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Site Updates Archive - May 2005
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Addicted 2 Sims: Addicted 2 Sims updated FLOORS
Written at 11:30 2005n Sunday 1 May 2005 by diana.
Give your simmies a brand new floor!
Forum Sim Brother: Forum Sim Brother Auditions
Written at 18:33 2005n Sunday 1 May 2005 by Forum Sim Brother (ForumSB).
Want to audition to be in the forum version of Sim Brother?

If so then click on our link above and go to the auditions page to have your chance to be in Forum Sim Brother 3.

It's your chance to be in the smash hit forum game. Make sure you don't miss out.
SmallSims: 5/2 Update
Written at 00:26 2005n Monday 2 May 2005 by Jennifer (jenie).
3 walls, 3 roofs, 2 skins(fit and skinny)
Simdemol Productions: Simdemol UK : Clock Is Ticking
Written at 11:38 2005n Monday 2 May 2005 by 'Simdemol' (simx2005).
How time has flown at Simdemol. Only four weeks remain of our debut series 'The Next Generation' and tensions are mounting in the house.

Find out what has been happening, who has been nominated for this weeks eviction and who is playing dirty to stay in the game. Only at Simdemol.com

Who goes? Use Your Vote.
Guppy-Sims: Guppy-Sims: 05 May 2005
Written at 20:17 2005n Thursday 5 May 2005 by guppy_gabriel.
Guppy-Sims has been updates with 8 new items (1 hairstyle in all shades and 4 fairy cloth)

SmallSims: 5/6 UPDATE:)
Written at 06:39 2005n Friday 6 May 2005 by Jennifer (jenie).
15 new walls and 8 new floors...
siMHz: update dining
Written at 16:25 2005n Friday 6 May 2005 by aleksandra (aleks).
this is the siMHz update
this week, i have recolor a dining room...
there is some new walls and floors too...
i hope you like it...

i wish you a good sims plays

Guppy-Sims: [Guppy-Sims] 06 May
Written at 20:16 2005n Friday 6 May 2005 by guppy_gabriel.
The site has been update with 5 new items (dark fairies) in Female Clothing
Simdemol Productions: Simdemol UK : Into Week 8!
Written at 03:11 2005n Saturday 7 May 2005 by 'Simdemol' (simx2005).
Week seven has just come to an end with the eviction of yet another housemate. Get over to Simdemol.com to see who has been evicted and who remains in the final five!

the Complete Sim: 5/8 Update
Written at 06:31 2005n Sunday 8 May 2005 by Cris Perry (Feleyra41).
the complete Sim
updates with Country Kitchen walls, new Paintings, 2 new wood frame colors, a Chase Lounge Snow Cushion and more Rustic Collection items: a small Bath set plus 2 windows
Forum Sim Brother: FSB Auditions -- Still Open
Written at 17:40 2005n Sunday 8 May 2005 by Forum Sim Brother (ForumSB).

You can still audition to be in the 3rd series of the smash hit forum game, Forum Sim Brother.

All you've got to do is go to:


or go straight to the audition page at:


and follow the instructions to audition. It's that easy.

So, if you want to be part of the latest hit series then go there right now!

Auditions close on Sunday May 15th.
Forum Sim Brother 3 begins June 2005
Sim Media: 1 Month Birthday Bash Competition!
Written at 17:48 2005n Sunday 8 May 2005 by Sim Media!! (Jonnie566).
To celebrate Sim Media's 2nd birthday on the 8th June were having a 1 month long competition where we've got 10 great prizes up for grabs including Amazon Vouchers, The Sims Resource Subscriptions, The Well Dressed Sim Subscriptions and download sets! Every day there is a quiz of one of 4 types. You can enter everyday, but you don't have to. You gain points with correct answers and loose them with incorrect answers. We keep track of players points and whichever 10 have the most on the 8th of June wins the prize assigned to their rank! Come and check it out:

Sim Media
Sim Media: Sim Street Episodes
Written at 17:18 2005n Tuesday 10 May 2005 by Stew (Stew).
Episodes 4 & 5 of Sim Street are now available for viewing.

Find them at the Sim Street site:


or go straight to www.simstreet.simmedia.co.uk/episodes.php?ss=4 for episode 4 or www.simstreet.simmedia.co.uk/episodes.php?ss=5 for episode 5.

Also, remember to vote in the poll on the homepage.

Thanks, Stewart
the Complete Sim: 5/11 update
Written at 21:20 2005n Wednesday 11 May 2005 by Cris Perry (Feleyra41).
the Complete Sim
updates with the Regal Bedroom set and a Tenement Apartment Building
Simdemol Productions: Simdemol UK: Week Ending - Chandler's Last Two Days
Written at 04:50 2005n Friday 13 May 2005 by 'Simdemol' (simx2005).
As another week ends of SB:TNG we have the update of two new reports featuring baby Chandler's last couple of day's in the house.

Tomorrow night either Angelina Jolie, Thierry Henri or Naomi Campbell will be the 6th eviction from the house. Vote and stay tuned.

siMHz: update Pinballs
Written at 12:15 2005n Friday 13 May 2005 by aleksandra (aleks).
hi everybody!

this is my update for this week...

thank you
Annie's Sims: Celebrities and movie posters Sims2
Written at 12:18 2005n Saturday 14 May 2005 by Anne Brünjes (rainbowonacid).

We have a nice update on the Celebrity posters: Gerard Butler, Keanu Reeves, Drew Barrimore, Carmen Electra, Alyssa Milano, Liv Tyler, and and and.... All these posters are hacked for max fun and environment. Also there is a new section of movie posters, from Blade to Finding Nemo, from Kill Bill to The Matrix. And in the landscapes section you can find paintings done by Annie and framed by Shez. Enjoy!

