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Site Updates Archive - March 2008
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Blacky´s Sims2 Zoo: Big Wild Wild West Special
Written at 10:00 2008n Saturday 1 March 2008 by Blacky (blackypanther).
The Picture says all :-))
Thyme 2 Sim: Update - March 1, 2008
Written at 16:45 2008n Saturday 1 March 2008 by Donna (DLB923).

Today's Update Includes:

- 5 Little Baker Ovens

- Grandfather Clocks in Dark and White Wood

- Camping Set in light blue and green to match the Maxis tent

- 4 Victorian Rugs

- Honeymoon Hideaway, a vacation spot for newlyweds

- 3 new colors for roses on the Synthetic Iron Trellis

Included, but not pictured:

- Clean Water Shower Systems with solid, pastel curtains

- Illuminating Angles Light in White

We've also added the "The Cutest Toddler" Photo challenge to the forum, so, grab your cameras and show off your favorite, little Sim. Deadline for entries is March 31, 2008. The winning entry will be featured on our Home Page.

Simcastic Designs: Many beautiful new things at SD!
Written at 06:26 2008n Sunday 2 March 2008 by Melissa (Simcastic1).
We have a wide variety of new homes, Sims, and - of course- objects at SD since the last update!
And our favorite right now is our new challenge, that is a big hit! Check out the SD Home Makeover challenge! www.simcasticdesigns.com/homemakeover.htm

www.simcasticdesigns.com has 20 creators bringing daily updates, so check back often for the latest!
Sims Divine: New Plant Meshes
Written at 08:05 2008n Sunday 2 March 2008 by Sandy (Tallpoppy).
Pitcher and Roses Mesh with Recolour
also Fan Palm Decor Mesh
Sims Divine: Sims Divine updates with hanging wedding/evening dress!
Written at 16:20 2008n Sunday 2 March 2008 by mummysim.
Hi again

Ive updated with this hanging wedding/evening dress. Ive made some painted walls that put the rail in
the correct place for it.

Theres also a blue recolour.

Happy Simming

Mummy x
Sky Sims: New downloads
Written at 20:09 2008n Sunday 2 March 2008 by Nadiah.
02-March-2008: Updates: New clothing for toddlers (fem.) and teens (masc.) and a new house. Enjoy everything!
CC4Sims: CC4Sims Update 03-03-08 DV
Written at 08:40 2008n Monday 3 March 2008 by Christine (cc4sims).
Sims Divine: Tall Black and Gold Vase with Foliage New Mesh
Written at 12:24 2008n Monday 3 March 2008 by Sandy (Tallpoppy).
Tall Black and Gold Vase with Foliage New Mesh
Totally SIM Crazy 2: TSC2's had an upgrade!
Written at 17:42 2008n Monday 3 March 2008 by Nicx (Nicx).
Totally Sim Crazy 2
Finally, after months of devlopement, shrouded in secrecy, lies and decet - TSC2 (v13) is here!

We thought TSC2 would be much more interesting if anyone could add their creations to it, instead of everyone being stuck with our creations. So we've opened up our website to allow you to upload your own creations and share them with everyone without the worries of them being culled on an exchange, or only being available to subscribing users!

But thats not interesting enough, so we've added the ability to comment on your favourite submissions, and when we see a great submission we'll feature it and it'll show up on the homepage for everyone to see! You could even become a featured artist.

We also know how much everyone likes to show off their creations on forums, so we've made that easier too - Every download has it's own details image and download link which can easily be added to your post by copy and pasting the code we put at the bottom of each download. It'll look something like this,

So now instead of just showing off what it looks like, you can let everyone download it for their own game.

To celebrate the launch of the new TSC2 we have a competition for you, "Jack and Jill need a new hill". We want you too build the best house you can for Jack and Jill, you can find out the rest of the details on the site. We have a copy of Freetime up for grabs (courtesy of EAUK) which will be awarded to the best house submitted.

Entries for this competition must be submitted before the 24th March.

Good luck everyone, and enjoy the new TSC2!
Blacky´s Sims2 Zoo: Updates from 05.03.2008
Written at 09:34 2008n Wednesday 5 March 2008 by Blacky (blackypanther).
Many new Meshes special for your Babys
Sims Divine: Sims Divine updates with new retro computer chair
Written at 14:48 2008n Wednesday 5 March 2008 by mummysim.
Hi Friends

Just a small update from me this week. This little retro computer chair with a lime green mesh and recolours.

Includes recolouring template

Hope you like it.

