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A Bowling Outing
Sim Brother Reunion

Martha - As Steve told you, we were actually able to have a sort of Sim Brother Reunion at Sugar Cube Bowling. John called me and asked if I wanted to have a look downtown. The taxi picked up almost all of the old housemates. Alyssa & Steve didn't stay long and Tiger must have been busy playing golf so he couldn't make the outing. Nevertheless, Arnie, Condi and Bjork stayed for the evening with me and John. It was an unofficial gathering and had no set objectives, so there was no pressure and we just had a good time.

John - There was a dancefloor at Sugar Cube Bowling and we all tried out The Smustle. It was really a lot of fun and even some of the people passing popped in and joined in. The Smustle is a group dance and the more creative in general that those doing it are, the better and more impressive it looks. I wonder if there might be Simnational Smustle Championships.

Bowling & Booths

Martha - Bowling is great fun, though. With my first bowl, I cleared nine of the pins. I got the other one with my spare. I didn't get a strike but with some practice I hope to be able to improve my game..
John - If you are unlucky, your ball can go in the gutter. If not worse. Your body goes sliding down the alley instead. In order to avoid this happening to you, work on your body skill.

Martha - There was also a photo booth and I decided it would be a good opportunity to get some romantic photos of John and myself. The creepy image on the left is a view from inside the booth when we were both sat together. Perhaps this goes to show that some things are indeed best left to the imagination. On the right is a picture of when I left the booth and collected our photos. Snapshots from a photo booth are worthless in financial terms but do serve as a reminder of trips out.
John - A word to the wise. If you have pictures from one date and they are on display at home, put them in your inventory if you are planning to bring someone else over. Remember that sims these days can get awfully upset in a very short space of time. It is better that they don't get to see who you have already seen.

Martha - I know John started this part of the review so I thought I would finish it before handing you back. We all hope that this has given you an insight into what Downtown has to offer, the sort of people who live there, how to have a good meal, given you a taste of how groups and outings work out and how to have a good time. Thankyou for allowing us to share this with you.

Written at 04:38 on Saturday 24 September 2005 by Andy.

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