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Site Updates Archive - April 2006
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Sky Sims: New downloads
Written at 17:55 2006n Sunday 2 April 2006 by Nadiah.
You can find new clothing downloads in young adult. There are also two new sets: a cute living-room and a laundry set. There are also new affiliattes, welcome and enjoy!
Simfantastic 2: The Sims 2 Easter Pack!
Written at 23:49 2006n Sunday 2 April 2006 by Michael (simfantastic2).
After hard work of months i've finally finished my easter pack! i hope you enjoy it. For more information, screenshots, and more (like to download it) please go to
It includes about 40 objects and more! Enjoy!
Sims Area Productions: SiMusic Requester 2 VOTING STILL OPEN
Written at 05:34 2006n Monday 3 April 2006 by Brandon (girzim).
Go to:

to vote for the next video to be made... IT'S YOUR CHOICE!
The Island 2: Simplistsims! Forum
Written at 15:30 2006n Monday 3 April 2006 by scott pickering (scott-pee-91).
I'm from Simplistsims! Forums and you're invited to come and join in the fun, visit the forum at the following link:


Introduce yourself and join in the fun!
There's loads to do and there's always something going on.
Sim Media: Sim Media Forums
Written at 20:12 2006n Monday 3 April 2006 by Stew (Stew).
If you're looking for a friendly chat based on the latest Sims 2 expansion pack or fancy sharing tips and tricks with other players, then head over to the Sim Media Forums now. There's even lots of off topic chat and a place to advertise your own Sim fansite if you have one. The forums hold host to many active, friendly forum members and a nice, clean layout.

Use the link to the left or the one below to access and visit. If you're not already registered, make sure you do; registration only takes two seconds.

Sim Media Forums - Click here!
Sims Area Productions: LAST CHANCE TO VOTE
Written at 21:04 2006n Thursday 6 April 2006 by Brandon (girzim).
The voting for the first round of the "SiMusic Requester" closes tomorrow and this is your last chance to choose the next video to be made:


(ROUND 2 begins tomorrow and ends April 21)
Sims Area Productions: ::Beach House:: RETURNS!
Written at 01:37 2006n Friday 7 April 2006 by Brandon (girzim).
The ::Beach House:: website has opened and you can watch the past epsiodes before the new ones begin.

The new episodes begin this Friday April 14.

This is the site:
siMHz: Majestic Bedroom
Written at 12:38 2006n Friday 7 April 2006 by aleksandra (aleks).
Hi everybody!

I have finished yesterday my new set, it is a bedroom set, it calls Majestic Bedroom. there are 15 new objects and 3 colors, Rosepink, Lavanda and Mint. there are 49 files in totality.
i thank you for your visit.
i wish you a sunny day and a fun sims 2 play!

The Sims 2 Minisite: The Sims 2 Minisite - Download The Sims 2 Easter Pack
Written at 16:58 2006n Saturday 8 April 2006 by craig (TS2M).
The Sims 2 Minisite has teamed up with Sim Fantastic 2 to bring you for a LIMITED TIME Only The Sims 2 Easter pack.
The Sims 2 Easter Pack is an unofficial booster pack for The Sims 2 created by Michael from Sim Fantastic 2 and the pack can be Downloaded from The Sims 2 Minisite for a limited time exclusivley for Registered Members.
Sky Sims: New downloads with new meshes
Written at 16:48 2006n Sunday 9 April 2006 by Nadiah.
There are new clothing downloads with brilliant new meshes in both adult's and toddler's femenine sections. Enjoy!
Eclectic Sims: New Toddler Meshes and Clothing
Written at 18:10 2006n Sunday 9 April 2006 by SnowStorm.
New @ Eclectic Sims: I've just posted two new toddler meshes, an alpha-able skirt and an alpha-able shorts. I posted several outfits and swimsuits for each mesh.
Sims Divine: Sims Divine updates 9 April
Written at 18:52 2006n Sunday 9 April 2006 by mummysim.
Sims DIvine updates this week with a hugeEaster Bonanza dining and bedroom set containing over 30 files. Also pastel two tone painted walls and carpets to match. By Susie and Mummysim.

