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Site Updates Archive - April 2004
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Irresistibles Sims: Update, Formal Skins
Written at 14:15 2004n Saturday 3 April 2004 by Carmen (Carmen).
9 new formal skins, we hope you enjoy it!

Irresistible Sims
Sims Revolutions: 4/3 Sims Revolutions adds 2 Livingrooms
Written at 21:42 2004n Saturday 3 April 2004 by rhonda pringle (laprin).
We hope you like abstract! We have updated with two abstract-inspired livingroom sets. You can find the first set on page 2 of Specials/Objects at our main site. The second set is available at the Yahoo Group. We've also added a new handsome male DJ.

Looking for more? Check out some of the best new Finds under Around the Dial.

SimX_International: Superstar Pads + The Sim Brother X House!
Written at 06:52 2004n Sunday 4 April 2004 by Web Master (simx).
Hi at simx we have updated. 2 new superstar houses have been contributed and the exclusive tour to the sim brother x house has also been published!
Sims Genius: Delay
Written at 14:35 2004n Sunday 4 April 2004 by Andrew Hart (andyh271).
Unfortunately, Sims Genius is facing technical problems and will not be updated for a few weeks. These include the tripod site builder not working.
sims generation: April Competition
Written at 15:48 2004n Wednesday 7 April 2004 by mark (6000).
www.simsgeneration.co.uk had just opened their april competition so go and enter. Good Luck!
Sim Abyss: Ultra Sims closed down
Written at 19:17 2004n Monday 12 April 2004 by Cool_J.
Due to some inevitable circumstances, Ultra Sims has closed down due to neglect and another significant reasons that we are not obliged to reveal. This has corrupted our production of Big Brother Series three, and so the site's main-frame just "collapsed".

You may still visit Series Three at www.ultrasims.tk

Nevertheless, the production staff have moved elsewhere and will be bringing you a new site very soon. More on that later (you'll probably hear it from more than one perspective).

If you have any enquiries, please contact us at Surasak101@hotmail.com
Addicted 2 Sims: Living Simple
Written at 10:45 2004n Wednesday 14 April 2004 by diana.
Dutch/english Sims Site with great houses for free download!!
Take a look!

Sims Genius: Back on track
Written at 17:52 2004n Wednesday 14 April 2004 by Andrew Hart (andyh271).
Sims Genius is back on track after not being able to update with episode 5 of it's Sims Soap for over 3 weeks. Finally, it has worked and Episode 5 has led the very famous Digger family into even more possibilities that could happen. I make the website and so I know what will happen in future episodes and trust me, it is even better than the Crime, lying, fame auditions, school skipping and VERY low grades that are already in it.
Cookie Sims: Cookie Sims adds tons...
Written at 07:50 2004n Sunday 18 April 2004 by Brandon (CookieCram).
We are pleased to announce that we have an update. We have skins, heads, floors/walls, and tons of houses for download. We hope you enjoy this!


-Cookie Cat, Cookie D'oh, Cookie Cram, Cookie KyPie, Shadow Cookie, Dollar Cookie, Cookie Time, and Cookie Monster
Sims Revolutions: Adds Huge India Collection and Heads!
Written at 18:27 2004n Sunday 18 April 2004 by rhonda pringle (laprin).
We have a huge update this week featuring India themed heads and objects! Four lovely female heads can be found on page 5 of DJ Females and the paintings and other decor items can be found on pages 2 and 3 of Decor under "Specials".

We have also updated with lots of wonderful new Finds located under our "Around the Dial" section.

Sims Genius: Sims Genius
Written at 20:08 2004n Sunday 18 April 2004 by Andrew Hart (andyh271).
This is just a reminder to the fans of Sims Genius (and believe me when I say that there are hundreds of them) that the next episode will be updated on Sunday 25th of April and NOT the week before. You can still check out the previous episodes which include a LOT of crime, low grades, high grades, business deals, auditions and much, much more. There is also a bit called "The S files" where we look at what Sean O'kelly, a newbie to the Sims and my best friend, does on the Sims. These things include tons of catastrophies including setting fire to the house!
Remember to check all of this out at http://simsgenius.tripod.com.
SimX_International: Sim Brother X : Logo Revealed
Written at 02:08 2004n Wednesday 21 April 2004 by Web Master (simx).
The logo for our first series of Sim Brother has made an appearance on our homepage, the launch date for the show has also been confirmed so pop over to simx. You can tell us your comments on the logo on our tag-board if you wish ; )
Sims Genius: Sims 2 Brother
Written at 18:29 2004n Friday 23 April 2004 by Andrew Hart (andyh271).
Sims Genius (http://simsgenius.tripod.com) are making a Sims 2 Brother, a mix between Big Brother and the Sims 2. Anyone who would like to help out in making this series, which will be made using the Sims 2 when it comes out, will be able to contact Andrew Hart, the owner of the site at simsgenius@f2s.com. They are saying that when the Sims Body Shop comes out people can enter custom made Sims to join the housemates in the house (adults only, elders included). They can also add Idea's for what could be the twist. Credit will be given to everyone who helps out and you can include custom made sims by adding a file download into your email.
Note: Sims Genius reserves the write not to have to put all entries into the Story.
Written at 20:43 2004n Saturday 24 April 2004 by Ashley (actball).
here is an awesome new site: http://thesims2info.741.com/
Home of Sim Brother: Home of Sim Brother Returns!
Written at 14:05 2004n Sunday 25 April 2004 by Phill (Flipitt).
That's right, and we're back on track with the website! We're buying a good domain soon and won't be known as Sim Brother, as we're making a special website which is like a TV channel. Basicaly it has stories etc on it like soas and the website will be like a TV channel. Look forward to seeing you there soon!
Sims Revolutions: 4/25 - Adds Spring Fashions!
Written at 19:42 2004n Sunday 25 April 2004 by rhonda pringle (laprin).
Springtime is in the air and we've got just the clothes for your sims. Check out the 10 colorful spring addition skins under our "Female Playlist Pop" section. This is part I of the spring and summer items you'll be seeing from us over the next few weeks. We also have added 2 lovely heads on page 5 of the Female DJ section.
We have also updated with lots of wonderful new "Finds" located under our Around the Dial section.

Addicted 2 Sims: Living Simple
Written at 21:38 2004n Tuesday 27 April 2004 by diana.

i got two new houses for your!
Come and take a look!