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Living The Sim Life

We've seen the town, we've met its inhabitants, we've met our new couple, we've built them a house. It's now time to let them live the sim life in Sunset Valley.

During this part of the review, I will be adding notes pointing out the different concepts and ideas that are introduced.

Living The Sim Life - Starting the Day

It is 8am on a bright Sunday morning in Sunset Valley. It might not always start like that, especially if there is an expansion pack in the future that covers weather and seasons. Anyway, we will take this as how it is. Jonah and Bronwen Miles are stood outside their new home that miraculously grew around them last time.

Jonah's lifetime wish, which is shown under his avatar's picture, is to have the perfect garden, although I honestly cannot remember setting this. He also feels somewhat default as someone (me) said to him they had seen another sim who looks exactly like him somewhere else. So don't get used to this look as he is going to change it. That isn't a wish, it's just something I've decided he wants to do.

His first wish is actually to join the Professional Sports Career. As one of his character traits is being athletic, this is not so surprising. For now, he accepts it. In the meantime, we'll check out Bronwen.

Bronwen's appearance is more unique. Her lifetime wish is that of "Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers", which means learning all that she can about charisma and playing the guitar. Talking aside, I don't think that pianos and drums have been invented in the simworld yet. Perhaps we will see them in an EP. Anyway, the first wish that pops up is for her to join the Music Career. As she is artistic, this is not a surprise and as it is related in a way to her lifetime wish, she accepts it and decides to do something about it immediately.

Instead of waiting for the newspaper boy to call in the event there is vacancy in the job column in the newspaper, Bronwen immediately jumps in the car, goes into town and visits the Wilsonoff Community Theatre. She parks the car around the side, goes inside and applies for a job. By 8.55am, she has been offered a job as a fan, the lowest level of the musical career track. She is told when she starts and who her boss is. It is never a bad thing to be on good terms with your boss and co-workers. As might be expected, this makes her feel somewhat fulfilled.

The next want that pops up for her is to have a party. To celebrate getting a job or just for the heck of it, it doesn't say. She accepts it but doesn't know when they are planning to have one. In the meantime, while she is still at the theatre, she joins the guitar class. Yes, it will set them back about §400 but it is worth it to get a head start.

Meanwhile, back at the house.

Jonah has realised that there is not a mirror in the house, nor is there a dresser. He buys a mirror to put over the bathroom sink and a dresser to put in the bedroom. This sets them back §500. It's only money. He immediately changes his facial appearance at the mirror and then goes onto refine his outfit. At this point, he is feeling quite good as they have got new things.

He then reads the newspaper, which has been delivered, and looks for work. Luckily enough, the first job offer is for a rabid fan, which is the bottom tier of the profesional sports career ladder, and as is always the case in the simworld, he has got the job. Once he has it, he now wants to talk to whoever will listen about his new job.

The paper has now gone into his inventory rather than being left around the house. He reads in it again to see if there are any discounted classes today. The only discount class today is logic, though, and as he wants to learn gardening, it is of no use to him. He also wants to buy a lettuce, which he will then plant in the garden. Nevertheless, he decides he will take a gardening class and he will drive over to the Landgraab Science Institute ... well, he would if Bronwen hadn't taken the car. Instead, a taxi appears. Also, as it is in the simworld, it does not charge him a single simoleon.

Now we're are heading back to Bronwen, who was having a guitar lesson at the theatre. While having it, she had the wish to buy a guitar and learn how to play it. When she finishes her guitar lesson, she has already learnt it to the first level so that wish is already fulfilled. She now wants to play the guitar, which she cannot do yet as I haven't bought her one. Outside the theatre, she meets the Goths and starts chatting with Cornelia and then to Gunther, who considers her to be quite sociable.

Over at the Landgraab Industries Science Facility, Jonah has just finished his gardening class and has the first level of skill needed. He now wants to talk to someone about his new job and as there isn't anyone hanging around, he decides he is going to talk to Bronwen, who is now hanging around outside the supermarket and has just introduced herself to Agnes Crumplebottom. It is convenient to have her where she is as he can always pop in and buy a lettuce after he has shared his exciting news.

She is pleased to hear his news, but she is keen to get on with her own plans. She now wants to visit the Art Gallery. As she is already in town and it is just up the street, it makes sense for her to go there. Jonah wants his lettuce and then wants to do a strength workout. The gym is just across the park so that is where he is going after he has finished his shopping.

It's about 1.30pm on a Sunday afternoon. Already, Bronwen and Jonah have fulfilled a few wishes and are lining up fulfilling a few more. Bronwen has 1,150 lifetime reward points (LRPs) but Jonah is ahead with 1,660. For now, I am going to leave them and look at some of the concepts we have already seen in action.

Written at 03:14 on Tuesday 23 June 2009 by Andy.

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