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Site Updates Archive - August 2004
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Sims Revolutions: 8/1 - Updates Weekly Finds!
Written at 21:38 2004n Sunday 1 August 2004 by rhonda pringle (laprin).
Another week, another update of great Finds! Lots of wonderful creators have been very busy this week. You can check out some of the very best of the week in our Finds area located under Around the Dial.

Sims Revolutions: 8/8 Adds Celebrity heads, punk skins, meshes, kitchen and more!
Written at 21:35 2004n Sunday 8 August 2004 by rhonda pringle (laprin).
We're back to creating! Lots of new stuff so get ready to get your groove on. We have updated with 20 male and female punk skins (under the Playlist Rock section)

We have also added 12 more celebrity heads including Pink, Brandy, Misha Barton and Jake Gyllenhaal located on page 6 of our Celebrity DJ area.

Under Specials Objects, we have added the Fall Kitchen on page 3.

Our Specials Themes section has been revamped and updated. Here you'll find Bridal wear and Holiday skins. We're especially excited to showcase new meshes by Moza here.
We're also kicking off the month with new Finds (2 pages!)anda new Featured Artist. This month's artist is Shannanigan from ShannaniSims. Check it all out under Around the Dial.

Sims Revolutions: 8/15 - Adds skins, heads and finds!
Written at 18:22 2004n Sunday 15 August 2004 by rhonda pringle (laprin).
This week Sims Revolutions brings you another big update! This time we have added 9 super-sexy female skins on page 5 of our Playlist Pop section. Primona also brings you 6 gorgeous female heads! You can check them out on page 4 of DJ females.
Of course, we're always bringing you some of the best Sims Finds on the Net - and this week is no exception! As always they are located in Around the Dial. Grab 'em up, but don't hurt yourself.
Lady M Sims: Lady M Sims - August 16, 2004
Written at 06:32 2004n Tuesday 17 August 2004 by Lady M (ladymsims).

I've added five women's heads and five men's, plus my first-ever girl's head, AND some Sims2 parts!

Sims Revolutions: 8/22 Adds Bedroom, Paintings, Finds & more!
Written at 20:53 2004n Sunday 22 August 2004 by rhonda pringle (laprin).
This week we are excited to bring you The Floral Collection. It includes a bedroom, matching walls/floors and floral paintings all by Primona. You can locate the bedroom under Specials/Objects - page 3. The walls/floors are under Specials/Walls - page 2. The floral paintings are located under Specials/Decor - page 3.

As usual we've located some of the best Sims downloads around. You can check out the latest Finds in Around the Dial.

Cookie Sims: Update at Cookie Sims
Written at 01:58 2004n Thursday 26 August 2004 by Margie (CDoh).
A sweet update at Cookie Sims! There's a Cookie Sims' Village for Unleashed with new objects included. There is also a new kitchen, rugs, build items and furniture! And, a wonderful kitchen given to us as a gift by Simcredible. Please check out our new wall & floor collections, and new houses.

Sims Revolutions: Updates with International Skins and Finds
Written at 18:31 2004n Saturday 28 August 2004 by rhonda pringle (laprin).
We've got an early update for you!
This week we have 18 new International skins with Indian, Asian, Latin and African themes. You can find them on pages 3,4 and 5 of our Female Playlist World Beat section.

No doubt about it. We have located some of the best Sims downloads around. You can check out the latest Finds in Around the Dial.