Sims Divine
Twisted Sims: 2008 TS Community Exhibition
Written at 15:17 2008n Friday 7 March 2008 by Carrie (Carrie).
It's time to bring all the Sims Community together! Twisted Sims and Enchanted Forest invite you to our TS 2008 Community Exhibition!

To take place from May 16, 2008 to May 25, 2008

Check out Sims 1 & 2 Site Exhibits from around the community! Grab special new releases from each site all in one place! Come to meet other Simmers and enter the events contest.

We hope to see you there! Click here for more info!
Thyme 2 Sim: March 8th Update
Written at 13:29 2008n Saturday 8 March 2008 by Donna (DLB923).

Today's update includes:

- 3 Recreation Sets in these wonderful new colors: Columbian Blue, Khaki and Caribbean Blue

Each Recreation Set contains matching recolors of the Corner Pocket Pool Table, the Four Blessing Mahjong Table and the Oak Town Eastside Dining Chair

- Corner Pocket Pool Tables in White and Maxis colors, all without the green plumbbob

- Pretty, "Floral Bouquet" Paintings

- An elegant "Traditional Style" Rug Collection

- 114 Parkside Avenue - an adorable, two-bedroom starter home

Included, but not pictured:

- "Country Curtains" in six, new Crayola Collection colors

- 8 lovely "Ivy and Stone" exterior walls

Blacky´s Sims2 Zoo: Blacky´s Sims2 Zoo
Written at 08:55 2008n Sunday 9 March 2008 by Blacky (blackypanther).
Updates from 08.03 2008 - 10.03.2008
Sky Sims: New downloads
Written at 19:31 2008n Sunday 9 March 2008 by Nadiah.
09-March-2008: Updates: Today we have 3 new leotards (maillots) for teenagers, ready to use with the new expansion pack: The sims 2 Freetime.
Simcastic Designs: Lots, Objects, and so much more!
Written at 17:42 2008n Monday 10 March 2008 by Melissa (Simcastic1).
We have a wide variety of new uploads for you, from many different styled lots, to objects for any room! New Sims, Neighborhoods, and Adopt-A-Families!

www.simcasticdesigns.com has 20 creators bringing daily updates, so check back often for the latest!
Twisted Sims: Country House by Josh
Written at 14:43 2008n Wednesday 12 March 2008 by Carrie (Carrie).
I have added a new house by Josh today. It's called Country House and features 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. Enjoy!
Twisted Sims: New Clothing by Jack
Written at 13:33 2008n Saturday 15 March 2008 by Carrie (Carrie).
Jack has created 2 new sets for your Sims featuring a Lava Top and Tattoos and Male Teen Hippy Clothing!
Thyme 2 Sim: March 15th Update
Written at 14:58 2008n Saturday 15 March 2008 by Donna (DLB923).

Today's update includes:

- Movie Posters: Alvin & the Chipmunks, set of 4

- Just for Kids Rug Collection: Four rugs designed to brighten up your littlest Sims' bedrooms

- Clean Water Shower Systems: Six new recolors

- Sage Bedroom: Set includes bed, desk, chair, wall and floor

- Chocolate Dreams Living Room: Set includes Sofa, Love seat, Chair (recolors of ReflexSims meshes), Coffee Table, Rug and Curtain

- 118 Hillcrest Drive: Ranch-style starter home featuring a large living room, kitchen with dining area, 2 bedrooms and 1 bath.

- Lavender Weave Bedroom: Includes bedding, pillow set (credit to MummySim from Sims Divine) curtain, lounge chair, and rug

- Deep Red Living Room Set: Sofa and Chair

:: Sims 2 Inlimite ::: [ sims 2 inlimite ] [ freesite; update thread ]
Written at 03:23 2008n Sunday 16 March 2008 by Mickey (Mickey).


[ x ] 2 New Accessory MESHes
[ o ] 3 Sets of recolors of the new MESHes
[ x ] 1 New eyebrow set
[ o ] 3 New Adult Female Outfits!


