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Site Updates Archive - May 2003
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Wall To Wall Sims: Tripindy Bedroom
Written at 04:54 2003n Thursday 1 May 2003 by Wendy (walltowallsims).
I give you the Tripindy Bedroom! ENJOY!
Sweet Nothings Salon & Boutique: 4/30 - 11 male skins added!
Written at 07:32 2003n Thursday 1 May 2003 by Lisa G. (Diskette66).

[link=http://sweetnothingssalon.com newwindow]Sweet Nothings Salon & Boutique[/link]

11 new men's skins added - 4/30/03
Simming: Hello
Written at 09:57 2003n Friday 2 May 2003 by Simyo (simA).
This is a quickie. Umm Come to my new site. My first download is 'The Carnival' Community Lot.
Liz Holsimer's Corner: New house added!
Written at 15:42 2003n Friday 2 May 2003 by Carrie Holsinger (liz_holsimer).
I have added a new house and some entries to my journal. Look for the addition of Liz's Recipe Box today!
Natskys Super Sim Shoppe: Update at Natsky's Super Sim Shoppe!
Written at 18:03 2003n Friday 2 May 2003 by Natalie (natsky).
A new Update at my site this week! Hope you all enjoy!! See you there!
Sims Revolutions: Adds 40 skins, 10 heads, walls, floors and 2 pose packs!
Written at 21:35 2003n Saturday 3 May 2003 by rhonda pringle (laprin).
We are proud to announce our biggest update yet!
We have added 40 male and female skins by Kandygirl. Primona has added 10 gorgeous heads as part of the "Babebalicious Series".
We've also added some wall/floor sets and pose packs in "Special Promotions".
The Sims X: We're Open!
Written at 23:35 2003n Sunday 4 May 2003 by Dj (DjTSX).
That's right, we're open for business! We're going to be having Moni's files, and Liz Holsimer's! So head on over to The Sims X now!
Wall To Wall Sims: New Room!!
Written at 23:01 2003n Monday 5 May 2003 by Wendy (walltowallsims).
Today I have for you all, the Seduction Room!! I also added 10 new walls and 4 matching floors! ENJOY!!
Sweet Nothings Salon & Boutique: 5/6 - Formal gowns update! (preview)
Written at 02:36 2003n Wednesday 7 May 2003 by Lisa G. (Diskette66).
[url=http://sweetnothingssalon.com]Sweet Nothings[/url] updates with 5 new formal gowns for the ladies - available in both regular and Hot Date versions.

Simming: New Update Including 3 new Chairs and Site-of-the-week!
Written at 10:53 2003n Friday 9 May 2003 by Simyo (simA).
Update on simming including 3 new dining chairs, site-of-the-week and SimDay report.
Natskys Super Sim Shoppe: Natsky's Super Sim Shoppe Update!
Written at 03:30 2003n Monday 12 May 2003 by Natalie (natsky).
New "La Simza Lingerie Shoppe" has been added!!!

Wall To Wall Sims: New Kitchen
Written at 09:38 2003n Wednesday 14 May 2003 by Wendy (walltowallsims).
Updated with the Marebella kitchen! I hope you all like it!
Simming: 3rd Update-news and Site-of-the-week
Written at 09:59 2003n Friday 16 May 2003 by Simyo (simA).
Hi my new update includes a bit of news and a couple of links.
Sims Revolutions: May 17 - Another Huge Update!
Written at 21:55 2003n Saturday 17 May 2003 by rhonda pringle (laprin).
Sims Revolutions has added not one but TWO skin themes for you. Check out the "Touch of Class" collection AND more skins for the "Coyote Ugly" series. I have added 27 skins total! You can find them on the last pages of Classical and Country.
Primona has also added 8 outstanding celebrity heads including Allen Iverson, Chad Kroeger, Fiona Apple, Eminem and the ultimate model - Gia. Here's a preview of some of what you will find.
Wall To Wall Sims: New Bathroom
Written at 08:49 2003n Monday 19 May 2003 by Wendy (walltowallsims).
Updated today with the La Petina Bathroom! This is just a preview, I couldn't fit it all into one pic!!

Natskys Super Sim Shoppe: 05/21 Natsky's Super Sim Shoppe Update!
Written at 18:17 2003n Wednesday 21 May 2003 by Natalie (natsky).
NewHamburgh Livingroom available for download!
Simming: New Update the 4th! - News & downloads
Written at 21:24 2003n Thursday 22 May 2003 by Simyo (simA).
Come on down and download our Sim Music!
Sim Abyss: Day One!
Written at 19:11 2003n Friday 23 May 2003 by Cool_J.
The first day of the housemates stay in the Big Brother house has now been launched and uploaded onto the site!

The House previews and the Housemates Pages have also been added to the site. Don't forget to visit the Big Brother Series Two pages to keep yourselves updates regularly!

You will also have the chance, very soon, to nominate the person who you want out!

Keep updated!
Sim Abyss: Day Two: First Impressions
Written at 00:49 2003n Saturday 24 May 2003 by Cool_J.
I have release day two a little bit earlier than usual. It is only half complete (reason below). This is because I have had the same idea about having the first impression nominations on day two, just like day one on UK Big Brother Series 4 on C4 (UK).

Please, I'm asking you to BELIEVE ME! I have not copied this idea from the First episode of UKBB4! I have had the idea before that episode appeared. I didn't know that they were also using the same idea.

Yes, I am quite angry, but they have fairly used the idea too. I also have other idea's for my Series, too.

(Sorry for any inconvinience!)
Sweet Nothings Salon & Boutique: Superstar skins added ! (preview)
Written at 10:11 2003n Sunday 25 May 2003 by Lisa G. (Diskette66).

Dazzle everyone in Studio Town with 6 new high fashion skins!
Sim Insane: Sim Brother Coming Soon!
Written at 17:18 2003n Wednesday 28 May 2003 by Tiger.
Hi all!
Sim Brother at http://www.sim-brother.co.uk is going to start on saturday, 7th june 2003. Hope you can make the opening show!
Wall To Wall Sims: Finley Livingroom
Written at 18:35 2003n Thursday 29 May 2003 by Wendy (walltowallsims).
Just updated today with a new livingroom! The Finley Livingroom. I hope you like it!!
Sim Abyss: The First Evictee Is...
Written at 22:54 2003n Saturday 31 May 2003 by Cool_J.
The house updates have been added throughout the week (day 2 to day 8).

Ben, Gareth, George, Justin, Samantha, Sandra and Victoria have all been up for eviction. Avril has not. But who have you voted for eviction?

Who Went? You Have Decided!