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Site Updates Archive - September 2003
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TheSimsChoice Forum: NEW Avatars On TheSimsChoice Forum!
Written at 02:26 2003n Thursday 4 September 2003 by Andie (NewsMan).
Forum-- http://simschoiceforum.proboards17.com/index.cgi

We have just updated our avatar collection, and we have deleted all the old avatars, that SimMedia made, and we now have some new and good looking ones!

So, with all the NEW avatars, it makes a total of 27 "Sims-Related" avars on TheSimsChoice Forum!

If you want to see these NEW avars, you must register and POST LOADS here...

Some of the new ones, were "Sims In Snow", "Sims On Beach", "Sims Fishing", and MORE!

We add about 1 or more avatars aday...
And, we have more COMING SOON!

Register Here-- http://simschoiceforum.proboards17.com/index.cgi?action=register
Written at 09:22 2003n Friday 5 September 2003 by SIMSAHOY.
the sims channel is making objects again.

Written at 08:44 2003n Friday 12 September 2003 by SIMSAHOY.
Sims Revolutions: "Stripe It Up" Collection Now Available
Written at 22:38 2003n Saturday 13 September 2003 by rhonda pringle (laprin).
"Stripe It Up" is this week's theme. There are 13 skins by me. All of these skins can be found on pages 4 and 5 of Pop for female and page 2 for male. Who knew stripes could be so sexy! In addition, Primona adds 9 Female DJs and 5 Male DJs including requested celebrity tough guys: Robert Dinero, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci.
TheSimsChoice Forum: TheSimsChoice Forums Gets 300+ Members!
Written at 15:20 2003n Sunday 14 September 2003 by Andie (NewsMan).

TheSimsChoice Forum has reached their goal of 300 people to be registered on our Forums.

And, on September 13, 2003 we reached that goal of 300+ in less than 4 months.

Our NEXT goal is 500+ by December 2003. So, tell ALL your friends to come and join the fun of TheSimsChoice Forum!

You can STILL register now for free, to get into the action of exclusive disscussions, contests, quizzes, games, and more!!! The the community of one of the biggest ForumCommunity!

Forum-- http://simschoiceforum.proboards17.com/index.cgi

Registrations Is Free!
Sims Revolutions: 9/20 We've updated with great "Finds"
Written at 20:54 2003n Saturday 20 September 2003 by rhonda pringle (laprin).
Sims Revolutions has updated with lots of great "Finds"! You can locate them under our "Around the Dial" section. Enjoy!

P.S. If you like the skins please vote for us at Wall to Wall Sims for "Sexiest Skins" or "Best Formals". You'll find a link at the site. Thanks a bunch!

Sims Extremos: New Design 6.0
Written at 09:36 2003n Friday 26 September 2003 by webmaster@simsextremos.com (SIMAN).
Sims Extremos has update with a new version: 6.0, faster and cooler. Also with a sitemap in english and a very good quality of news.
Sims Revolutions: 9/28- Cool "Futura" Livingroom
Written at 20:28 2003n Sunday 28 September 2003 by rhonda pringle (laprin).
Sims Revolutions is proud to announce the addition of a new staff member - Dash Speed. Dash Speed is a very talented artist and we know you'll enjoy his latest "Futura" roomset which is located under "Specials" in the objects section.

We also have tons of great "Finds" for you which can be found in "Around the Dial". Enjoy!