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Site Updates Archive - June 2003
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Sims Revolutions: 6/1 We added 18 skins, 12 celebrities, 12 walls and more!
Written at 20:03 2003n Sunday 1 June 2003 by rhonda pringle (laprin).
We have added 18 great skins by Kandygirl, 12 "Hollywood" walls, 4 hottie DJ heads and a "Hip-Hop Celebrity Head pack" by Shortyboo.
The celebrities include DMX, 50 Cents, Trina and Ginuwine.
Of course, we have also updated with more wonderful "Finds".
Natskys Super Sim Shoppe: 06/02 Natsky's Super Sim Shoppe Update!
Written at 17:46 2003n Monday 2 June 2003 by Natalie (natsky).
Good Morning! I have a new bedroom for you all this week! Hope you all enjoy the "Toulon Bedroom Suite"

Simming: Simming Forums Now Open
Written at 20:46 2003n Monday 2 June 2003 by Simyo (simA).
The Simming forums are now open. Take a LOOK!
Sim Insane: 5 days to go!
Written at 21:24 2003n Monday 2 June 2003 by Tiger.
yes, ladies and gents, only 5 days to go untill the sim brother series at http://www.sim-brother.co.uk starts. the house map is now up and ready for you to look at!
Sim Abyss: Nominations - Updates...
Written at 23:29 2003n Wednesday 4 June 2003 by Cool_J.
The daily updates are now up to date.

Don't forget to nominate for who you want out of the house, this Friday!

Don't Miss It!
Wall To Wall Sims: Safari Bedroom
Written at 17:38 2003n Thursday 5 June 2003 by Wendy (walltowallsims).
Added the Safari Bedroom 6/04/03!! ENJOY!
Sweet Nothings Salon & Boutique: New heads added (pic)
Written at 02:51 2003n Saturday 7 June 2003 by Lisa G. (Diskette66).
Just a small sampling of the new heads added...


Sim Insane: half an hour...
Written at 19:41 2003n Saturday 7 June 2003 by Tiger.
half an hour to go and im getting ready to upload. special thanks go to simx for the plug... thanks
Sims Revolutions: 6/7 Lots of Great
Written at 20:08 2003n Saturday 7 June 2003 by rhonda pringle (laprin).
Sims Revolutions has updated with great new "Finds" from some of our favorite sites. You can locate the weekly finds in our Around the Dial section.

If you missed last week's update, make sure you check out Kandygirl's 18 new skins located on pages 2, 3 and 6 of the Female Hip Hop section and pages 2, 3 and 4 of the Male Hip Hop section. Primona also added 4 DJ hotties on the last pages of the DJ Females and Males sections.


Sim Insane: and we're up
Written at 20:12 2003n Saturday 7 June 2003 by Tiger.
the first episode of sim brother has just been published. visit us!!
Sim Insane: day 2!!
Written at 20:00 2003n Sunday 8 June 2003 by Tiger.
day two has appeared over at sb, and there's a shock in store for the housemates.
THe Sims Choice: The Sims Choice Forum, Is Open!
Written at 03:08 2003n Monday 9 June 2003 by SimNewsMan (TheSimsChoice).
The Sims Choice Forum!
This is the right place, to talk
about anything! Post it in our Forum,
and work your way up to the highest poster! So, register, and post loads!
Visit us at: www.thesimschoice.4t.com
Wall To Wall Sims: New Room
Written at 09:06 2003n Monday 9 June 2003 by Wendy (walltowallsims).
I added the Breath Of Spring Sunroom today for you all!!
Sim Abyss: Nomination - Third Run:
Written at 21:03 2003n Monday 9 June 2003 by Cool_J.
The nominations for this week's evictions are now up (and have been since Friday). Vote now on the homepage for who you want out!

The new homepage is getting a new look! Wait to see what it will look like. Even I don't know, yet! Anticipation is the only answer for now!
Sim Brother 1: It's day 6!!
Written at 02:05 2003n Wednesday 11 June 2003 by northernstar_uk.
It's day 6 in the Sim Brother house. Housemate react to the nominations, but continue with the task!!

