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Site Updates Archive - April 2007
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Sky Sims: New downloads
Written at 13:11 2007n Sunday 1 April 2007 by Nadiah.
Lots of new downloads, mainly clothing: for adults (both female and male), children (male) and toddler (male). On the other hand, due to some technical problems we lost the houses section, now we are setting it up again, so today you can find 3 new houses. Enjoy!
:: Sims 2 Inlimite ::: Changes to S2I
Written at 04:31 2007n Monday 2 April 2007 by Mickey (Mickey).

Today, we have updated a lot of things for the site! There is a lot of changes, and a lot of new things! :D I hope you like all the new things:

+ The Menu block on the left side of the side got a makeover! It now has some personality and originality, instead of the boring black text.

+ There is a new Graphics section in the menu too, with Avatars and Desktops for you to enjoy!

+ The Forums are different, and are undergoing a makeover too. A new layout is needed as the old one is pretty boring, and plain!

+ The Preview section is up with a preview of the upcoming update! I liked the idea of having something nice to look forward to.

+ The left side menu is totally different, and now has some personality, rather than just some plain and boring text.

So come on by, and check out all the new things! We have a new download too! Thanks to RamRom for donating a new Table MESH to us.

So enjoy and visit soon!

// Mickey

Sims2 Marktplatz: Mini-Update
Written at 22:01 2007n Tuesday 3 April 2007 by Sims2Marktplatz.
Today we have four Dogs and one Fox for You!

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you can only use

Simcastic Designs: Lots of new happenings at Simcastic Designs!
Written at 05:32 2007n Thursday 5 April 2007 by Melissa (Simcastic1).
We have a lot of new items, and the pictures above are just a sample!
Lots of new items in our Spring/Easter theme, as well as a LOT of new clothing for ALL Ages! From Formals to Undies, it's all there!

The next installment of the Land Lubbers Challenge: BRING IT ON! is ready to download and give your sims an even greater challenge at surviving the seasons!

We have 8 creators bringing daily updates, so don't forget to check back often for more!!!
Written at 23:28 2007n Saturday 14 April 2007 by Sims2Marktplatz.
Today we have two Starter-Homes, two Cars,
two Dogs, one Livingroom, one OutdoorSet, one Picture,
one Set Walls&Floors and three WeddingDresses for You!

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Sky Sims: New downloads
Written at 19:04 2007n Monday 16 April 2007 by Nadiah.
Due to some personal issues we couldn't update last weekend, but here we here. You can download 3 new houses and 2 new pretty sims! Enjoy
Simcastic Designs: Beautiful new Items at Simcastic Designs!
Written at 04:05 2007n Thursday 19 April 2007 by Melissa (Simcastic1).
We have had a lot of updates going on at SD, in a wide variety of items!
More adopt-a-families!
More Sims!
More Lots!
More Objects!
just more, more, and more!

www.simcasticdesigns.com has 8 creators bringing daily updates, so check back each day to see what we have new coming to you!
Written at 23:34 2007n Saturday 21 April 2007 by Sims2Marktplatz.
Today we have one Starter-Home, two Houses,
two Cars, four Pets, one Livingroom, one Bedroom,
one OutdoorSet and one Set Walls&Floors for You!

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:: Sims 2 Inlimite ::: Sims 2 Inlimite Update
Written at 00:16 2007n Sunday 22 April 2007 by Mickey (Mickey).

Today We update with 3 new beautiful houses, so enjoy! :)


Sky Sims: New downloads
Written at 19:18 2007n Sunday 22 April 2007 by Nadiah.
Today we have gorgeous new outfits (casual & outwear) for teenagers (fem.) and 4 new make-ups. Enjoy!
Simcastic Designs: Send your Sims on Vacation!
Written at 00:35 2007n Monday 23 April 2007 by Melissa (Simcastic1).
A new theme has been added to Simcastic Designs...Vacation!

Now you can send your Sims out and about and get away from the daily grind, whether they want to lay out on the Beach, shop in the local Country stores, or take a hike through the Mountain woods! We have started out this theme with over 30 items for your Sims to get started! Lots, Sims, Objects, Walls, Floors, Terrains, and even whole neighborhood. And this is only the beginning! More is in the works, and will be added as we go along, so don't forget to check back often for updates!


Lily, Poppy, Susan, Anna, and I have been working on this for the last several weeks, and are so excited to be able to open this up! and we already have many more things on their way!

The added picture here is just a teeny, tiny sample of the items we have available for you

We hope you enjoy!
:: Sims 2 Inlimite ::: New Downloads
Written at 04:32 2007n Wednesday 25 April 2007 by Mickey (Mickey).

Today we update with 2 gorgeous new JP's by Our great Affilite and Friend Imo, from RubySims. =D

So come and visit us!


Altea Sims: Ten brown walls
Written at 20:56 2007n Friday 27 April 2007 by koslawy (koslawy).

Nefre has updated today ten brown walls. Enjoy!

Sims2 Marktplatz: Birthday-Update Part I
Written at 02:15 2007n Saturday 28 April 2007 by Sims2Marktplatz.
Today and tomorrow we celebrate our 2nd Marktplatz-Birthday
with a big Party and a great Birthday-update.
The Team will spend you a big bottle of Champagne.
We hope you will celebrate a little bit with us...

and here is our Birthday-Present for you!

Twisted Sims: TS Community Exhibition!
Written at 20:58 2007n Saturday 28 April 2007 by Carrie (Carrie).
It's time to bring all the Sims Community together!
Twisted Sims invites you to our TS 2007 Community Exhibition!
To take place from April 28, 2007 to May 4, 2007
(you won't be able to see it on the forums before April 28th, but there are tons of other things to look at and downloads too!! Registration is FREE)
Check out Sims 1 & 2 Site Exhibits from around the community! Grab special new releases from each site all in one place! Come to meet other Simmers and enter the events contest. Cast your vote for your favorite exhibit & new release download!

Sites Participating:
Katie's Sims
Ruby Sims
Enchanted Forest
Twisted Sims
Betsy's Little Sim Shoppes
Sims Fashion Barn
A Little Sim Shop
Sims International Male
Sugary Sims 2
Sim Estates 2
Boutique Wrap Sims
Fresh Prince Creations
Sherrie Sim
Wicked Sims 2
Sublime Sims
Crystal Clear Sims
Spiffy Sims
The Sims Fanatic Community
Pangolin Gifts
SixSixSims Morbid Threads
Sims 2 Inlimite
Moune's Neighbourhood
Melon Fresh
The Sims 2 Cafe Review

Hope to see you there!
Sims2 Marktplatz: Birthday-Update Part II
Written at 23:06 2007n Saturday 28 April 2007 by Sims2Marktplatz.
The Party is still running an we
want show you our 2nd Birthday-Update.
And now... hurry up, let us take a nip....
before Queenmumy skulls the Champagne alone again ;supergrinse;

An here is our Present for you...
We hope you´ll like it!
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Sky Sims: H&M special and new downloads
Written at 19:10 2007n Sunday 29 April 2007 by Nadiah.
Enjoy our "Fashion H&M" special about the new stuff pack which is going to be released next June: 37 pictures and lots of information! You can also find new clothing for children. Enjoy!