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Site Updates Archive - July 2004
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Ultimate Sim Brother: Sim Brother- 'The Trial' Announced!
Written at 17:44 2004n Monday 5 July 2004 by Phill (Flipthedog).
Ultimate Sim Brother has announced 'The Trial'. This is exactly the same as what Sim Brother itself will be, they reveal today, only on a much smaller scale. The produce of the show told us "The Trial will take place over the period over one week. Eight housemates will enter the house, one being evcited each day until only three remain. The final will then take place a week after the show began. It's sort of like a test to see if it all fits together like it should." Well, all we can say is that this series looks exciting and we can't wait until it starts!
Ultimate Sim Brother: Sim Brother: The Trial- House Unveiled!
Written at 18:03 2004n Thursday 8 July 2004 by Phill (Flipthedog).
Yes, the series begins in less than 24 hours and pictures of the house are now up for you to see! And so, The Trial begins!
Sim Abyss: Sim Brother 2004
Written at 20:40 2004n Friday 9 July 2004 by Webmaster of Sim Abyss (Simabyss).
As you may have realized earlier, The Sims site "Sim Abyss" will be hosting a new series of Sim Brother. The whole series will be based on a certain theme which will be specifically revealed later, in more detail.

The webmaster of the site has had much past experience with previous series of "Big Brother". Eight (+) housemates have been chosen to enter the Sim Brother House already; a house that is still under construction as a matter of fact (previews to be show later).

Unfortunately, the site will remain a little dead for the moment, maining updates won't be up until a little bit later as preparation for Sim Brother '04 is consuming most of the Producer's time.

The site will be relaunched with its fresh new layout, one adapted from the the current one (the new one looks much better than the current one). Sim Brother '04 will be launched under a new name, soon to be revealed although could be guessed if tried, and the series will be hosted on its own unique website (and, you guessed it, with a fresh new logo).

Better things are to come. Sim Brother is watching you.
Ultimate Sim Brother: Sim Brother: The Trial Has Begun!
Written at 22:51 2004n Friday 9 July 2004 by Phill (Flipthedog).
It's kicked off, two gay men, one homophobic, three bisexuals and two normal people, it's started. Sim Brother, The Trial!
Sims Revolutions: 7/11 Sims Rev Yahoo adds livingroom
Written at 23:10 2004n Sunday 11 July 2004 by rhonda pringle (laprin).
Sims Rev Yahoo has added a beautiful new living room set.
We've also updated the "Finds" at the main site - Sims Revolutions. You can find them uner "Around the Dial". Enjoy!
Sims Revolutions: 7/18 Updates with 2 pages of Finds
Written at 21:08 2004n Sunday 18 July 2004 by rhonda pringle (laprin).
We have added two pages of Finds again this week! Check out these wonderful downloads under Around the Dial.

To prepare for the large number of new downloads, we will be removing a lot of the older stuff in the next couple of weeks so get it while you can.

Sim Gaming Insider: SGI- Sim Gaming Insider Staff Search 2004!
Written at 00:21 2004n Tuesday 20 July 2004 by Joseph (SGIJoseph).
Hey Sim Fans my name is Joseph aka. SGIJoseph . I am here to introduce the first sneak peak of the upcoming sim gaming website SGI.We are holding a Staff Search come by and check it out at http://sgi.alturasforums.com
The site will feauture downloads,news,articles,reviews,specials,member submitted downloads, and so much more so come on down to Sim Gaming Insider and join our wonderful family of staff again goto http://sgi.alturasforums.com to apply. We have alot of jobs opened and I am sure you will find something that fits you!
Sim Abyss: Sim Brother: Psychopathic [2004]
Written at 12:53 2004n Friday 23 July 2004 by Webmaster of Sim Abyss (Simabyss).
Sim Brother is coming.

To celebrate, Sim Abyss has a totally new and fresher layout, beating the old, dull, grey turmoil hands-down.

In addition, the mostly anticipated Sim Brother website has been launched and also has an appealing layout. Lots of information has been posted, in addition to previews of the house, and also sneaky silhouettes of the eight housemates.

Moreover, the new Sim Brother Eye logo has also been revealed, in addition to the official name for the series (Sim Brother: Psychopathic [2004] ) The title in itself reveals a lot about this widely anticipated series.

You can now visit the Sim Brother: Psychopathic website at www.geocities.com/simbrother01/home.html
Sims Revolutions: 7/25 Updates with 2 pages of Finds
Written at 19:30 2004n Sunday 25 July 2004 by rhonda pringle (laprin).
Sims Revolutions is pleased to highlight some of the very best Sims downloads of the week. Check out these fantastic Finds under Around the Dial. Two pages!