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Site Updates Archive - May 2008
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Twisted Sims: Community Exhibition Reminder
Written at 14:10 2008n Thursday 1 May 2008 by Carrie (Carrie).
We just wanted to remind you that the 2008 TS Community Exhibition will be starting on May 16th, so if you would like to participate, now is the time to join! Please remember that you do not need to have website to take part in the fun. We have a special section dedicated to designers too! This will be a great way to meet other people from The Sims community and to download some wonderful new designs. As of May 1st, we have over 15 websites that have joined, so if you are interested, please click here for more info. We hope to see you there!
Thyme 2 Sim: May 3 Update
Written at 13:28 2008n Saturday 3 May 2008 by Donna (DLB923).

Today's Update Includes:

- Fancifully Fuzzy Ferns in White and Light Wood stands
- Frost de Fleur Bud Vases with Purple and Red Flowers
- 428 Rustic Lane - A cozy 2 bedroom, unfurnished home with a full basement
- Tube TV in Wood Paneling - White with black trim
- Bedroom set in Yellow - new white bed frame with yellow bedding and sofa
- Tube TV in Wood Paneling - 5 new wood colors
- English Country Floral Living Room Set..with thanks to jfade (from the N99 Forum Paks) for the sofa and love seat mesh to compliment the Contempo Good Living Chair
that gives us a complete set!

Included but not pictured:

- Frost de Fleur Bud Vases with Pink and Blue Flowers
- Tube in Wood Paneling in Black with White Trim and White with Gray Trim
- Green Weave Living Room Set
- Cafemate and End to End Tables in 5 wood colors

The Poll is now open for "Ye Olde Castle"...so don't forget to stop by the booth and cast you vote!

We're also having a great time sharing our Simselves with each other!
If you'd like to join us, check out the "Thymes of Sim" board!

Sky Sims: New downloads and finds
Written at 19:24 2008n Saturday 3 May 2008 by Nadiah.
03-May-2008: Updates: New clothing for teen and elder sims (masc.) and the best finds of the week. Enjoy!
Simcastic Designs: Many New Items at SD!
Written at 18:26 2008n Sunday 4 May 2008 by Melissa (Simcastic).
We have a wide variety of new meshes and homes for your Sims to enjoy! From laid back country, to watery Venice. New Fences, new vacuums, and so much more!

www.simcasticdesigns.com has daily updates, so check back often for the latest!
Blacky´s Sims2 Zoo: Blacky´s Sims2 Zoo Update
Written at 17:18 2008n Wednesday 7 May 2008 by Blacky (blackypanther).
Everyday New Update with many Recolors, Clothing, New Meshes and many many more!
The Unofficial Sims 3 UK Site: The Unofficial Sims 3 UK Site
Written at 20:52 2008n Thursday 8 May 2008 by Craig (TS3UK_Craig).

The Unofficial Sims 3 UK Site is an online open-content collaborative The Sims fansite, that is part of Fangree Productions, a voluntary association of individuals and groups working to develop a common resource of Sims 3 news, info and knowledge.

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Blacky´s Sims2 Zoo: Newest Update with many Recolors, Houses, Clothing and more!
Written at 23:22 2008n Friday 9 May 2008 by Blacky (blackypanther).
Come and visit us!
If you have any wishes, concerning new meshes, clothing, recolors or houses, you can post your wishes in our "Wishes"-Thread and the members of the team will try their best to fullfill them as soon as possible.
Thyme 2 Sim: May 10 Update
Written at 12:54 2008n Saturday 10 May 2008 by Donna (DLB923).

This week's update includes:

- Robes for Teen Girls
- Robes for Little Girls
- Barbecue Chef Paintings
- Cinderbooks Bookcases
- Citrine Yellow Bathroom Set
- Emerald Green Bathroom Set

Included but not pictured:

- Wilderness Wall & Carpet Set
- End to End Tables - 2 and 3 Tiled
- Linoleum Flooring

The Poll is still open for "Ye Olde Castle"...so don't forget to stop by and cast your vote!

CC4Sims: CC4Sims Update 05-11-08 DV
Written at 00:41 2008n Monday 12 May 2008 by Christine (cc4sims).
Sky Sims: New downloads
Written at 11:13 2008n Monday 12 May 2008 by Nadiah.
www.skysims2.com updates with:

- New clothing for Teenagers (fem.)
- 3 new single objects: two quilts and a sign.
- 1 new set of pictures.

Now you can follow the finds daily in our forums.
Blacky´s Sims2 Zoo: Special Mothers Day Update and many more
Written at 14:14 2008n Monday 12 May 2008 by Blacky (blackypanther).
For all the mommys an Special ;)
Blacky´s Sims2 Zoo: Update from 13.05.08 to 15.05.08
Written at 23:10 2008n Wednesday 14 May 2008 by Blacky (blackypanther).
New Updates includes many floors, walls, houses, beddings, pictures and many more!
Come and visit us!
Twisted Sims: Exhibition Now Open!
Written at 15:17 2008n Friday 16 May 2008 by Carrie (Carrie).
We would like to invite you to visit the 2008 TS Community Exhibition! The exhibits are open to everyone so you can check out and download new releases for The Sims 1 and 2, learn about websites and designers from around the community and participate in event contests. The exhibition will run from today until May 24th. Have fun!
Thyme 2 Sim: May 17 Update
Written at 14:05 2008n Saturday 17 May 2008 by Donna (DLB923).

