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This article has been submitted to us by baconandeggzie (Eggzie) from Sim Movies, who also attended the SIMposium event. Read his thoughts about new movie making features below.
The Movies
When I got to the SIMposium, I was expecting to meet someone else who represented the movie making community. Sadly, I ended up being the sole representative; movie making wasn't the big topic of the day. Both sides, myself and Maxis, learned a lot during the event. I told them what I thought the movie community might want, and they gave me tons of insight into the direction they plan to take movie making.

It was hinted that in the next month or so a batch of tools would come out for download that would be directed towards the movie making community. No details were given, but I suspect it includes a Sim "Poser" and a raw direction tool - to queue up actions without the sim doing something you don't want it to.

University was also playable and in the time I got, I now know that movie makers will be pleased when they get their hands on the new expansion pack. I expect to see lots of new movies in the next couple of months that use the new career reward objects, especially the camera. The camera career award allows you to pose your sims, not only do the do it for as long as you want them to - yes they can die posing - the poses are totally animated and the sims move while they pose. A sim balancing will balance on one foot and have a hard time doing so. This also means that no two pictures taken with the camera will be the same.

The new object sets will also add to the mood of future movies. The Medieval object set and the Groovy object set are included in the expansion. Expect to see a lot of new movies that are full of knights and fantasy and a few with a disco-retro twist!

I hope everyone gets a chance to play University. It adds so much to The Sims 2. See you at the movies!
Written at 21:20 on Wednesday 23 February 2005 by ChEeTaH.

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