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BeautySims: Updates from 30.04.-03.05.2012
Written at 23:01 2012n Wednesday 2 May 2012 by Blackbeauty583.
Sky Sims: New and improved downloads
Written at 17:20 2012n Thursday 3 May 2012 by Nadiah.
Good afternoon! New stuff:

- Improved downloads: As you know we are improving (updating) old clothing downloads. This week we updated page 11 in toddler's (male) section. (now they are recolorable, file size is smaller, and they include better colours and textures)

- New downloads:

Clothing: 1 new for teenager (fem.) and 1 new for adult / young adult /maternity.
3 new eyes.

And remember, you can follow us in facebook or twitter, just click on the links in the right and left of this message.

Have a nice day!
BeautySims: Updates from 03.05.-06.05.2012
Written at 23:12 2012n Friday 4 May 2012 by Blackbeauty583.
Cheap NBA jerseys: Tracy McGrady ankle a false alarm
Written at 12:37 2012n Saturday 5 May 2012 by jerseys (nflon).
Tracy McGrady ankle a false alarm
In the eagle VS the celtics in the game in the second quarter, McGrady in the first half a 3-point attempt be born when he twisted his ankle, helped by teammate next, a half he just 5 of 9 get 10 points and rebounds. Cheap NBA Jerseys In half later, he is okay, continue to back on the pitch.
The celtics VS the eagle Ⅲ prospectie Allen a possible comeback
The playoffs at home to challenge the eagle of the celtics third game will be on Beijing time at 7:30 in the morning on May 5,.
On a ray Allen and rondo absence, but in Paul Pierce and Kevin garnett of the Boston celtics or on the road with the claim a 1-1. Pierce play scoring 36 points and grabbed 14 rebounds, and Kevin garnett 15 points and 12 rebounds also get two double. Wholesale NBA Jerseys Main to force and the celtics' bench also performance is not bad, Peter Ruth and daniels who have given the team great support.
After the game, rondo and teammates--shaking hands, so as to celebrate his teammates led his team to victory. "In our team coach, on rondo very happy, he thanked his teammates a victory for the team," celtics coach doc rivers said.
The third field not only rondo lifted back, when many people asked whether he will in the third game try to show that they, NBA Basketball Jerseys rondo said: I don't have anything to prove, why should I go to prove? I just want to win, and that's it. "Talking about their emotional rondo said," but I am a emotional person, I can only as far as possible let my mood be calm, in the moment, the breakthrough game in my head in addition to win, not to think of another. "
Before the twisted his ankle Allen also may play in the third game. Doc rivers revealed that, if there is a chance, he would let Allen appeared in the third game.
"I think ray Allen at present the recovery of the good," rivers said, he also says it won't let Allen on the court to stay too long. "I might just 10 minutes of time."
In fact the celtics at present is still need to ray Allen, and before two games, NBA Throwback Jerseys the celtics outside situation is not optimistic. In their first loss to the hawks game, the celtics also appeared in 11 field.
If Allen to play, that is the big three, the celtics in the playoffs in the first time.
Also, the eagle also have injury problems. Striker josh Smith for left leg muscle strain was listed in the daily watch list, the third game play can also not sure, NBA Swingman Jerseys and al horford and palmer ChuLi and-still can't debut. If josh Smith misses, so the eagle inside will accept the serious one's deceased father grind. If that is so, Joe Johnson has to be better use and other Jeff's case also need-the best out of their speed advantage, as a veteran, Tracy McGrady also need to give to the team more help.
The eagle head coach larry case lu also expect Wholesale NBA Jerseys that the importance of the race tomorrow, and the players will be charged more attention to rondo. "We must know that we will be faced with difficulties," drew said, "rondo--like, he can make a lot of things happen... So we must be ready for this."
Anyway, the third game against two teams are a torturous, two teams who will get the lead, no doubt, will dominate in the series.
Thunder VS Dallas comments after the game
The mavericks have intention pulled one back home city, and from the coaches to the team before the game; also came to slay, Cheap NBA Jerseys but the game Dallas still lost the game, they now 0-3 behind stood in the were swept by the precipice.
But for the game process, the mavericks coach Carlyle has own view, the game of the style has always suave boss even because the referee gave a dissatisfaction with fury and was sentenced to a technical foul.
