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Site Updates Archive - March 2003
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SimX_International: Sim X_International NEW LOOK!
Written at 20:52 2003n Tuesday 18 March 2003 by Web Master (simx).
Hello.It may be worth coming over to see our new look! Apart from that we also have a short Superstar review and at last previews of the Sim Brother house + Housemates!!
Written at 07:12 2003n Friday 21 March 2003 by Lisa G. (Diskette66).

New site for the Sims that specializes in skins for the whole family. Updated almost daily and also has selection of Sim heads.
Treat your Sim to a day of pampering today!

Sim Insane: New Radio Station
Written at 09:16 2003n Saturday 22 March 2003 by Tiger.
There is a new live radio station on the go... http://www.game-estate.com now has their own... We talk about the current issues and play great music... Status picture above... you need winamp to listen. We also talk loads about the sims and give you the chance to phone, text or email us with requests or hot topics.
SimX_International: Sim Brother X-CANCELLED!
Written at 21:14 2003n Saturday 22 March 2003 by Web Master (simx).
Sad news at Sim X_International!
Sweet Nothings Salon & Boutique: Free Poses for webmasters added to downloads!!
Written at 02:56 2003n Tuesday 25 March 2003 by Lisa G. (Diskette66).
Attention Simwebmasters - Poses have been added to the download areas at Sweet Nothings Salon & Boutique... come check them out today!! - http://www.diskette66.com

Sweet Nothings is a totally free site with no pop ups, specializing in skins & heads for the Sims
Fussy's Sims: Fussy's Sims updated
Written at 07:34 2003n Tuesday 25 March 2003 by A.A. Fussy (aafuss).
I have updated Fussy's Sims with a list of all of the Sims expansion packs released so far.
Goto: http://www.geocities.com/babyap2002/sims.htm
Sweet Nothings Salon & Boutique: Massive update to heads section - tons of new models
Written at 21:41 2003n Sunday 30 March 2003 by Lisa G. (Diskette66).

Sweet Nothings Salon & Boutique has just added tons of new heads and models

Come check them out at http://diskette66.com/heartsset/