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Town Centre, Education and Feeding
The Town Centre

This two block area makes up the Town Centre and in this area can be found almost all of the businesses and other workplaces in Sunset Valley.

What I reckon could be called the spiritual centre of the town is Central Park (1) with a large fountain in the middle. Unlike fountains in TS2, sims cannot put soap suds in here for a giggle, although I always found that antic got very old very quickly. This park has chess tables for those who want to have a game and perhaps meet someone new. The park also regularly hosts a grill-a-thon where sims can join in community life and grill up a few servings of hot dogs to share with the other people of the town. There is a pond full of fish, various fruit trees and fully stocked picnic hampers for those who want something else to eat. In fact, there is a little bit of everything here and it is conveniently located for the many other places in this area.

Government & Basic Education

Facing west towards the ocean, City Hall (2) is the workplace of those who wish to follow a political career and as with all of the other workplaces, people can apply directly instead of waiting for an opening to come up in the newspaper or on the computer. For those not wishing to find work here, they can visit the City Hall for a tour or they can attend a class in charisma. From time to time, people have been known to protest outside here about one thing or another. Democracy is alive and well and living in Sunset Valley ... so it appears.

In Sunset Valley, all children and teenagers must attend school on a weekday and the Community School for the Gifted (3) also faces onto Central Park. Although a lot of intensive skill classes are conducted in other civic buildings and business places, the school does host a painting class for those wanting to get a start in this useful skill. From time to time, opportunities may present themselves for sims to visit the school on other occasions for different purposes.

Feeding the Mind

As well as education and courses in different skills, the sims here often want to enrich themselves with things of beauty, be it found on the pages of a book, painted on a canvas or sculpted for them to admire. Sunset Valley sees to those needs and both places can be hubs of activity.

The Library (4) is on the opposite side of Central Park to the school. This two-floor building has different sections and even an area for toddlers and children to entertain themselves while the grown-ups find a good book to absorb themselves in. This place is heaven for bookworms and they will regularly want to come here.

The Sunset Institute of Modern Art (5) is a few blocks away across the park. This is where the artistic regularly want to come in order to enrich their minds and otherwise feel at peace. The modern-styled art gallery has two floors, but one main gallery with paintings and sculptures in different styles. There are two side galleries that are yet to be adorned ... but there is always time for customisation.

Feeding the Body

There are two stores in town where sims can visit, even find a part-time job, invest in the store or even buy it out completely for a regular weekly income.

At the Everfresh Delights Supermarket (6), they can buy fruit, vegetables, fish, groceries and other household items. They can also sell any fruit and vegetables that they have grown or sell any fish that they have caught. Food shopping can be done according to recipes and a regular shopping list can even be saved in order to save having to key it all in again.

The sims of Sunset Valley often want to read and do not want to be tied reading at the library. All books can be found at the Divisadero Bookstore (7). These range from books for expectant parents, pre-school, for children, skill-based textbooks, sheet music and even books that town authors have written themselves. Sims can also sell books that they no longer want or have grown out of.

Feeding the Belly

As well as eating at home or using the barbecue in the park, there are two places that sims can go in order to have a meal. Both of these are also workplaces for the Culinary profession and like many of the businesses, a sim can become a shareholder or owner if he has enough money.

The more impressive of the two is the Little Corsican Bistro (8). Found across the road from the supermarket, unsurprisingly this venue has a very French feel to it. Sims can try the fine food or drink either inside or outside and receive a positive memory of having been here.

Hogan's Deep Fried Diner (9) has a very retro feel to it. This metal trailer-style building can be found behind the school. The positive effect from eating here is not as great as from eating at the bistro but the prices are nowhere near as expensive.

Written at 03:14 on Tuesday 23 June 2009 by Andy.

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