"Today's referee really maddening" Carlyle says. But he did not put all the problems all boils down in the body, and then he said, "but we can't put all the problems all blame the judge."
"We can't solve the problems exposed in Cheap NFL Jerseys the first two games, against the high level, and hit our problem is still not solved, now we 0-3 behind really difficult, but we will continue the fight it."
And the mavericks boss nowitzki, said: "we in the Oklahoma played two difficult matches, the result today we play very smelly, that this is not good, we want to win the next, we will make our dignity and fight."
In contrast thunder and team is more low-key, durant although a sweep of the haze scored 31, but he still cautious said: "we haven't finished what."
And veith brooke to durant performance then say: "he has been very confident, Wholesale NFL jerseys although he's performance may be shocked to others, but for us it is his unusual state just."
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Cheap NBA jerseys: Who will save the Bulls?
Written at 12:37 2012n Saturday 5 May 2012 by jerseys (nflon).
Who will save the Bulls?
May 5, NBA playoffs to continue and the bulls will challenge 76 people away, two teams current total score equal 1-1 draw, NBA Chinese website at 8:00 will live video of the match.
Ross injury season to submit an expense account, the second games, the bulls without the defeat at home to 76 people, the loss of the home court advantage. 76 people also become since 2003, with the first east and the east road victory over 8 first team. Now 76 people hold home court advantage, and they prepared to go on the farther, Cheap Nike Shoes and not just the way forward is to become the bulls a small waves. They have further to the target.
"We look forward to return to the home, looking forward to the race, and to give them a good performance," 76 people YiGeDaLa defender said, Ross's injury left 76 people to win the bounce of the opportunity.
76 the second game 109-92 road win over the bulls, not only will always 1-1 at 1-1 a, also let the team found the winning ways. Nike Shoes australia76 people use the rush scored 25 points, the bulls get only seven points, the advantage of 18 points, and finally the bull is just lost 17 points.
No rose, the bulls become a civilian team, all five shots in all start 10-12 times between, distribution very balanced. And compared with the team is civilians with 76 people, apparently have no rivals bull interpretation.
In the playoffs, you must have a core players, in the team couldn't start against the personal ability to helping the team, on this side of the bulls luol deng this is their first choice, but deng 12 shots, hitting three goals to get eight points. Although NuoA use and roll cooperate, throw 10 11 had the team high with 21 points, but carlos boozer almost no play, in the second half, the only try a boozer shots. Two games, carlos boozer had 18 points and 12 rebounds.
"We have confidence in the team's system," cheap air max said dumbledore, "we don't need a person come out carry the team forward, like a team for the game, we all season is so dry, and we rely on defense to win the game." Just, their defense just as bad.
76 people showed a high percentage, HuoLiDi shot 11 of 15 scored 26 points, 76 people a shot 59%. Louis Williams substitute appearance, began to 6 for 1, but full 13 in August, and Turner also found the RACES, scored 19 points, seven rebounds six assists.
In the third quarter, a Turner feel 11 points, three end, 76 people have to 55-48 lead. 76 people in the third quarter single quarter got 36 points, the bulls only 14 points. 76 manager doug-to today said. Collins team the third quarter's performance was satisfied. "Tonight the third quarter performance is I came to this team since best time, the team is very positive."
"Disappointed," NuoA said after the game, "the team's performance is not satisfactory, we don't do a good defense, we also have no good attack." The team have again good defensive system, in fast-break are difficult to have as, bulls can't solve their problems the offensive end, also can't rely on the defensive, losing unavoidable.
HuoLiDi and Turner that showed their conscience 76 people in the next 10 years backcourt combination. However, Collins knows the club's current ills, Cheap Nike Free Run although they young have impact, but also the lack of experience. At the same time, Collins says Turner is without question one of the best players in the team.
HuoLiDi this season could have grow into one of the league's best one of five point guard, but shrink cut short his season to the time of his training time to also cannot assure. However, for the 21 year old young people, all this sooner or later.
