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Weirdness Roundup
And Finally

It may seem as though it has taken forever, especially considering "Teen Style Stuff" landed on my doormat this morning, but we are finally bringing this review of "Bon Voyage" to an end with our comments and overall appraisal of this product.

Weirdness Roundup

In a nutshell, Bon Voyage is full of weirdness.

Bigfoot - As with every previous expansion pack, there is a new life form for The Sims 2. In this case, it came in the form of Bigfoot who the Millers met on their vacation to Three Lakes and found that their bigfoot's name was Armando. Had Heather been paying more attention, she may have found that she could have invited Armando to move in with them. "Armando and the Millers" has a better swing to it than "Harry and the Hendersons", I think. Unlike inviting other people to move in who may refuse, Bigfoot will always accept such an invitation.

Bigfoot can die, can become a zombie and can even become a vampire. Bigfoot cannot become a werewolf or a plantsim. Sadly, Bigfoot cannot do anything of a romantic nature. He cannot flirt, he cannot kiss, nor can he reproduce. Poor guy.

Nevertheless, there is a bright side. Your sims may never need to work again as Bigfoot has maximum skills, all Gold badges and and does not need friends in order to meet promotion requirements. Before long, the family's bigfoot could be the next Mayor of SimCity. Whether it is through terrifying people or acute professional acumen, bigfoot can be a real breadwinner for his family.

Bigfoot can be found in the secret lot that is part of Three Lakes.

The Wise Old Man - Toshiro met this man at the Pagoda in the Shadows. If he is treated properly and respectfully, he tells a story that whoever learns it may recite to others. I class this as "lesser weirdness" in that he levitates when he meditates and vanishes when his task is complete.

The Wise Old Man can be found in the secret lot that is part of Takemisu Village.

Mr. Mickles - This voodoo doll is a reward given out by the Witch Doctor. If used wisely by the one who carried out the task, it can change a lot of things in sims back home. I class this as "lesser weirdness" because voodoo is somewhat supernatural as all forms of weirdness in TS2 are.

The Witch Doctor who is the one that originally has Mr. Mickles can be found in the secret lot that is part of Twikkii Island.

The Ghost Captain - If he is treated properly and respectfully, he teaches a sea chantey that whoever learns it may perform to others. I class this as "lesser weirdness" in that he is a ghost. Need I say more?

The Ghost Captain can be found on the Pirate Ship. He is not necessarily tied to any resort as this ship, albeit very expensive, can be placed in your home neighborhood and sub-neighborhoods.

The Ninja - If a sim is able to intercept him and remembers that the sword came before the ninja - or did it? - when asked the riddle, the sim is taught the very useful skill of teleportation. I class this as "lesser weirdness" in that it is a more supernatural means of movement, plus ninjas carry that aura of mysticism anyway.

The Ninja can be found in an Far East resort.

My jaw dropped literally in amazement when I saw the Wise Old Man telling his story, I chuckled when I heard the Sea Chantey as being a simlish pastiche of a traditional pirate song, I questioned the accuracy of the history of ninjas, I grinned wickedly when one of my sims received his own voodoo doll and laughed out loud when I saw Bigfoot fishing. Personally, I feel that a lot of work has been put into making things weird for our sims in either a greater or a lesser form while they are on their vacations and for this element, I am impressed.

Written at 22:35 on Saturday 8 September 2007 by Andy.

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