a strange quirk that you've noticed in-game, or anything else, send them in! Send an e-mail to ChEeTaH and I'll get them up, online and in this section ready for everyone to read.

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