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A Birthday Party
A Birthday Party

On the baby's final day, you are notified about this fact and it is recommended to hold a party.

Parties can be arranged over the cellphone and even done while holding the baby as we saw above. They can be held at home or a venue can be hired for the event. The price of a venue varies from §150 to §400. The most expensive venue is the Art Gallery.

There are two types of party available at all times. A House Party or a Birthday Party. However, a Wedding party is also an option when a couple is engaged to be married. In this case, it is a Birthday Party. You get to set the start time, and also a dress code. Usual dress code is Casual, Formal or Swimwear. No pajama parties yet. You then get to invite who you want and you are reminded who everyone is.

These can be filtered to just include friends and neighbours or workmates. It does simplify things and knocks out those people who you saw once in the street and never really want to see again.

Here, we can see Bronwen has selected a party starting at 1pm so Jonah can be there for some of it. The dress code is casual and invited guests include all of Jonah & Bronwen's friends and some of their colleagues from work.

Now everything is planned, Bronwen has set things up outside. There is a new hi-fi for music, a few tables and chairs, balloons and the birthday cake. It also gives Bronwen a chance to use the grill she swiped from Central Park. Also, the statue and bench go very well in the garden.

The guests invariably arrive early. In this case, they start turning up about half an hour before the start time. Do they wait outside where the party is supposed to be? Like heck they do. They walk straight into the house.

However, party guests often bring food, which is a good thing for the hosts. There are often leftovers that keep them fed for a few days.

If you don't keep your guests entertained, they will leave. Some are quite blunt about it whereas others are more diplomatic. To trigger off a birthday party properly, select someone to blow out the candles. Actually, the birthday party could even be for a friend. Just hope they turn up.

Anyway, Bronwen brings Melody to the cake. The candles seem to blow out on their own. Bronwen puts Melody on the ground and walks off. Then the transformation takes place. Melody turns into a toddler.

And that is where I am electing to leave this part.

To be continued

In the next indepth report, we will be staying with this story a bit longer.

We will be looking at how Melody develops as a toddler and as a child, also looking at education and how things affect a growing child. Naturally, we will be interrupting it with how things are developing with Bronwen and Jonah and how they are coping with it all. Also, they are not getting any younger.

Written at 03:14 on Tuesday 23 June 2009 by Andy.

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