"HuoLiDi not just a pure point guard, we don't expect him to be a point guard just," Collins said. "Maybe he can become like veith brooke or deron Williams that has the ability to score or become a point guard, so that it can continue to put pressure on opponent." Now, 76 people only get next season to find a definite answer.
76 people here can remain so efficient from the floor, and whether the "civilian" undertake after all, at least they now find a way to win-the fast break.
Although 76 people shooting a little exaggerated, but the bulls could not count on 76 people shooting down to win, Cheap Nike Air Max they want to solve the offensive end problems, as you know, the defense win the game can even win the championship, but only by the defense is difficult to have as. And luol deng and carlos boozer will step up is also key to the bulls can.
Wade says James is the heat best player
The heat away win over the knicks, total score a 3-0 lead. Although bosh got only 9 points, 10 rebounds, 1 blocks, but he is still very happy. Not only because the heat won the ball, he is still a child.
James in today's game in foul trouble early, and home of the each one of his mistakes are with boos, throughout the third quarter he hardly sitting on the bench. Game James shot nine of 21, hit two record 3-pointers got 32 points and eight rebounds five assists, but there are 8 turnovers.
In the first half of the knicks fans to defense and the abusive performance is not good in James. But his fourth quarter back on the pitch, single quarter had 17 points, help the heat eventually win.
"We lead into the fourth quarter, and our best player (James) also returned to the court, so we are very good," wade post-match interviews, cheap Nike Shoes wade the third quarter to play well, single quarter made five of seven, take down 12 points 1 rebounds, two assists 2 steals, 17 shots in all 8 had 20 points and rebounds 4 assists 5 steals.
"He was foul trouble," heat coach graham said, Scott. "And he still has some mistakes, although he fouled some mistakes, but he still heart race."
"Last time I play just want to help the team to win at the last moment," James said. "I can take over the game, and to win us."
"He was in foul trouble," bosh said. "Although the third quarter, but sitting there he understand the situation," for him, this is a good thing, I think that helped his desire to establish the attack, so the fourth quarter he was aggressive, it is very important to us."
"The offensive end, we didn't do well," knicks coach mike-Sherwood said. "Our attack some stagnation, next to improve just line." The knicks won't score, the biggest problem is the Anthony defense by the limitations cheap Nike air max in James and shane intensive defense, he made seven of his 23, only had 22 points and eight rebounds, but offered up five turnovers.
"When we can't shot before, to win the ball will become very hard, no matter how good our defense are not," Anthony said after the game. In the NBA and now also no team can 0-3 backward in deficit scored series, of the knicks speaking, the situation has been very serious.
"This is very difficult. We have no retreat, we must win the next game," chandler said. "No one is willing to 0-3 behind, you know in the playoffs against Miami club that's difficult, but we have to fight it."
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Cheap NBA jerseys: Back home--Nuggets rob start
Written at 12:40 2012n Saturday 5 May 2012 by jerseys (nflon).
Back home--Nuggets rob start
The Denver nuggets control WeiTai-believe that as long as the team can more... to run, to better protect the rebounds, so they can still win the ball, but they now big score 2-0 behind the lakers. The first round of the competition will be the third field in Beijing time May 5, the nuggets Cheap Nike Free Run will at home to the lakers.
The Denver nuggets coach George Karl think to control the insider, at the same time, stop the lakers center Andrew bynum ruled the area. But some have a helpless when called inadequate, in two games the nuggets lead only once, they are helpless to 0-2 behind.
The third game they are going to start to get the lead, using the home court advantage, try to lead. "There is no doubt that we need a good start to just go, Nike Air Max 2012 especially at home," said the nuggets forward, Gary. The first game, they gave the bynum 10 blocks, let the latter scored three pairs, with a 88-104 loss to the lakers big score. The second game in the third quarter they once behind 19 points, but they to start crazy counterattack, final with 100-104 regrets negative.
They were going to use this trend for the third game to exert himself, they have gradually found the confidence, Nike Shoes australia after all, the lakers have Bryant, Andrew bynum and gasol, star, and defend them is very difficult.
