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Site Updates Archive - April 2008
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CC4Sims: CC4Sims Update 04-02-08 DV
Written at 10:24 2008n Wednesday 2 April 2008 by Christine (cc4sims).
Sublime Sims: Sublime Sims April Update!
Written at 21:36 2008n Thursday 3 April 2008 by Skadi (Skadi).
This April we have some bright new clothes and furniture to cheer your sprits, and new creators!
Untucked tops for the Ladies, as well has Glamour Life pjs. Outfits for the teen girl and some new couches by jacqueline
Simcastic Designs: The Latest From Simcastic Designs
Written at 02:56 2008n Friday 4 April 2008 by Melissa (Simcastic1).
We have had a LARGE variety of uploads since our last update! Beautiful new Lots, great new clothes, Wonderful new meshes, and new adopt-a-families too!

www.simcasticdesigns.com has 21 creators bringing daily updates, so check back often for the latest!
Thyme 2 Sim: April 5, 2008 Update
Written at 13:34 2008n Saturday 5 April 2008 by Donna (DLB923).

Today's Update:

- Jazzy Bedroom Set

- Contemporary Rug Collection - Part 3, with 6 new rugs

- Farscape Living Room, with thanks to Parsimonious for their wonderful meshes

- 405 Rockport Lane, a cozy two bedroom starter home

- Bamboo Paintings

- Kitty Kat Kollection in green

Included, but not pictured:

- Swing Sets in Teal and Mint Green

- Peace of Garbage Cans in 5 new colors

Also, be sure and check the "Challenge Corner" of the forum for details about our latest building challenge, "Ye Olde Castle." All participants will receive an award and the winner will have their castle featured in an upcoming challenge.

Sky Sims: New downloads
Written at 16:15 2008n Saturday 5 April 2008 by Nadiah.
05-April-2008: Updates: New clothing for girls and for adult sims. Also a new house. Enjoy!
Sims 2 for simscorner: New hair mesh for females!!!
Written at 09:18 2008n Sunday 6 April 2008 by Anja (simscorner).
look at our page www.sims2-for-simscorner.com and check out our update!!!
Blacky´s Sims2 Zoo: Blackys Sims2 Zoo
Written at 08:06 2008n Monday 7 April 2008 by Blacky (blackypanther).
Written at 08:09 2008n Thursday 10 April 2008 by Blacky (blackypanther).
Thyme 2 Sim: April 12 Update
Written at 13:56 2008n Saturday 12 April 2008 by Donna (DLB923).

Today's Update:

- Dollhouse, a new mesh made for T2S by Mummysim from Sims Divine, which we are proud to host! Fully recolorable! Thanks Jill!

- Bookcase and Wardrobe, additions to the Teen Bedroom set in dark wood

- Two Country Basket Paintings

- Springtime Symphony Painting

- Rose Blush, a residential starter house, fully furnished

- Sweet Dreams Pajamas in four colors

Included, but not pictured:

- Five recolors of Mummysim's Dollhouse

- Late Spring Living Room Set

We also have a new building challenge called "Lofty Living". Please see the Challenge Corner of our forum to pick up your blueprints!

The Sims 3 Info: TS3I Is Recruiting
Written at 19:58 2008n Sunday 13 April 2008 by Mark Bevan (TS3I).
The Sims 3 Info, is looking for contributors who can post news to the website!

This is your chance to contribute to The Sims community.

If you are interested please send an email to
mark [at] markbevan [dot] co [dot] uk
with the title [contribution] in the subject line

SiManiac: SiManiac Design is now active with lots of downloads!
Written at 22:40 2008n Monday 14 April 2008 by ilknur (xejia).
Hypnotizer eyes

dealer_day has added new eye set with 6 color.
You will enjoy with them!


:: Sims 2 Inlimite ::: [ sims 2 inlimite ] - - - - - - [ update ]
Written at 00:32 2008n Tuesday 15 April 2008 by Mickey (Mickey).
SiManiac: Espresso Livingroom
Written at 20:35 2008n Thursday 17 April 2008 by ilknur (xejia).
One of our designer, Da Vinci Code has added a new livingroom set.
You can get it from our design page
Thyme 2 Sim: April 19, 2008 Update
Written at 14:07 2008n Saturday 19 April 2008 by Donna (DLB923).

