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Site Updates Archive - May 2006
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Sims Divine: Sims Divine 2 May update
Written at 12:16 2006n Wednesday 3 May 2006 by mummysim.
Sims Divine

Hi Folkies

This week we have a very special download for you in our premier section. The Pill Box Chemist Shop.
The Chemist shop lot file was built by Susie and contains shelves, signs, walls, floors, magazine rack, prescription holder,
and is beautifully laid out ready for the shelves to be stacked with produce.

Produce includes 12 packs for easy download. Each pack contains around 6-8 shelf items...mostly new

Packs range from first aid to household products....a sample pack can be seen here.

There are over 100 files in the whole chemist output. Enough produce to fill every shelf. Hours of fun game
play to be had.

In our free section this week Crafty has been busy and uploads her first submissions, a beautiful red evening
outfit using Chriko's mesh for which she gives credit and five brand new bedroom sets all in one zip!

Look forward to seeing you at SD....take care xx
Sims Area Productions: "Beach House: San Diego" episode EIGHT now online!
Written at 06:13 2006n Friday 5 May 2006 by Brandon (girzim).
Episode Eight of "Beach House: San Diego" now available at the "Beach House" website.


Simfusion: The sims 2 Minisite - Downloads are Back!
Written at 21:45 2006n Friday 5 May 2006 by Fangree_Craig (minisite_craig).
The Sims 2 Minisite's Downloads section is now open to Registered Members.
We have appointed Fangree_Miximaxis as our new Downloads Artist.

Downloads we have so far include an Open For Business Flower Shop Recolour, Red Stainless Steel Kitchen Set, 2 Teddy Bears and more.

Visit Us Now!


Coventry Corners: Huge Update at The Complete Sim
Written at 02:26 2006n Saturday 6 May 2006 by Crissy Perry (Crissy).
Huge Update at The Complete Sim

With new object recolors by Feleyra and a new OFB starter lot by Feleyra.We also have 3 new wall sets by Simsgal and a elders haircolor set by Simsgal.A beautiful purple shop set for OFB by Skadi and also a black skirt for teens by Skadi.A new bedding set by Debbie.

Sky Sims: New downloads
Written at 16:54 2006n Monday 8 May 2006 by Nadiah.
We have updated the toddlers section, changing and improving old downloads. You can also find new downloads in teen section (fem.) and new affiliattes.
Sims Divine: Sims Divine updates 10 May
Written at 18:02 2006n Wednesday 10 May 2006 by mummysim.
May 10th Sims DIvine updates

This week Sims Divine updates with a set of walls in lilac by Susie. Chemist outfits for both female and male to
enhance the Pill Box Chemist Shop plus Rory and Anika. Mummysim updates with new washing up liquid and
stack of wire shopping baskets for the Pill Box. Also she adds new brick walls and recoloured roof tiles.

In our premier section we have a brand new bedframe mesh and endtable in the Chantelle bedroom set by
Mummysim and Sandy has updated with new eyes.

Thank you for visiting Sims Divine
The Sims Lounge .com: Russian Roulette | Coming Soon
Written at 19:18 2006n Friday 12 May 2006 by Joshua Humber (TheSimsLounge).
The Sims Lounge .com aims to relaunch in the future, along with a new gameshow: Russian Roulette. Click on the link below for more info:
Sims Area Productions: "Beach House: San Diego" episode NINE now online!
Written at 00:54 2006n Saturday 13 May 2006 by Brandon (girzim).
Episode Nine of "Beach House: San Diego" now available at the "Beach House" website.

NEXT THURSDAY, THE SEASON FINALE (the last episode in San Diego).


Written at 14:32 2006n Sunday 14 May 2006 by dekdes.
HI all we just launched our new website!
feel free to take a look!

we have sims clothing for all sims ages & gender in almost every category.

best regards,
Sky Sims: New downloads
Written at 20:01 2006n Sunday 14 May 2006 by Nadiah.
Today we have lots of new jeans fashion with new meshes for adult and teen, all femenine. Enjoy!
Sims2Wytch: Sims2Wytch
Written at 19:04 2006n Tuesday 16 May 2006 by wytchwhisper (wytchwhisper).

I've finally have one place to put all my downloads. The site has pagan, wiccan, adult, fantasy, classical subject matter so please feel free to come visit & download:)

Wytchwhisper @ Sims2Wytch http://members.shaw.ca/Sims2Wytch/
siMHz: Tropicana bathroom
Written at 13:04 2006n Wednesday 17 May 2006 by aleksandra (aleks).
14 new objects !
2 recolorations : brown wood and yellow wood
40 files .package in totality!
siMHz... design by aleksandra
Sims Divine: Sims Divine 18 May update
Written at 00:50 2006n Friday 19 May 2006 by mummysim.
Hi Folks

This week SD updates with many things.

Eclectic Sims: Animated Merry Go Round
Written at 04:39 2006n Friday 19 May 2006 by SnowStorm.
New @ Eclectic Sims: I've just posted the next addition to the Summer Camp Playground. This time it's an Animated Merry Go Round. It's able to seat 1 to 3 sims aged child and up. I've uploaded the standard recolors.
Blacky´s Sims2 Zoo: Update 2006/05/19
Written at 11:30 2006n Friday 19 May 2006 by Blacky (blackypanther).
Today is a mixed Udate.

