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The Morals of The Sims
God, Sims, Sin?
Tell someone about the game the Sims they love the idea, the concept or game. Or they react telling you it's wrong or immoral. Its a love or hate situation....

Right now many people are boycotting Maxis programs because they don't like playing god. Playing GOD? Come on people. This is a game. Everyone has that deep feeling inside. Its human nature. I personally like the game but someone I know disowns me over it. I don't see how this is playing god. You build a house, furnish it and unleash your personal Sims, some who even look like you. Is this any worse than a chat room where you play out your fantasies or live the life you wish you had? Well that’s the Sims. So that’s why I am writing this telling people that this is a game. And if you don't like it don't buy it. What’s different about this game and the other games such as SimCity? I think not. It’s just that this is at a more personal level! So in closing I just want to say that this is a game. No worse than Quake or any other shoot em' up. As a matter of fact. This games cleaner.

Article sent in by Raymond G. Angel
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Written at 19:23 on Friday 23 June 2000 by Andy.

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