In our premier section Sandy updates with some awesome new skins.

Forums open 24/7..come and say hi and comment on our work!

Our best regards to Huda who is our lot builder. Unfortunately she was in a car accident and has broken her arms so will be out of action for a while. Wishing her a speedy recovery.

Next week we wont be updating. The staff are taking a well earned break for Easter. We will be updating the week after.

Happy holidays to all.

SD Admin.

Sims Divine: Sims Divine Premier pic addition 9 April
Written at 18:54 2006n Sunday 9 April 2006 by mummysim.
Sandy's premier skins:

Sims DIvine

Coventry Corners: The Complete Sim Updates!
Written at 00:11 2006n Monday 10 April 2006 by Crissy Perry (Crissy).
With a beautiful elder sim by Vashti,OFB Flower hairstyle for elders with male and female elder matching brows.2 trendy adult male sims from Tom and 3 beautiful skins from Skadi that requires uni only!
Sims Area Productions: SiMusic. 2 MORE VIDEOS ADDED
Written at 08:26 2006n Tuesday 11 April 2006 by Brandon (girzim).
We just added 2 NEW VIDEOS:

Lindsay Lohan - "Confession of a broken heart"


Panic! At The Disco - "I write sins not tragedies"

go to our website to watch them now and remember to vote on the "SiMusic Requester 2"

Coventry Corners: Easter at The Complete Sim
Written at 22:03 2006n Wednesday 12 April 2006 by Crissy Perry (Crissy).
Easter at The Complete Sim.
With a beautiful outfit by Vashti and objects sets by Feleyra with matching walls. Enjoy!
Coventry Corners: The Complete Sim Updates!
Written at 12:42 2006n Friday 14 April 2006 by Crissy Perry (Crissy).
This is our beautiful, loving and loyal friend Pianomarie from Bella's Closet. We love you Marie. Kind Wishes from the staff of The Complete Sim.
Sims Divine: New Update at Sims Divine
Written at 14:19 2006n Friday 14 April 2006 by Sandy (Tallpoppy).

We have New Updates for your Sims OFB Hair with shortened fringe and Highlights and 6 pairs of Earings.

Here: www.simsdivine.co/home

Happy Easter to you all
Simpathetic: Simpathetic Update - Spring fashions
Written at 22:48 2006n Saturday 15 April 2006 by TL Meyn (tlmeyn).
New fashsion for spring at http://Simpathetic.com
Sky Sims: New downloads
Written at 12:54 2006n Sunday 16 April 2006 by Nadiah.
Today there are new clothing downloads in both teen (fem.) and toddler (fem.) sections. Thanks to Valeria! Happy Easter for everyone!
Sims Area Productions: "Beach House: San Diego" episode six now online
Written at 08:32 2006n Friday 21 April 2006 by Brandon (girzim).
Episode Six of "Beach House: San Diego" now available at the "Beach House" website.

Kaermie: Kaermie Updates - Lots and Rooms
Written at 12:17 2006n Friday 21 April 2006 by Emma (Ermie).
We've got a few new downloads for you today, Eglitterbug has recently added a new bedroom set called Forest Collection which you can get here

Secondly me and Kae have added a new Community Lot called Klub Kaermie, based on a warehouse conversion into a spiffy new downtown nightclub!