Today's update includes:

- 414 Lexington Avenue, a cozy 3 bedroom, 2 bath bungalow

- Set of four "Pasta" Paintings

- Lodge Seating in Green

- Bibliofile Bookcases in White & Cherry

- Dollhouse recolors in mint green, baby blue and wood siding

- Teen Bedroom Set in Light Wood

Also included, but not shown:

- Lodge Seating in Blue

We've received some great entries for the "Ye Olde Castle" building challenge and there's still plenty of time if you'd like to join in on the fun too. Check the Challenge Corner of the forum for more details!

Simcastic Designs: The Latest From Simcastic Designs
Written at 03:48 2008n Sunday 20 April 2008 by Melissa (Simcastic).
We have had a large variety of uploads lately...Sims, Lots, New Meshes, Recolors, and so much more! Come on by and check it out!

www.simcasticdesigns.com has 21 creators bringing daily updates, so check back often for the latest!
Sky Sims: New downloads and finds
Written at 12:47 2008n Sunday 20 April 2008 by Nadiah.
20-April-2008: Updates: New clothing for kids (6) and a new section in the site: Finds! By nuka66. Enjoy!
Written at 14:48 2008n Tuesday 22 April 2008 by Daryl (thesims2website).
Visited us lately? We have updated to The Sims 3 Website! With all the new information on the forthcoming game, The Sims 3, we are your number 1 destination for all the latest news, articles, screenshots, and more! We are still operating a The Sims 2 based fansite, so you don't miss a thing!

Visit us today!


Blacky´s Sims2 Zoo: Blacky´s Sims2 Zoo Update
Written at 23:54 2008n Wednesday 23 April 2008 by Blacky (blackypanther).

Blacky´s Sims2 Zoo Update
Thyme 2 Sim: April 26, 2008 Update
Written at 13:41 2008n Saturday 26 April 2008 by Donna (DLB923).

Today's update includes:

- Club Distress Coffee Table in Cherry

- Bathroom Accessories in Red

- Reflective Glass Mirror in White

- Country Kitchen Rugs

- Tushugger Cushy Chairs

- Crossover Curtains and Chair

Also included, but not shown:

- 424 Avalon Road, a lovely, 4 bedroom colonial home

- Leotards for Adult Females in Red, Green, Blue & Pink

- Club Distress Coffee Table in White

- Pirate Posters

- Reflective Glass Mirrors in Cherry & Walnut

Just a reminder...only 4 more days to enter the "Ye Olde Castle" building challenge!
Please check the Challenge Corner of the forum for more details!

The Sims 3 Website: The Sims 3 Website's Forum!
Written at 13:20 2008n Sunday 27 April 2008 by Daryl (thesims2website).
Need a place to chat about The Sims 3 aswell as The Sims 2 and its Expansion Packs?

Well look no further as The Sims 3 Website's Forums are back! Visit the Forum at www.thesims3website.co.uk

Old members don't need to register. Enjoy your visit, and we will look forward to discussing The Sims 3 and everything else with you!

The Sims 3 Website Admin
The Sims 3 Info: Article: Road to The Sims 3 - April 2008
Written at 21:49 2008n Sunday 27 April 2008 by Mark Bevan (TS3I).
A little over a month ago, The Sims 3 was announced to the world by EA and Maxis. A wealth of information and screenshots were provided to the community. First looks have been given to many magazines. And The Sims franchise has achieved over 100 million in sales. But still we know little precious information about The Sims 3.

So what do we know? Well first there’s the seamless neighbourhood, the new Create-A-Sim, realistic personalities with ‘traits’ and ‘unlimited’ customisable options; are what EA and Maxis are parading. But what do the screenshots show?

More @ TS3I

Sky Sims: New downloads
Written at 13:50 2008n Monday 28 April 2008 by Nadiah.
28-April-2008: Updates: Sorry for the delay but I'm really busy these days. Anyway here you are 3 new outfits for your adult sims. I'll update the finds soon, I promise! Bye!
SiManiac: New Everyday Clothes for Women
Written at 14:58 2008n Monday 28 April 2008 by ilknur (xejia).
ResidentEvil has added new everyday clothes which are very nice ^-^

You can get them here