Sky Sims: New downloads
Written at 12:19 2008n Sunday 16 March 2008 by Nadiah.
16-March-2008: Updates: New clothing: for boys, for girls and for young adults (fem.). Next update will delay a bit because next week I'm on holiday abroad, wait me here! ;.)
Simcastic Designs: Many new updates at Simcastic Designs!
Written at 04:25 2008n Monday 17 March 2008 by Melissa (Simcastic1).
We have many new lots, Sims, objects and even new adopt-a-families!
We are also excited to welcome our newest creator...Angelsways1! Angel creates many wonderful lots, Sims, and objects for your Sims, and we are thrilled to be able to welcome her to the family!

www.simcasticdesigns.com has 20 creators bringing daily updates, so check back often for the latest!
Blacky´s Sims2 Zoo: Update from 20.03. and 21.03.2008
Written at 09:32 2008n Friday 21 March 2008 by Blacky (blackypanther).
visit us www.blackypanther.de
Sims Area Productions: SAP Forums - NOW OPEN!
Written at 05:18 2008n Saturday 22 March 2008 by Brandon (girzim).
Even if the episodes aren't coming back yet, the forums are now OPEN! You can access now through this link or from http://sap-forum.co.nr. Some sections are still under construction and will be pubic as soon as posible.

Thyme 2 Sim: March 22 Update
Written at 13:40 2008n Saturday 22 March 2008 by Donna (DLB923).

Today update includes:

- 6 pretty Birdhouse recolors

- The Counter Productive Desk in white

- 6 Contemporary-Styled Rugs

- 3 white, wood Tea Tables with cushions in Cherry Blossom Pink, Tea Green, and Asagi Blue

- Bathroom Paintings in pink

- Country Teapot Paintings

Also included (but not pictured)

- Fisherman Plaque

- Bathroom Paintings in Lilac

The Unofficial Sims 3 UK Site: The Unofficial Sims 3 UK Site
Written at 19:53 2008n Monday 24 March 2008 by Craig (TS3UK_Craig).
The Sims return yet again in the third full evolution of the long-running and always-expanding The Sims series.

The Unofficial Sims 3 UK Site is a Fansite for EA's up coming The Sims 3.
The site will cover Sims 3 news, Tutorials, guides, forums and much more.


From now on and up to the release of The Sims 3 and beyond we will keeping Sims 3 players and fans up to date with all the latest Sims 3 Gaming, development and community news.

The site will also have a wide range of Sims 3 Articles to help you get to know The Sims 3 and to help you with your game when it is released. The Articles DB is the place where you will find all the important and usefull Sims 3 stuff like Tutorials, cheats, press Releases, EA Mails and more.
Members can submit there own Articles so if you have a good Sims 3 tutorial, guide or article you think others will find usefull submit it and see if it gets added.

?Custom Content?
Custom Content will come in time! let's get the game first before we start thinking about modding it.

Screenshots & Videos

Screenshots and Videos are available check out the Screenshots DB to see the latest Sims 3 Screenshots and images and to watch Sims 3 videos check out the Video DB.


Join in on the community fun and discuss the up coming Sims 3 with others who share the passion. The forums are a great place to meet other Sims fans and to have your voice and oppinions heard.


The Sims 3 Info: The Sims 3 Info is open for business
Written at 08:51 2008n Friday 28 March 2008 by Mark Bevan (TS3I).
The Sims 3 Info can be reached via www.thesims3info.com

go there for all the latest the sims 3 news!!!
Thyme 2 Sim: March 29th Update
Written at 14:14 2008n Saturday 29 March 2008 by Donna (DLB923).

Today's Update:

- Swing Sets in Purple and Pink
- Teen Bedroom - Fun in the Sun Red
- FreeTime Nursery in Mint Green
- Six Contemporary Rugs
- Pillowsets to match four Maxis beddings, with thanks to Jill of Sims Divine

Included, but not pictured:

- Herb Paintings
- Pastel Peach Weave Bedroom Set

We also have a new building challenge called "Ye Olde Castle." Please see the Challenge Corner of our forum for details. The winning castle will be featured in a future challenge.

Sky Sims: New downloads
Written at 18:37 2008n Saturday 29 March 2008 by Nadiah.
29-March-2008: Updates: New clothing for the little males: kids and toddlers. We also opened the sections that remained closed until now. Now you can enjoy the information and the pictures about the sims 2 stories, my sims, stuff packs and... THE SIMS 3! Yes, a new section for the sims 3 has been opened with the information known until now and the pictures published in big size and quality. Enjoy!
:: Sims 2 Inlimite ::: [ sims 2 inlimite ] - - - [ update thread ]
Written at 20:50 2008n Sunday 30 March 2008 by Mickey (Mickey).
Come & standout!

This contest is for those who just really standout, and are totally out there no matter what others think! So come show your true colors! We are really open to any Sims. Zombie, Alien, Elf.. male, female.. teen or adult. Let them be whatever they want to! Just as long so you can STANDOUT!

Prizes? Definately! There is even going to be a Participation Prize for all those who enter, but might not win. :]

Come, join, have fun! I hope to see you all there! ^^

- - - > [ Link Here ] < - - -