Annie & Shez
Simdemol Productions: Simdemol uk: 6th Eviction + Vote For YOUR Winner!
Written at 11:11 2005n Sunday 15 May 2005 by 'Simdemol' (simx2005).
With 60% of your vote either Angelina, Thierry or Naomi has been evicted from the house.

Now as Day 71 approaches we are down to the final four, come and read the latest reports of Day 57 + 58 where Simdemol gives the pro's and cons of the remaining housemates.

Then vote in our penultimate poll for who you want to win SB:TNG!

pinkys simsoap: Come check out my groups...updates
Written at 00:53 2005n Tuesday 17 May 2005 by camilla cisneros (pinky5172).
Hi! Everyone,I hope i fine you all well and simming your little hearts out! I have updates for you in all my groups! New houses, new skins, new clothes,new walls and floors as well as many objects(two living room set and a bedroom! Please come and join us! And check out all the new goodies! our next update will be again in two weeks! Thank you all for your continued support!

Pinkys' sim soap

Pinkys' sim2 walls and floors to go http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/pinky5172/

Pinkys characters

Three fall houses

Newest member to my group family! come check us out!
Pinky's Sim2 Furniture outlet

Sim Media: Sim Street Finale
Written at 18:14 2005n Tuesday 17 May 2005 by Stew (Stew).
The season finale of Sim Street is now available for viewing.

The explosive finale is truly shocking and many secrets are revealed.

It's the end of the current series but don't worry, the series will be back again this Autumn.

Episode 6 - http://www.simstreet.simmedia.co.uk/episodes.php?ss=6

Homepage - http://www.simstreet.simmedia.co.uk

Also, don't forget to vote in the poll on the homepage!
SmallSims: 5/18 Update
Written at 05:32 2005n Wednesday 18 May 2005 by Jennifer (jenie).
Christmas bath set
Aurora Fire: Free hosting for struggling webmasters
Written at 22:40 2005n Wednesday 18 May 2005 by Stephen (xStevey_BX).
Do you have a small to medium Sims site that needs hosted? If so this may be the ideal place for you.

What you get if you are chosen to host with us: -

1GB of web storage
20GB of bandwidth
Unlimited MySQL databases
E-Mail address
FTP Capabilities
PHP4 Support
Full Unix Shell
Crontab Access
Full CGI Access
Canned CGI Scripts
Server Side Includes (SSI)
CVS Repository

If you would like us to consider your site for hosting please send us some sort of idea of your site design and content; along with any other relevant information. The address is Stephen@aurora-fire.com

siMHz: update Kitchens
Written at 11:53 2005n Friday 20 May 2005 by aleksandra (aleks).
hi everybody!!!

this week i have recolored kitchen.
i have created some floors and walls too.
i hope you like it...
i wish you a good simplay...
thank you!
Guppy-Sims: [Guppy-Sims] 20-may updates
Written at 17:27 2005n Friday 20 May 2005 by guppy_gabriel.
I have been updated with 2 new hairstyles in alll shades (Total: 8 new items)

Simdemol Productions: Simdemol UK: Into The Final Week
Written at 12:41 2005n Saturday 21 May 2005 by 'Simdemol' (simx2005).
The series is heading into ints final week and YOU need to keep voting for who you want to be crowned winner next friday.

Angelina, Simon, Thierry or Joan?

Who Wins? You Decide.

The Sims 3 Website: Room Raiders & Sim Sister News!
Written at 14:33 2005n Saturday 21 May 2005 by Daryl (thesims2website).
At last, a new episode of 'Room Raiders' has been added to The Sims 2 Website, it is Episode 5.

Also, later on today, a whole bunch of Sim Sister's will be added, including two episodes, an eviction and a live task!

Check it out today only at The Sims 2 Website - www.thesims2website.co.uk

The Sims 3 Website: Sim Media & The Sims 2 Website join forces!
Written at 21:24 2005n Saturday 21 May 2005 by Daryl (thesims2website).
Sim Media and The Sims 2 Website have now joined Forums in an aim to make it one of the biggest fansite communities on the internet!

So please sign up, as you are guarenteed a warm and friendly welcome!


SmallSims: 5/22 Update
Written at 17:49 2005n Sunday 22 May 2005 by Jennifer (jenie).
MorningGlory Bath Set
10 new walls
and 2 new floors
Simdemol Productions: Simdemol UK: Final week updates!
Written at 11:04 2005n Monday 23 May 2005 by 'Simdemol' (simx2005).
As the final week beckons come and find out what happened on day 64 and 65...

Who wins? You Decide.
siMHz: update exterior set
Written at 09:59 2005n Friday 27 May 2005 by aleksandra (aleks).
hi everybody!

This week i have recolored an exterior set...
as you can see...
i have created exterior floors too.

thank you...

Guppy-Sims: Guppy-Sims 27-May
Written at 01:27 2005n Saturday 28 May 2005 by guppy_gabriel.
Big Update:
New hair for male sims (4)
New Skin Tones (5)
New eyes
New female hairstyle

The Sims 3 Website: 5 Cherry Tree Lane now online!
Written at 15:47 2005n Monday 30 May 2005 by Daryl (thesims2website).
5 Cherry Tree Lane, part of the 'Cherry Tree Park' housing development is now online! It is a large, 5 bed family home! Download it today!

SmallSims: Older Sets Added
Written at 21:13 2005n Monday 30 May 2005 by Jennifer (jenie).
Sentinal Blue Bath

Soothing Magic Bath