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RIVERVIEW - The Second Neighborhood

Sunset Valley is not the only neighbourhood currently available for The Sims 3. Upon registration, players can access The Store which is part of the official website. In that store are a lot of free items, one of which is a completely new and developed neighborhood. I have had a few households living there in the months that I have been playing TS3 and sadly have been neglecting due to my recent focus and attention to Sunset Valley.

It is now time to go back there and visit Riverview.

A Riverview Overview

Along the banks of the Simomon River lies the sleepy town of Riverview. Many have moved to this serene little town to escape the clamor of city life. Will the current residents let the newcomers in on the town's little secrets or will they do their best to keep their dirt from being unearthed?

This is the description of Riverview when you select it as the town to be the home to your next family. When you do arrive here, you find a town that has a different but no lesser charm than Sunset Valley. Riverview is a downloadable town available from The Sim Store when you register your account. Unlike most items at The Sims Store, it is free. As well as the town itself, the download file also includes many new objects and some new outfits, all of which are more in theme with the rural setting of this town.

Assuming that the sun in the simworld still rises in the East and sets in the West, this picture on the right is taken looking to the west down the River Simomon. On the small island in the foreground is this town's own Simhenge (1), which shows the town's history can also be traced back to prehistoric times. To the left on the south bank can be seen the commercial and community region of Industrial Drive (2), behind which can be seen the Llama Memorial Stadium (3). To the right behind the trees can be seen the top of the Town Hall (4), which is found in the Old Town.

This second picture is taken having moved down river and is facing south towards Industrial Drive. Farming (1) appears to have been one of the town's primary employers back before it got properly simmified as we can see on the left of this picture in the background. This is one of the many farms that can be seen around Riverview. To the right, however, is Industrial Drive. These include the Fort Salas Army Base (2), Hogan's Deep Fried Diner (3), Doo Peas Corporate Towers (4), County Care General Hospital (5) and the Llama Memorial Stadium (6). Across the street nearer the river is the Outstanding Citizen Warehouse Corp. (7), River Front Swimming Club (8), the Soil & Water Research Facility (9) and the "All The Rave" Warehouse (10).

This third picture is taken facing west and we are now overlooking Long Island, which is in the middle of the river, accessible by four bridges and is where the Old Town can be found. The cemetary can be found behind the Town Hall (1), which looks out onto Four Bridges Park (2). This park is aptly named as there are four bridges linking this island to the banks of the river. To the north of this park is the Sunflower Spa (3), the Will Wright Reading Room (4) and the EverFresh Delights Supermarket (5). To the northeast is the Water Hole Juice Bar (6). To the east is Plaza Park (7) and the Gazebo (8) and to the southeast is the Wilsonoff Community Theater (9). To the south is the Little Corsican Bistro (10), the Octagon House Historical Museum and Art Gallery (11) and Divisadero Budget Books (12). Behind these three buildings is Riverwalk Park (13) and on the north edge of the island is the Police Department (14).

This picture on the left is taken looking south down Cypress Lane, which can be found on the north bank of the River Simomon. In the distance can be seen Old Town but in the foreground are the Riverview Gymnasium (1) on the left and the Trueblood Community School (2) on the right.

There are other community areas around Riverview. There is a playground and a community garden, which is a good place to go if you want fresh vegetables without the hassle of growing your own. There is also a small park with a fishing lake and the Riverview Fish Hatchery, which we can see here on the right and found if you continue heading in an easterly direction along Industrial.

Function & Rabbit Holes

Riverview functions in the same way as Sunset Valley. It has its unique areas and it has rabbit holes, which are those places our sims can go but we do not see inside. Unique areas include various parks for leisure, waterholes for fishing, an indoor club for swimming, a gymnasium, an art museum and a library.

From observation, the rabbit holes function in the same way as their Sunset Valley counterparts. If they are not named the same and look the same, they have a different name but look very similar indeed. Basically, they are the same model of building but just in a different colour. Our sims still go out to eat at Hogan's Deep Fried Diner or the Little Corsican Bistro, buy their books from Divisadero Budget Books and do the rest of their shopping at the EverFresh Delights Supermarket. The medical profession is now based at County General hospital, which is no different to Sacred Spleen apart from having the former is a pale green colour and the latter is white.

I would have liked to see a greater variety in the "rabbit holes" instead of them just having a minor recolour. I hope that somewhere down the line, the means will be made available for the skilled modellers in the community to build and share their own creations that can be put them into the game.

Written at 03:14 on Tuesday 23 June 2009 by Andy.

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