Someone will leave tomorrow - but who??
Sim Insane: apologies...
Written at 08:48 2003n Wednesday 11 June 2003 by Tiger.
sorry for the downtime yesterday, the site is now up and all working... day 5 is tonight, and the housemates are getting concerned.
Sim Brother 1: Day 7 - EVICTION DAY!!!
Written at 02:30 2003n Thursday 12 June 2003 by northernstar_uk.
One will go?? Who, you decide!! Tensions high as the results of the task are announced!!
Sweet Nothings Salon & Boutique: 6/14- New spring & summer fashions
Written at 04:17 2003n Saturday 14 June 2003 by Lisa G. (Diskette66).
Sims Revolutions: 6/14 Adds over 50 downloads, objects, walls, skins and more!
Written at 18:34 2003n Saturday 14 June 2003 by rhonda pringle (laprin).
Another huge update at Sims Revolutions! First, we're ecstatic to welcome Brin as a guest object maker on our site. Check out her "Black Elegance Livingroom" in our Special Promotions section which is located in Around the Dial. You'll also find more celebrity heads by guest artist Shorty Boo and Asian wall sets by me.

I have also added 16 "world class" skins located in where else? - World Beat. Primona adds 5 Asian DJs to fit in with the world inspired collection.

Last but not least, we've updated with lots of great "Finds".

Here's a peek at the over 50 new downloads you'll find.

Sim Abyss: Big Brother Eviction Three
Written at 14:06 2003n Sunday 15 June 2003 by Cool_J.
The third person to be evicted from the Big Brother House is:

Click the link to find out...

The three housemates are now also up for eviction. Don't forget to vote!
Sweet Nothings Salon & Boutique: New girls play sets! (pic)
Written at 03:33 2003n Thursday 19 June 2003 by Lisa G. (Diskette66).

Sweet Nothings is a free site specializing in skins for the whole family, including high fashion.
Includes a LARGE female head collection
Wall To Wall Sims: New Kitchen
Written at 22:18 2003n Friday 20 June 2003 by Wendy (walltowallsims).
Just letting you all know that I just updated with a new kitchen! The Stravon Kitchen! ENJOY!
Sims Revolutions: 6/21 If you're still looking for more great "Finds"...
Written at 19:24 2003n Saturday 21 June 2003 by rhonda pringle (laprin).
We got 'em for ya'. Lots of variety this week so check them out in the "Around the Dial" section. We've been groovin' to some Craig David so we couldn't resist having him over to the station. You can download him from the front page. It's just a preview of some of the male celebrity heads coming next week.

If you've been missing in action for the past week make sure you check out the "Black Elegance Livingroom" in our Special Promotions section by guest object maker Brin and the World skins by Laprin.


Sim Abyss: Who is up and who is out?
Written at 20:34 2003n Saturday 21 June 2003 by Cool_J.
Who has been evicted out of the house this week?

Moreover, who is up for eviction for the next week?

Find out by clicking on the link above. With only two more weeks to go, how will the housemates react to each other?

Who will win?

Who Goes?
You Decide!

Wall To Wall Sims: New Shop!
Written at 19:23 2003n Wednesday 25 June 2003 by Wendy (walltowallsims).
Today I have my first shop!! Cookie's Cat House!! You all know how I
love cats!! I hope you all like it!!

Sims Revolutions: 6/28 More finds and sexy female skins
Written at 18:36 2003n Saturday 28 June 2003 by rhonda pringle (laprin).
Lots of new stuff! I've added 17 sexy "vixen" skins in the Hip Hop and Pop sections for females. Go to the last pages in each section. Primona adds 5 lovely new female heads which can be found in the DJ section. We've got more Special Promotions items. Guest artist ShortyBoo adds a Male Actors pack which includes Ice Cube, Paul Walker ("Fast and Furious2"), Omar Epps, Toby McGuire and many more. Primona adds "The Boyz" pose pack for those of you who have been searching for more masculine poses for your men. Also, don't miss the great new "Finds" this week in Around the Dial - several new (to us) sites.

Sim Abyss: New Housemates or not?
Written at 13:59 2003n Sunday 29 June 2003 by Cool_J.
If you haven't already seen it, there may just be a new housemate in the house. Or more than one...

Find out for yourselve and read the reports and updates... (click on the link above)

Day 35: New Housemate?
Day 36 & 37 & 38: Task
Day 38: Nominations... (This may not be up quite soon...)

Sims Off Limits: Sims Off Limits update!
Written at 22:37 2003n Monday 30 June 2003 by Sandra (naughtygirl).
After being stopped for a while I finnaly got back to work.
New face and body skins. I'm also starting making meshes.

I'm looking for staff and affiliates, please contact me if you're interested :)