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Site Updates Archive - June 2013
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Sky Sims: New sims 3 contents
Written at 10:52 2013n Thursday 6 June 2013 by Nadiah.
Morning everyone!

New personalized content already available in the site, for your sims 3 game:

- New clothing for children female (2).

- New objects' sets (6 sets of paintings).

- New single objects (3 fantastic quilts).

See you in the next update and remember to join us in facebook and twitter! Do you want to know more about The sims 4 or The next releases of sims 3 expansion packs? Go follow us, last minute information.
Sky Sims: New sims 3 contents
Written at 15:22 2013n Friday 28 June 2013 by Nadiah.

Site updated with new sims 3 contents:

- Clothing for adult / young adult / maternity.

- Clothing for elder (fem.)

- Single objects (quilts).

- Sets of objects (paintings).

I'll see you in facebook and twitter for last minute news.