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Changing, Driving, Living The Sim Life some more
Changing Appearance

This is similar-but-different to The Sims 2. When a sim wants to change his appearance, he uses the mirror. No difference there, apart from it opens up a cut-down version of Create-A-Sim, which is what we see here. When it comes to changing outfits, a sim can now be anywhere when changing from one outfit into another. When it comes to planning outfits, he uses the dresser. This also opens up a cut-down version of Create-A-Sim, where there is the option add a new outfit. A + button clones the existing outfit and allows sims to change it to whatever they please while leaving the original outfit in place. My only criticism here is that it is a bit of a chore having to change accessories that relate to the head. Unless I've missed something, you have to change appearance for every outfit being worn.

Getting Around Town

Sometimes, you cannot see where you want your sims to go. In order to do this, you pull up the Map View (M) in order to get a zoomed out view of the town. If your sim has a car or a bike, they will use that automatically to get there. If it is not too far, they will walk or run there. If they have some athletic skill, they could even jog there.


Previously in The Sims 2, cars were parked in a driveway on the sim's home lot. When they wanted to visit a community lot, you would see them get in the car, reverse out of the driveway and drive off the lot. When they visited a community lot, they parked in the street.

Now, cars can pretty much be anywhere as long as there is a Car-Spot Parking Space for them. We did not see Bronwen reverse the car out, but it appeared in front of her. We did not see her park it by the side of the theatre. It just appeared there. In this case, we see a van in one of the parking spaces behind the supermarket.

Also, faster cars can drive through slower cars or bicycles. There are no accidents in the simworld. Cars in The Sims 3 might behave in a more abstract manner than in The Sims 2, but it is not something I am upset about. The atmosphere of seeing traffic makes up for that.

We will now get back to them and see how their day is going to end.

Living The Sim Life - Ending the Day

Both Jonah & Bronwen are hungry and are making the most of their first day by meeting up and having a meal at the diner. The diner is quite a lot cheaper than the bistro but it was centrally located. A sim can either eat alone or if there are other sims nearby, they can have a meal with one of them. When Bronwen chose to eat, she had the option of having a meal with Jonah.

The diner is another one of the "rabbit holes" in The Sims 3 in that you cannot see what goes on inside. You just see a progress bar as to how far they have progressed while they are in there. In time with expansion packs, more rabbit holes might become completely playable like some of the other community lots so we can see what our sims are up to.

Both Jonah and Bronwen come out of the diner feeling as though they have had a good meal and have been entertained. Jonah spontaneously shows Bronwen his feelings for her. Both of them are now feeling tired, though, and need to be in bed in about two hours before their moods deteriorate. Therefore, they head for home.

When they get home, I relent and buy Bronwen that guitar, which she immediately picks up and plays. Jonah, who had already got into bed, chooses to get back up and watch her, not before making the bed, though.

At midnight, they are both feeling very happy. Statistically, Jonah has made 1,969 LRPs but Bronwen has had the most profitable day and has finished with 2,252.


Jonah and Bronwen have had quite eventful first day. They have each found a job and started learning some skills. Jonah had done a spot of shopping and had a workout, Bronwen has had a look around the art gallery and met a few people.

In the next part of this review, we will be continuing with these two as they start the career ladder. Jonah has also got to start on the garden. We will look in the mechanics of employment and look at how skilling has changed. Mind you, these two could change everything and from their wishes and opportunities throw everything out of step.

Written at 03:14 on Tuesday 23 June 2009 by Andy.

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