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Christmas Shopping
Christmas Shopping
Looking after a neighbourhood is a demanding task especially when your Sims know you are about to go on a night time shopping sortie around the different Sim Sites & Stores on the Net. I thought I would get away with it, but once one house hears of it, word gets around and they were all clamouring for different things ... and as it was Christmas, I had to be nice to them.

The children were clamouring for new toys, the people from the hostel were not getting out at all and wanted some cars to stop at their house to take them to work, No.4 hadn't received any Christmas cards and all of them wanted some decorations for Christmas for inside and outside the house. I didn't have much time so I could only call at a few different stores, but I knew there was a lot out there.

My first call was at the official home of The Sims where I knew there was a supply of festive wallpaper. There were plenty of rolls to be in the Download section and all the rolls from here went into my sack for my Sims. There wasn't much else around at The Sims but there was plenty of stories in The Exchange as to how other Sims were spending their Christmas. This gave me some more ideas for decorations.

My next call was at Seven Deadly Sims. There was plenty of snow here. In fact, there was snow at a lot of the sites that I visited. Also, there were plenty of winter themed objects. To name but a few, there was an ice sculpture, snow-topped hedges and topiaries.

My next call was at Killersims. I took the elevator to the 9th Floor and visited the Events section where the Winter Palace could be found. They had an Advent Calendar theme and behind every door, there was a present. Many of these had a festive theme, but others made good presents. I found a set of pencils for some of the children and a globe lamp for those who wanted to be illuminated while learning some geography.

My Sims are a fashion-conscious bunch even though they buy a lot of pizza and can't easily fit into the latest trendy gear. So, their craving for new threads had to be sated so I had took off to look for what they wanted.

At Mike & Chyrel's Simstuff, I managed to get some clothes for my pizza-eaters, lettuce-eaters (fat and thin) and children. I also picked up a couple of pictures for the nursery.

At Slink's Burrow, I managed to find a car portal so my hostel sims could get out to work. I also got a post box so the people at No.4 could get some mail ... and some visitors. There were getting rather lonely.

At Sims Plus, I was able to get some more decorations. As well as Christmas lights, I also got some candy canes, a snowman and also some toys. I put a tricycle and a teddy bear into my sack. While I was there, I also got a "For Sale" sign as I knew some of my Sims wanted to put their house on the market before moving to a larger house. At the other end of the scale, the Lowlifes wanted some outdoor plumbing so I got them an outside toilet.

At Sim Freaks, they had themed wallpaper not only for the festive season but for all aspects of the housing market. I am sure the Cupertino and trailer trash themed walls and floors would go well with the Lowlifes. I also had Al & Tipper Gore wanting to move into my neighbourhood. I told him that when a house was free, they could move in.

With my sack full and time running out, I came home. Before long, the ground and rooftops in my street were white, houses and gardens were decorated with fairy lights, Christmas trees were in every front room and all my Sims waited for Santa Claus to call.

I hope they have a Merry Christmas ... as I hope all readers do too. If you need to do some last minute shopping for your Sims, you can't go far wrong from a late night visit.

Merry Christmas to one and all.

Dag dag!

Written at 06:36 on Wednesday 20 December 2000 by Andy.

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