Today's Update:

~ Blazin' Buckaroos Lantern - By request, 6 new colors
~ 100 Essenwood Road - A two-bedroom, two bath unfurnished home
~ Stitching Machine - By request, with a white table
~ Novellas Nouveau Bookcases - By request, solid wood in 6 colors
~ Talking Table and Chair- By request, in white
~ Mandarin Orange Bath Set - A new addition to the Jewel Tone Collection

Included but not pictured:

~Little Blossoms Painting
~Talking Tables and Chairs in Oak, Cherry, Mahogany, and Dark Wood
~Jewel Magenta Bathroom Set - Another new addition to the Jewel Tone Collection
~Butterfly Bathroom - By request, matching towels, sink, and commode seat to compliment the Butterfly Clean Water Shower System

We also have a new building challenge "Budget Bungalow."
Please see the Challenge Corner of our forum for details.

Blacky´s Sims2 Zoo: New Update from 16.05.08 to 18.05.08
Written at 00:15 2008n Sunday 18 May 2008 by Blacky (blackypanther).
Many New Meshes, Recolors, VIP-Downloads and more!

We have a new voting going on and would appreciate a numerous participation!
Please vote for your interest for our Newsletter!
on the left site "Umfrage":
Ja = yes, i´m intresting
Nein = no, i´m not intresting
Sky Sims: New downloads
Written at 12:50 2008n Sunday 18 May 2008 by Nadiah.
www.skysims2.com updates with:

- 3 new outfits for teenage girls.
- New affiliattes.

Blacky´s Sims2 Zoo: Update from 19.05.08 to 21.05.08
Written at 23:16 2008n Tuesday 20 May 2008 by Blacky (blackypanther).
Clothing and jewels for your simmies ;)
Walls, Recolorsand for our VIP-Zone a Sweden House
Blacky´s Sims2 Zoo: Update from 22.05.08 to 24.05.08
Written at 23:22 2008n Friday 23 May 2008 by Blacky (blackypanther).
We have beddings, recolors, lots, walls and New Meshes!!!
Thyme 2 Sim: May 24th Update
Written at 13:31 2008n Saturday 24 May 2008 by Donna (DLB923).

Today's Update:

~ Forever in Blue Jeans Livingroom

~ Forever in Blue Jeans Bedroom

~ Branched Trunk Window in White

~ Subliminally Soothing Hotel Door in White

~ Stitching Machines in 4 new colors

~ Sapphire Blue Bathroom Set

Also included, but not pictured:

~ Sparkling Burgundy Bathroom Set

~ Ant Farms in 9 new colors

CC4Sims: CC4Sims Update 05-24-08
Written at 13:44 2008n Saturday 24 May 2008 by Christine (cc4sims).
Sims Area Productions: SIMS AREA PRODUCTIONS starts the Summer early!
Written at 21:27 2008n Sunday 25 May 2008 by Brandon (girzim).
Sims Area Productions is starting the Summer in May.
New Series are coming ahead and also new seasons will be arriving, like the return of Beach House: Season 3, which rested a year. And fans favorite SiMusic: Series 3.

Also, new fantastic series to enjoy this summer like Secrets, where five friends try to hide their lives until someone finds their most gruesome secrets.

And the new anticipated series Once Upon A Time, more details of this series will be revealed as the premiere date gets close in July.

More surprises are planned, so stay tuned to the website!

Blacky´s Sims2 Zoo: Update from 25.05.08 to 27.05.08
Written at 22:53 2008n Monday 26 May 2008 by Blacky (blackypanther).
We have Mesh recolors, beddings, walls and floors, and for our VIP-Users Recolors from a special chair!
Blacky´s Sims2 Zoo: Update from 28.05.08 to 30.05.08
Written at 23:19 2008n Thursday 29 May 2008 by Blacky (blackypanther).
We have many rugs, clothing and recolors from maxis meshes and from our meshes!
Thyme 2 Sim: May 31st Update
Written at 14:51 2008n Saturday 31 May 2008 by Donna (DLB923).

Today's Update:

~ Romance Candles Centerpiece in 8 new colors
~ Six Bathroom Rug Sets
~ Mocha Latte Living Room Suite
~ Ruby Red Bathroom
~ Brickfest Wall Set in Tan
~ Pear Shiny Station Computer in Camouflage Brown
~ Cornerstone Victoriana Velvet Drapes in White & Teal

Included, but not pictured:

~ Pear ShinyStation Computers with Patriotic Stickers
~ Mocha Latte Bedroom
~ Soft'n Tender Massage Tables in Blue, Gray, Red, & Plum
~ Tibetan Desks & Dynasty Chairs in White and Oak
~ Cornerstone Victoriana Velvet Drapes in Gold, Blue, Rose and Green
~ Brickfest Wall Sets in Brown, Terra Cotta, & Gray Mist

We have a new photo challenge "June Bride".
Please see the Challenge Corner for details.

:: Sims 2 Inlimite ::: [ sims 2 inlimite ] - - - - [ update ]
Written at 20:46 2008n Saturday 31 May 2008 by Mickey (Mickey).

7 new outfits! :]



Blacky´s Sims2 Zoo: Update from 31.05.08 to 01.06.08
Written at 23:13 2008n Saturday 31 May 2008 by Blacky (blackypanther).
We have many New Meshes, Recolors, rugs, walls, clothing and more!