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Site Updates Archive - September 2002
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Written at 10:49 2002n Sunday 1 September 2002 by The Sims :Big Bro (sims_decor).
Have a look at the new Task the house-mates have at The Sims: Big Brother!
Sim Insane: SimsDecor has merged with Siminsane
Written at 16:50 2002n Sunday 1 September 2002 by Tiger.
Last month, the SimsDecor owner handed me the site. i have not had the time to re-start it, so I have merged it with another site, Siminsane.com.
Little Brother: Little Brother 3 Starts Tomorrow
Written at 18:18 2002n Sunday 1 September 2002 by Towers.
Monday 2nd September sees the start of LB3. be sure to check it out at about 8pm for the update.
100% Sim: 100% Big Brother In October
Written at 22:22 2002n Wednesday 4 September 2002 by Joost Janssen (HPS-Webmaster).
With the Dutch Big Brother IV started on sunday, there has be a Sim-version of it. 23 October, 100% Sim will start his version. With a whole, Big Brother IV based, self-designed house and 8 people. With an ending on 1 january, this will be a perfect New Year in Sim-style. Stay tuned...

Joost, webmaster of 100% Sim
Sim Abyss: Big Brother Eviction Tomorrow!!!!
Written at 23:28 2002n Thursday 5 September 2002 by Cool_J.
The Big Brother Eviction Is Tomorrow(Friday)! VOTE NOW! Either Christina or J-Lo is out!

Don't Forget to Check Out:
Day 25:- The Most Unwanted Guest in The House!
Day 26:- The Fight That Was Lead From Jealousy!
And Finally -
Day 27:- More Romance Is High In The House!

Who Goes?
You Decide!

Sim Abyss: The Fourth Person To Be Evicted From the Big Brother House Is...
Written at 23:35 2002n Friday 6 September 2002 by Cool_J.
The Fourth Person To Be Evicted From the Big Brother House Is...

Who Did You Choose?

Christina or J-Lo.

Find Out Now!

Who Goes?
You Decide!

Little Brother: Week 1 of Little Brother over
Written at 15:14 2002n Saturday 7 September 2002 by Towers.
Well as the title says, week 1 of LB has finished. Week 2 begins on Monday, meanwhile read the LBBS section to see what Hannah has to say about the first week.
Written at 18:51 2002n Tuesday 10 September 2002 by josh adams (simbro).

Very soon,a bigger and better sim brother will be coming your way! Already work has started on a new house+Potential housemates are being interviewed! stay tuned,coz you do not wanna miss it-The name has changed and will now be known as the Official Sim Brother!
Sim Abyss: Delay and Big Brother 2!
Written at 14:08 2002n Saturday 14 September 2002 by Cool_J.
I am very sorry for the delay in updated since Monday, but a poor little lad (in other words me!) had to do five reports in one day! Geocities has been having some technical difficulties, but now they are back up!

It has been confirmed that there is definately going to be a Big Brother 2 on the Ultra Sims Website (ie, my website!)! You can also decide on which female and male celebratey stars will enter the house!

Release date for Big Brother 2 is yet unknown, but it is thought to be released around January/February time, but it might be nearer! So hold on!

Big Brother will get back to you! ;)

Who Goes?
You Decide!

Written at 01:46 2002n Sunday 15 September 2002 by josh adams (simbro).
Hi,I am devastated to say that the series has come to an end due to server problems.I have realy enjoyed writing for you and in january I will be launching a brand new site with lot's of Downloads,news,and a new sim brother

See Ya Soon Guy's!
Written at 10:53 2002n Sunday 15 September 2002 by Cool_J.

The polls are open on my website for you to vote for who WINS Big Brother. We desperately need your votes as the end is drawing nearer for one of the housemates as one of them will get the boot through the week!

Vote now or you will find the person who you HATE has won the first series of Big Brother!

Who Goes?
You Decide!

Little Brother: Week 3 of LB and the voting for 2 eviction!
Written at 03:30 2002n Wednesday 18 September 2002 by Towers.
Well Little Brother 3 is in full swing now and the voting for the second eviction is up... Who's getting the boot come Friday? Is it gonna be Lita or Ozzy?
Get voting!
Written at 22:51 2002n Thursday 19 September 2002 by Cool_J.
YES! TOMORROW (Friday 20th September) is the final of Big Brother Ultra Sims. The reports for the last few days will be up soon, as the producers have been hot off their feet!

One of the housemates have left. Which one? Arnold, Tom or Kylie? FIND OUT!

VOTING IS STILL ON! GET IN YOUR VOTES, PLEASE! Voting closes 7:00 pm Friday!

Who Goes?
You Decide!

Written at 17:09 2002n Saturday 21 September 2002 by Cool_J.
Series One has now officially finished on Ultra Sims! Who has won? Kylie or Tom? See how the reunion went and view their lives in the house!

Series Two is under-way and you will be able to choose who goes in! Tours of the house will be up soon in unfurnished mode and then when the builders have finished, the Big Brother crew will be ordering some new furniture from Unleaded Direct Ltd.

Who Won?
You Decided!

Sim Insane: We need staff!
Written at 22:14 2002n Tuesday 24 September 2002 by Tiger.

Siminsane is looking for staff!
Please, if you can help us with anything from Advertising Manager to Downloads
Creator then we need you! Email tiger@siminsane.com
for details!

Little Brother: New voting up!
Written at 02:09 2002n Wednesday 25 September 2002 by Towers.
Well Lita has gone.. Fred was killed by Data and a new poll is up.
So who do you want out... Tom, Data or Christina.. get voting!
Big Brother Skins: The Sims Zone - SB House 2
Written at 05:06 2002n Saturday 28 September 2002 by Chris Whyte (cpwhyte).
Will TSZ be posting the Sim Brother house for this series? Or will they be adding it @ the end of the series? I hope they do because At the sims zone their content is neat & professional TSZ are not slack when it comes to adding news i.e at other Sim Brother site's that people all over the web make, they usually say they didn't have enough time to post an episode, Or they'd use another excuse to say they cannot add news updates! But at TSZ they are different! They are very good at keeping the website updates and free of bad links & bugs! Well Done TSZ! ***** for yas
Sim Abyss: Voting For Series Two is Now Up!
Written at 18:06 2002n Saturday 28 September 2002 by Cool_J.
The polls for the housemates that are going into the Second Big Brother House is now up! The boys' polls will be up first, before the girls' polls!

The Housemates chosen by you will be then followed by a mystry two housemates! Three Boys and Three Girls will be chosen by you!

Get voting now, otherwise people who you hate might be in the house!

Who Goes In?
You Decide!

Sim Abyss: New Downloads Section!
Written at 15:34 2002n Sunday 29 September 2002 by Cool_J.
Yes! The new download section is available to view is now up and running!

You can now download the first Big Brother House!

Only at Ultra Sims!
Big Brother Resources: Going Strong!
Written at 20:11 2002n Monday 30 September 2002 by Webmaster (bbresources).
Our aim is to bring you the most professional, high quality resources for staging your own sucessful Big Brother project. Everything from custom designed houses, to initial advice is awaiting you...

'You don't want to miss this!'

Big Brother Resources
'for that Professional touch'