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Site Updates Archive - August 2013
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Sky Sims: New sims 3 contents
Written at 10:15 2013n Wednesday 7 August 2013 by Nadiah.
Good morning!

We are back with new sims 3 contents:

- 6 new sets of objects (paintings).

- 2 new sets of patterns.

Hope you like it and see you in facebook and twitter for daily updates.
Sky Sims: New sims 3 contents
Written at 12:22 2013n Saturday 24 August 2013 by Nadiah.
Hello everyb@dy!

Are you enjoying the last news, pics and videos about the Sims 4 in our facebook and twitter? While we wait for the new game to come, we will amuse ourselves by playing the sims 3 with new downloads: "Back to school special" at Skysims. Dress your sims for the new school year 2013/2014:

- 6 new clothes for children (female).

- 4 new patterns.