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Site Updates Archive - July 2002
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The Sims Weekly: The Sims Weekly Slow Re-start
Written at 22:24 2002n Monday 8 July 2002 by Caitlyn Sadie (caitlynsadie).
Yes The Sims Weekly a little know site with a dream, is slow to restart. The new server it's on now for more space is down more than not. But for those that haven't heard yet: It's focuses manly on desktop wallpapers and themes sim style. Check it out, updates going on now. Well not right this minute the server is down again, but you can still access the site.
Stealth's SIMart: Stealth's SIMart updates w/floral rugs
Written at 04:25 2002n Tuesday 9 July 2002 by stealthie.
Written at 14:37 2002n Tuesday 9 July 2002 by joshadams (josh73).
After viewing the fantastic series by T.S.Z I was totally inspired to start my own series! If it is only half as successful as the sims zone series i will be ectsatic!! I hope you enjoy it! The launch date has been delayed due to personal plans! But that gives you guys just enough time to vote in 1 sim like ozzy osbourne or cilla on my site!
Jendea Simitecture: Jendea Simitecture: New Houses
Written at 09:30 2002n Thursday 11 July 2002 by Jendea (TSZ) (Jendea).
The last of my old(er) house lots were posted today which took up a page in the midrange houses section. Also one new estate that I'm proud to say incorporates some columns made for me by another Sim Site (otherwise it would-a been posted here! lol)
Siminsane: Siminsane is back up
Written at 13:20 2002n Thursday 11 July 2002 by @nt (crowdie).
My site, Siminsane.com has re-launched. The site design was inspired by ChEeTaH. The member section is opening tomorrow.
Sim Media: TSX Big Brother FINAL ~ FRIDAY 12/7/02
Written at 19:56 2002n Thursday 11 July 2002 by Sim Media!! (Jonnie566).
Its time for the FINAL TSX Big Brother tomorrow night. We have lots planned including eviction specials and Big Brother exclusives so come on down to TSX Big Brother, you can access it through the sims xtreme by the media menu or you can Click here
[Big Brother]: Coming Soon...
Written at 22:20 2002n Thursday 18 July 2002 by Big Brother (bigbrother).

Many have tried, the vast majority have failed, and very few succeeded...

Any true Big Brother fan will try and stage his own version of the hit television documentary for the number one selling pc game of all time.
As I say, the vast majority have failed.

The biggest most anticipated Big Brother ever...
Coming soon!

[Big Brother will get back to you...]
Special preview reports, coming to this area of the site, before anywhere else!! Stay tuned!
www.simgoddedded.com: Just some useful trainers.
Written at 07:13 2002n Friday 19 July 2002 by Hosbayar (Xocoo).
Does your sim is low on cash does your sim haven't got a friend, well this is your chance. Wisit www.gamehacking.com
and select the trainers menu, then selct <T> and select TheSims or TheSimsHP.
I hope it will come in handy.
www.simgoddedded.com: You Gotta See This Site.
Written at 07:23 2002n Friday 19 July 2002 by Hosbayar (Xocoo).
www.simgoddesses.com has real cool stuffs. I have downloaded about a hundred objectsand skins from there.
Written at 21:47 2002n Friday 19 July 2002 by The Sims :Big Bro (sims_decor).
HI this is the Sims Decor, its a new site and it has chat. Please look at this website! I have a great new sofa to download, take a look! Please give this site a chance!
Written at 09:12 2002n Saturday 20 July 2002 by The Sims :Big Bro (sims_decor).
Hi if you like the sims decor I have a new a new URL! it is get-me.to/simsdecor
Thanks for the people who looked at my site! Tell everyone!
The Sims: Big Brother: Competition
Written at 21:11 2002n Monday 22 July 2002 by The Sims :Big Bro (sims_decor).
Sims Decor has a competition for you, please create a house (with objcets) and send it to me. ONLY USE OBJECTS, WALLS AND FLOORS FROM THE ORIGINAL SIMS. The winner get's his/her name put on the site, the house will be put up to download and my Sims will Model my downloads in it, thanks for the 49 of you who have visited so far, keep them coming,

Note: No updates for 2 weeks as i'm going to France, see ya all
The Sims Weekly: TSW is starting a bi-monthly fan chat
Written at 04:22 2002n Tuesday 23 July 2002 by Caitlyn Sadie (caitlynsadie).
Twice a month The Sims Weekly will be hosting a sim community chat even. For The Sims, Simcity 4, even Sim Golf and Rollercoaster tycon fans are invited to chat! First fan chat even will be held on Fri. July 26 from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm central standered time (usa) all are welcome! Have a nice day. And spred the word.