Sims Area Productions: "Beach House: San Diego" THE LAST EPISODE
Written at 01:45 2006n Saturday 20 May 2006 by Brandon (girzim).
THE LAST EPISODE of "Beach House: San Diego" now online at the website of "Beach House".

Sky Sims: New downloads
Written at 15:30 2006n Saturday 20 May 2006 by Nadiah.
You can find everything for your toddler: clothing for he or she and two new accesories: pacifiers! Thanks to Candela, our new contributor
DeKDeS & Mogway Sims 2 Creations: 4 NEW Gizmo Shirts by Mogway!
Written at 16:49 2006n Saturday 20 May 2006 by dekdes.
Hi there, Since the Gizmo shirt is 1 of our mostly downloaded item on our website, Mogway has created 4 additional Gizmo T-shirts for the category Casual Clothing Female Adult.

If you cannot find them directly, try to use the What´s new page on our website ;)
DeKDeS & Mogway Sims 2 Creations: WK 2006 Special has returned!
Written at 23:06 2006n Sunday 21 May 2006 by dekdes.
Hi there!

The WK 2006 Special has returned to DMS2C.com!

All 32 competing countries have a wallpaper now!

also for our Dutch lions, the "oranje" clothing set!

Best Regards and may the best team win!

find it easy: click the new "specials" button on the website!
Simfusion: The Sims 2 Minisite - Blue Simoleon Theme
Written at 20:20 2006n Monday 22 May 2006 by Fangree_Craig (minisite_craig).
After two weeks of hard work I have finaly finished The Blue Simoleon Theme and it is now installed as the sites new Default theme. The layout has also slightly changed as we have removed the Proudly Hosted By, Fangree Productions and Virus Threat Panels everything else remains the same as before.
We hope you like these new changes.
Kaermie: 22/5 at Kaermie
Written at 22:43 2006n Monday 22 May 2006 by Emma (Ermie).
We have a huuuuge treat for you today at Kaermie; 7 new downloads! That's right folks, count them... 7! Woo. Krusty and Carrie our Guest Artists have added some great new houses, Krusty adds Goswell Court, Maybank and Bexley House. Carrie adds two houses: The Oasis and Walnut Ridge Estate. And finally i've added two new nursery sets today, one based on a 4eversimfantasy mesh set and one inspired by the OFB wallpaper!
Sims Divine: Sims Divine update 25 May
Written at 01:36 2006n Friday 26 May 2006 by mummysim.

Sims Divine updates this week with both free and premier items. Sandy has been really busy and has
made beautiful realistic eyes in 3 different shades and Mummysim has made a patio set and 3 recolours.

In our free section this week Sandy has male and female native American skins by special request. Also
some rather lovely necklaces. Mummysim has a new modern dining room set plus a recolour in girly pink!

Hope you enjoy our new update.

Sky Sims: New downloads
Written at 12:54 2006n Sunday 28 May 2006 by Nadiah.
Today we have new clothing for toddlers (fem.) and adults (masc.). Hope you enjoy everything!
Spiffy Sims: Spiffy Sims 5/28
Written at 04:07 2006n Monday 29 May 2006 by Tin (Heartspirit).
7 new downloads
Barbie Bedroom & Sitting Room by ead425 includes 10 new meshes

Casual Day by Betsy4Arts adult female casual outfit

Just For Men by Heartspirit bedroom set

Just the Basics Seating by Betsy4Arts Matching sofas and chairs

Lavendar Bathroom by Betsy4Arts

Kitchen Set by ead425 includes 7 new meshes

SpiffySims is a thriving well established Sims site. We have over 4,000 free downloads. We are currently accepting new submitters. If you create for the Sims 1 or Sims 2, SpiffySims would make a great showcase for your work. Whether you are a new artist or a seasoned member of the Sims community, SpiffySims has an active forum with lots of tips and advice for creating. Our current team fosters an environment of support, shares ideas and resources. Please stop by and visit us www.spiffysims.com
Coventry Corners: New Update at The Complete Sim
Written at 00:25 2006n Tuesday 30 May 2006 by Crissy Perry (Crissy).
We have a groovy new lot by Vashti and 2 new lots by Debbie.Enjoy!
:: Sims 2 Inlimite ::: Totally Sims 2 - New Downloads For Your sims!
Written at 05:19 2006n Wednesday 31 May 2006 by Mickey (Mickey).
Totally Sims 2 has now more than ever cool new things! We have m,any new and beautiful things for people to Download! We have many beautiful things! Please come by soon! We also have many other things, like never before seen news or MESHes. Our staff is dedicated to bring you only the best Sims 2 Custom Content ever!

siMHz: White Cloud Babyroom
Written at 14:10 2006n Wednesday 31 May 2006 by aleksandra (aleks).

the White Cloud Babyroom contain 12 new objects, and 2 recoloration :
Skyblue and Sunpink.
There are 36 new files .package in totality.

there are walls and floors too!

i thank you for your visit!