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Life with the Mileses
Life with the Mileses

Jonah has been jogging and done some gardening. He is also regularly doing workouts from the Fitness Channel. Currently, his Athletic Performance is outstanding and a promotion appears imminent if he is able to go to work on Wednesday in a reasonable mood.

Bronwen has been asleep since she got back from work. She does not have to go into work on Wednesday and instead plans to work on the opportunities she has been presented with.

Bronwen is up first and having showered and eaten some leftover waffles for breakfast, she settled down to read "Getting Noticed in a Sea of Fans". While she is in the middle of this, a reminder crops up about an overdue bill. As we are no longer watching the house all day, it is easy to miss the mailman delivering bills. Normally, one of them would have to go to the mailbox, get the bill out and pay it. Now we can just click on this box automatically pay it. This is a touch that I like. If only reality was like this.

Note - If an item is in a sim's inventory, they just need to click on it and the option comes up to use it. To name a few of them, this applies to books, newspapers, the guitar and the cellphone.

Talking of notices, another one pops up letting our house know about there being a discount sale for two days at the supermarket where things are 5% off. I presume all sims are psychic in that they get to know this as there is not any audible indication to show loudspeakers broadcasting it from the town centre. As this is the sim world, anything goes, I reckon.

At that time, Jonah got up in what could be described as an uncomfortable mood being quite sore from his working out the night before and very hungry. Despite being very hungry, though, he is still a perfectionist and he made the bed before having breakfast and of course washing up. By the time the carpool came, however, he was in a better mood. He tried to improve his gardening skill to the next level, which was one of his wishes so he could feel fulfilled but there was not enough to do. He watched some TV instead, which made him feel entertained, although this would not last long.

Bronwen had now finished reading the book from work. To complete the opportunity, she had to go to work, which she could not do until tomorrow. She had also read a book on charisma. Improving her charisma was another of her wishes and directly related to her lifetime wish. Feeling elated and automatically gaining lifetime happiness points, she chose to go into town, play her guitar and perhaps meet a few new people while she is doing it.

At 5.30pm, Jonah has filled his work performance meter. As long as this did not go down, a promotion at the end of the day was likely. He was hanging with his team mates but he was feeling quite sleepy and it was debatable whether he could easily last the whole shift.

Bronwen was playing her guitar in the park being watched by Leighton & Sam Sekemoto, Simis & Michael Bachelor and Nate Morita. In two hours, though, she will have to find a toilet as when a girl's gotta go, a girl's gotta go. So far, it was not bothering her too much.

Note - Those with a good memory will remember that Nate Morita is not a sim who was already living in Sunset Valley when we met the existing families. It isn't just the player who controls the new families as the AI moves in other families as well. Built a new house to flesh the neighbourhood out? Before long, someone may be living there.

A few hours before the end of his shift, Jonah was getting into a bad mood from being very tired. He chose to slack off in the locker rooms for the rest of his shift to see if it would make him feel better. It did. By the end of the shift, he was still tired but feeling more cheerful. He also got the promotion to Snack Hawker, with a bonus of §156 and a pay rise to §25/hour. Wowee. He felt excited although it was hard to tell from his face. He now had enough lifetime happiness points for a reward, although there was nothing from the list he could think of. His priority was to go home and sleep.

Note - Unlike The Sims 2, there are not fears that kick in to bring the lifetime reward points down, which is good. However, there are not any career reward objects either, which is not so good.

Bronwen was still in the park having made a charming introduction to the suave-looking Nick Alto and found out that he was very rich. Unable to stop herself, she tried to mooch some money off him only to be dealt a humiliating insult. She soon gathered that although he was rich, he was mean-spirited with it.

After grilling herself some hot dogs, it was turned midnight and time to go home, get some rest and be well prepared for tomorrow's day at work.


We are going to leave them there for now. We have seen how sims can change the tone of their working life and work towards getting a promotion. We have seen what to to do when presented with opportunities and we have also seen examples of how their personalities can come into play especially with Bronwen mooching money off people she barely knows and Jonah's perfectionism getting him to make the beds before doing anything else.

In the next part of this review, we are going to look at Story Progression by letting Jonah and Bronwen have a break while we try out other families. It is not as easy as it seems and we are going to some steps so as not to lose what we may already have.

Update - We were hoping to. Things changed.

Written at 03:14 on Tuesday 23 June 2009 by Andy.

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