Whether your sims are just looking for a good night out or you fancy giving it a go of running a ready-built nightclub this is definately a great lot. Complete with bars, dancefloors, pool tables, tv's and a funky underground DJ booth. Get Klub Kaermie here!
Sky Sims: New downloads with new meshes
Written at 17:20 2006n Sunday 23 April 2006 by Nadiah.
New downloads special for toddlers in sets and in individual objects, also a new collection of 8 accesories. Enjoy everything!
Sims Divine: Sims Divine updates 23 April
Written at 02:29 2006n Monday 24 April 2006 by mummysim.
Sims Divine update 23 April 06

We have a small update for you this week:

Mummysim has a new bathroom called Butterfudge in golds and browns
Also Mummysim updates with a curtain pack from her Rebecca mesh (8 new colours)
and lastly a female child outfit called Louise, also by Mummysim...credit to Biene for her mesh.

Crafty our new artist has updated with a beautiful quaint home called Stoney Cragg..she offers it
furnished and details where you can locate the goodies.

Susie and Mummysim are working on an extensive brand new chemist shop with over 60 meshes so far.
See our news for preview. Should be on site next week in premier although some parts will be offered free.

Mummysim x
SimsAndTheCity: SimsAndTheCity
Written at 15:41 2006n Monday 24 April 2006 by Rob Thomas (roland31180).
Hey, this is my Simpage. It's about my Sims2 Movie. Soon I'm gonna send Videos that you can download. Those videos are episodes. The first one's the pilot "It's a wonderful life!" and the second, third a.m.m are comming a week or two later. So: Check it out.
Kaermie: Kaermie Updates - Superstar Collection!
Written at 23:29 2006n Monday 24 April 2006 by Emma (Ermie).
Today i've added the first planned installment of the Superstar Collection! If you remember playing TS1's Superstar and want to re-create your Superstar Sim or if you just want to get dressed up in some High-Fashion clothing this is the set you need!
Eclectic Sims: Infant Mesh & Diaper Overrides
Written at 19:51 2006n Tuesday 25 April 2006 by SnowStorm.
New @ Eclectic Sims: I've just posted a new set containing an override of the Maxis infant mesh. This mesh is chubbier. It looks good as Jammies or just as a chubby baby. Only one infant body type can be in game at a time. I've included some diaper override Jammie textures also. I've included several that are specially designed for the new infant mesh, though they will work fine with the original maxis baby. I've also posted for free several diaper override textures. (Two are goth just for you Macross). These also will work with both the new mesh and original, but are more aimed at the original mesh. Only one override texture can be in game at a time.

The new mesh also works well with Jem's Infant Pj's & Hair found on my site. If you would like additional Infant Pj's (custom skins) I will take requests, but they will be posted for members only.
Coventry Corners: 04/26/06 update at the Complete Sim
Written at 01:37 2006n Thursday 27 April 2006 by Crissy Perry (Crissy).
We have objects from Simsgal and Feleyra, a new lot by Feleyra, Skins galore from Vashti, Simsgal and Simguy, new walls from Simsgal and a new Floor pack from Simsgal! Plus a new CAS House tutorial bu Vashti

Sims Area Productions: "Beach House: San Diego" episode SEVEN now online!
Written at 06:19 2006n Friday 28 April 2006 by Brandon (girzim).
Episode Seven of "Beach House: San Diego" now available at the "Beach House" website.


Eclectic Sims: Animated Teeter Totter
Written at 17:42 2006n Saturday 29 April 2006 by SnowStorm.
New @ Eclectic Sims: I've just posted an animated teeter totter. Usable by 1 or 2 sims, ages child and up! The teeter totter is in my Summer Camp motif, and will be the begining of the Summer Camp playground set. I've also posted five recolors of the teeter totter.
Coventry Corners: The Complete Sim Updates
Written at 05:12 2006n Sunday 30 April 2006 by Crissy Perry (Crissy).
The Complete Sim Updates
Rogue's Gallery at The Complete Sim!!
Come get all of our Simselves in our very own Rogues Gallery! Staff and friends simselfs.

Sky Sims: New downloads
Written at 12:32 2006n Sunday 30 April 2006 by Nadiah.
Today we have new downloads in single objects (toddlers special), and new clothing for children and for maternity. Remeber that all maternity clothing can be used also for adults. Enjoy!