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Site Updates Archive - May 2004
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Home of Sim Brother: Sim Brother Logo and Starting Date Revealed!
Written at 19:20 2004n Saturday 1 May 2004 by Phill (Flipitt).
We, at Home of Sim Brother have been working exceptionally hard lately to bring you a great logo for our series of Sim Brother. Four were created and voted on in a poll. Thank you to those of you that voted, helping us to choose our logo. We also have the official date that the show will start, to see the logo and find the date that Sim Brother will begin please click here

In other news we're moving to a proper domain soon, more news on this though as it comes.
Home of Sim Brother: Home of Sim Brother offers you the chance to have exclusive news on the ser
Written at 10:33 2004n Sunday 2 May 2004 by Phill (Flipitt).
That's right, just visit the site now and you too could soon have lots of exclusive inoformation at your fingertips, before the series even begins!
Sims Genius: No Sims 2 Brother
Written at 11:54 2004n Sunday 2 May 2004 by Andrew Hart (andyh271).
Unfortunately, we at Sims Genius will not be able to do a Sims 2 Brother as we feel that we are more of a Soap story site than a reality TV site. We will however, be making a new Soap Story when the Sims 2 comes out. The plot will be bigger and better than ever. It includes a new kid at school who isn't as nice as he may seem and much much more. More previews soon.
Sims Revolutions: 5/2 - Adds male skins, celebrity heads
Written at 18:20 2004n Sunday 2 May 2004 by rhonda pringle (laprin).
It's Celebrity Madness at Sims Revolutions! Yes, 12 celebrities have joined our line-up of DJs including Usher, Jessica Simpson, George Clooney, Halle Berry and Paris Hilton. You can locate these heads on page 5 of Celebrity DJs. Expect several more celebrity DJs to join our cozy station over the next several weeks.

We have also added 6 male spring skins as part of our continuing Spring collection. You can locate these on page 2 of Pop Male. If you missed last week's update, make sure you go to the Female Pop section for colorful spring skins.

We have also updated with awesome Finds located under Around the Dial and a new "Featured Artist".

Sims Revolutions: 5/8 - Updates with lots of "Finds"
Written at 21:26 2004n Saturday 8 May 2004 by rhonda pringle (laprin).
Another week, another great group of "Finds". You can check them out in Around the Dial.

If you missed last week's update, you can find 12 new celebrities in the Celebrity DJ's section and 6 male skins as part of our Spring fashions collection on page 2 of Pop Male.


Sims Genius: Clash!
Written at 23:35 2004n Tuesday 11 May 2004 by Andrew Hart (andyh271).
Unfortunately, the best episode of Sims Genius sims soaps yet will not be updated incase of a clash with the Sims Bodyshop being released. The 8th episode will feature a man coming out of prison, someone being searched for after being kidnapped, Trevor will spill the beans on what lucy has done to his dad and barbera will go for herfilming session.
SimSational: SimSational Exchange
Written at 14:49 2004n Sunday 16 May 2004 by Chris (ChrisSSG).
After a Sim exchange that UK users could use was requested, I went away and worked on a new Sim exchange system for SimSational.

Today the exchange has been opened! Visitors can upload their own Sims, objects, houses, lots, walls, floors, roofs and skins for The Sims 1 and The Sims 2 (Body Shop) to the new exchange.

Then other players can download what other users have uploaded and install them into their game!

You don't need to be registered to SimSational to use this feature. Please check it out here: SimSational Exchange.

I hope you enjoy this new feature!
Sims Revolutions: Adds Glamour Gowns, Heads and Finds
Written at 17:30 2004n Sunday 16 May 2004 by rhonda pringle (laprin).
We've updated with the "Hollywood Glamour" collection. You will find 9 beautiful gowns
in the female "Classical" section (pages 5 and 6).
We've also added 6 lovely, glamourous heads by Primona. They are located on page 5 of the female DJs section.
Last but not least, we've updated with lots of wonderful "finds". You can check them out in "Around the Dial".
Addicted 2 Sims: update at living simple!!
Written at 20:30 2004n Monday 17 May 2004 by diana.
Hello sim fans.

Living simple has a update for you!
A great 2 under 1 roof house for lot 8.
Including a shoppinglist.

Check it out!

Sims Revolutions: 5/23 - Updates with Finds
Written at 21:31 2004n Sunday 23 May 2004 by rhonda pringle (laprin).
Sims Revolutions updates with some of the latest and greatest finds from the Sims Community.
As usual you can find them "Around the Dial".

Sims Genius: Last Episode!
Written at 23:48 2004n Sunday 23 May 2004 by Andrew Hart (andyh271).
Here at Sims Genius are very sorry to anounce that the Digger family series is almost over. We currently have 8 episodes on the site and I am not here next week and so will not be able to update the site then. I will update it with the 9th and final episode on May 31st 2004. However, all is not lost because we will have another series continuing a few weeks after the current one finishes. It will be set before the current episodes. More on that closer to the date. In the meantime, UK residents can watch Big Brother 5 on Tv as a replacement for our website (even though it wont be half as good as my Soaps). This is The Sims Genius over and out.
Olympia's Sim Fashions: Update for Sims and Sims2
Written at 12:06 2004n Friday 28 May 2004 by ollieb.
Update for Sims and Sims2 at Olympia's Sim Fashions! Chack it out!
Sims Revolutions: 5/30 - Adds swimwear, heads, rugs, etc...
Written at 18:56 2004n Sunday 30 May 2004 by rhonda pringle (laprin).
Sims Revolutions has lots of goodies this week!
You can find 8 new male heads including some punk heads on page 3 of Male DJs. We also have added sexy new swimwear just in time for the hot summer months. These are located under the Quiet Storm section of our male and female Playlist areas.

Under Around the Dial, we have added 8 new"Earthly Treasures" rugs on page 2 of Decor and 5 "Mod" walls on page 2 of Walls & Floors.
You can also locate great new Finds.

Addicted 2 Sims: Simple Thrill and Corona
Written at 20:53 2004n Sunday 30 May 2004 by diana.
Hai there simmies.
At Livng Simple you can Lif Big with the two new houses i got for you.

Cookie Sims: Update at Cookie Sims!
Written at 23:25 2004n Sunday 30 May 2004 by Margie (CookieDoh).
Lots of new objects, houses, skins and walls & floors!
Plus a special update of Harry Potter objects, skins, paintings, walls & floors, and links to Harry Potter sites. Satisfy your downloading sweet tooth at Cookie Sims!