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Thank you for your interest in donating money to The Sims Zone. We really appreciate that, as it'll help The Sims Zone staying alive. And not only TSZ: also a charity. If you want to donate right now, then fill in the form below. If you want more information, like why we need donations and which charity we support, scroll down a bit.

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Why do you need money?
A site as big as The Sims Zone simply costs money. We need to pay for the hosting of the website. 'Hosting' is the storage of the site on a computer hooked on the internet. Because many people may want to connect to this computer at once, these computers (so-called servers) have a very fast internet connection. There are many companies which take care of this. As we make use of one of those company's services, we have to pay. Getting a server of our own such an internet connection would be even more expensive! Because more and more visitors keep visiting our site, the banners you see on the page don't generate enough revenue to cover the extra costs involved. After all: we need more server capacity and so we have to pay more. Even though we pay some money by ourselves, it's also just a hobby to us and we appreciate it if others would help us paying for it. After all, we want our visitors (you!) to enjoy browsing our site. Without (enough) donations, there might not be a TSZ anymore sooner or later.

What if there's money left after the bills?
We're not so greedy to keep all the money that's over from donations for ourselves. So after we've been able to pay the necessary bills, we pass on what is left to a registered charity. Therefore, by donating you don't support just TSZ, but also a charity! At the moment, we are supporting the Restricted Growth Association (RGA), which is a British self-help organisation for the people and families of those who are medically short-statured. Coping with restricted growth - either from a family who have just found their baby is a "dwarf" (not the politically correct term, but the simplest to describe it) or from people growing up with it and needing support in all areas - is not an easy thing and the RGA is there to help.

Andy, who is the Assistant Webmaster and "Sim Brother" at TSZ, has achondroplasia, which is a form of restricted growth that occurs to 1 in 40,000 births. He also set up the RGA's official website. That is why we chose to support the RGA.

Formerly named the Association for Research into Restricted Growth (ARRG), it was set up in 1970 and is concerned with all aspects of the well-being of people of restricted growth, and to represent their interests nationally. As well as providing a quarterly magazine and promoting regional socials, the RGA maintains a register of doctors and other medical specialists who have experience of people with restricted growth.
Source: RGA Online

Remember: by supporting The Sims Zone you also support the RGA!

How can I donate?
Donating can be done by using either a paypal account (if you have one) or with your credit card. Simply fill in the form at the top. You will then be taken to a (secure) PayPal page, from where the rest follows. Enter the necessary information, and your donation will be completed in no more than a few mouseclicks.

How secure is donating?
We use PayPal to make the transactions. PayPal is a company that allows such donations and other payments. It is used a lot on the Internet. The security depends on PayPal, but they take well care of that. Your information will not get out on the street. The Sims Zone will also not use your personal information for anything else than the donation. The Sims Zone does not receive your credit card information. Only your email address is used to send you an email with username and password for the donation files (read below). PayPal may store some information you provide, but that will only be used when necessary. Your personal details will not be sold to any companies without your permission. Read the terms of service at PayPal.com for more information.

How much do I have to donate?
That is your own choice! Want to donate $2, then we're happy with that. Feel like being more generous by giving us $5? great! Heck, we even accept donations of $100 or $1000! Remember: it won't support just us, but also the charity mentioned above! Choose your currency (US Dollar ($), Pound Sterling (£), Euro (€) or Canadian Dollars (C$)) and the amount to donate, and you will be paying just that. Not more, not less. Of course, the more you donate, the more you help us out. Note that it's no longer possible to make payments of $1/£1/€1/C$1, as of such small amounts only a little bit remains after PayPal fees.

Thank you for donating, we appreciate it!