"In the second half, we played very hard," Lawson said. "The first time we play decent games, if we put this strength brought into the third game, so we have a chance to win."
The Denver nuggets style is a main rush, the team not super star, they rush for their own label. But fast break and not the mainstream of the playoffs, especially a break of more than positional attacks. But they still will increase speed, speed up the pace and expect to drag down the lakers.
"When we got the ball, just run their offense, because they didn't we speed," said Lawson, the first game Lawson haven't found his rhythm, Cheap Nike Shoes the second game he got a team-high 25 points. He insists that he himself will more aggressive, in the face of the big defense when to take the right way. At the same time there is maybe he is still willing to contentious. "That's the big thing," Lawson and then said, "is the most important thing-and Andrew bynum to rebound, we point guard for, help big, if leakage people, we want to and his body contact occurs, steal the box, got a rebound."
But the easy to do a difficult said.
At present, this is bynum play the best a playoff series, also, kobe Bryant also play well, but Bryant's performance is predictable, Vibram Five Fingers Sale and bynum performance surprise letting a person.
Kobe Bryant the second game efficiency and amazing, he cast his 29 15 contribution in 38 points.
"He is one of the best players in the league," Gary, and said, "when he found game, you have actually been powerless, it is difficult to limit his play." Especially when kobe Bryant has had enough time to rest, he in the regular season last 10 games missed one of the eight, and now he is on the Cheap Five Fingers pitch it seems unlimited vitality.
"I think the end of the regular season of the rest is very good for kobe Bryant, because I play him before too long," lakers coach mike brown said. "When you have a like kobe Bryant as players, you will not be conscientious to improve on his requirements, so let him bench for a few games can let him rest time, when he came back will again broke out energy."
In comparison, pau gasol had some low-key, the Denver nuggets coach George Karl emphasis on his care, "kobe Bryant with bynum's data amazing, but I more hope that they Vibram Five fingers Shoes will pau gasol off the field," Karl said, "in the field, and the feeling of decision will affect to the team."
Also, kobe Bryant are identity. "Pau) was willing to do anything," Bryant said. "We are very lucky he in our side, he always can very good handling the ball,and won't always want to attack the ball, so I and bynum has more chance to attack, GHD Australia and he's always very efficient, and he is the one that can affect his teammates player."
When a reporter asked, as the current situation of the lakers, the nuggets are whether there is hope promotion, coach George Karl said the team and play. "If you pay attention to our words, this season when people think we will experience the worst of it, things don't happen," Karl said, "yes, I believe that my players, we are not like the lakers that teams, but we will pay more, and it is always the turnaround will usher in the next game, I think we have a chance."
The lakers also ready in time for the tournament, "they in the home is difficult to deal with, so we want to full control of the game, GHD Hair Straightener and not let them up potential," lakers guard plug ShenSi said, "they will seize all opportunities, because at this time, either win or go home!"
BeautySims: Updates from 07.05.-10.05.2012
Written at 22:02 2012n Sunday 6 May 2012 by Blackbeauty583.
BeautySims: Updates from 11.05.-13.05.2012
Written at 23:15 2012n Thursday 10 May 2012 by Blackbeauty583.
BeautySims: Updates from 14.05.-17.05.2012
Written at 23:34 2012n Sunday 13 May 2012 by Blackbeauty583.
BeautySims: Updates from 18.05.-20.05.2012
Written at 23:22 2012n Friday 18 May 2012 by Blackbeauty583.
BeautySims: Updates from 21.05.-24.05.2012
Written at 23:11 2012n Sunday 20 May 2012 by Blackbeauty583.
Sky Sims: New sims 3 content
Written at 16:29 2012n Thursday 24 May 2012 by Nadiah.
Hello eveybody!

New contents for your sims 3 game:

- 3 new summer clothes for children (male).

- 9 new objects sets by Clausims (paintings).

Have a nice weekend!
BeautySims: Updates from 25.05.-27.05.2012
Written at 23:00 2012n Thursday 24 May 2012 by Blackbeauty583.
BeautySims: Updates from 28.05.-31.05.2012
Written at 01:15 2012n Monday 28 May 2012 by Blackbeauty583.
BeautySims: Updates from 01.06.-03.06.2012
Written at 22:53 2012n Thursday 31 May 2012 by Blackbeauty583.