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So. What's Changed?
Have you read Matt's news on the main page?
Well, basically, I'm now the webmaster here. Matt S has gone, and I'm in charge. Hooray for me! I'm going to take this opportunity, then, to clarify a few things regarding this little site of ours.

Firstly, on behalf of the rest of the staff here at SimsFusion, may I congratulate our outgoing webmaster on his hard work getting this site where it is today. Well done, my fellow Matthew... hopefully you'll still find the time to pop in with a news item every couple of months. Hang on, that's what you used to do anyway.. :-)

In other staff movements, I'm also taking the opportunity to promote my Dutch friend Cheetah up to assistant webmaster, mainly down to the huge amount of effort he consistently puts into this site. He's almost put me out of a job, you know. Well done to him.

So, I bet you're wondering quite how these changes will be affecting you, the humble reader. Hopefully, the answer should be 'not very much'. Despite all the movement, we'll still be bringing you all the latest news from SimsVille and beyond. In fact, we might even have more for you than before!

Coming up in the next couple of weeks will be our new forums, together with a regular poll so we can find out just what you really think. There's just a few more technical bits and pieces to be ironed out, so they should be online before you know it. We'll be popping in the forums regularly, so this'll be your chance to have a proper chat to us!

We'll be starting to host our own sites, so if you have your own site about The Sims you could become part of SimsFusion. If you're good enough, that is. More columns and features will be appearing.. for instance, look out for a new series of features starting soon on the history of The Sims. There'll be interviews with the people behind the game, and competitions so you can get more involved with us.

Basically, then, an awful lot of stuff to look forward too.

I'm very happy to be the new man in command as we begin this new chapter for the site. So just keep on reading.. if you think SimsFusion is good now, it's about to get a whole lot better!

Written at 23:07 on Thursday 5 October 2000 by Matthew.

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