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Site Updates Archive - February 2009
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Blacky´s Sims2 Zoo: Our Updates from the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th February
Written at 12:06 2009n Thursday 5 February 2009 by Blacky (blackypanther).
New Meshes

Object Recolors


Walls and Floors

and many more.....

And we have startet 2 projects ;)
Blacky´s Sims2 Zoo: Our Update from the 6th, 7th and 8th February
Written at 22:38 2009n Saturday 7 February 2009 by Blacky (blackypanther).
Object Recolors



and many more ....
Sky Sims: New downloads
Written at 15:00 2009n Monday 9 February 2009 by Nadiah.
Good afternoon! Here you have a small update: 3 new clothes for adult sims (masc.) Find them in the downloads' section.
Blacky´s Sims2 Zoo: Our Update from the 9th, 10th and 11th February
Written at 23:23 2009n Tuesday 10 February 2009 by Blacky (blackypanther).
New Recolors


Walls and Floors

and more.....
Sugah's Place: Sugah's Place Update - 2.12.09
Written at 23:35 2009n Thursday 12 February 2009 by Sugah (Sugah_Sim).

Sugah's Place

*3 beautiful new Sims by Zayury and Astral Faery*
*2 new paintings - An Evening of Romance - featuring gorgeous, romantic art by Z*
*A new coordinating set - Almond Blossoms - by yours truly*


Blacky´s Sims2 Zoo: Our Uodates from the 12th, 13th and 14th February
Written at 23:30 2009n Friday 13 February 2009 by Blacky (blackypanther).
New Meshes

Object Recolors


and many more....
Thyme 2 Sim: February 14th Update
Written at 05:32 2009n Saturday 14 February 2009 by Donna (DLB923).

~ Urban classic - Two-story modern home
~ Shrubby Lupines - 4 colors (with dark leaves)
~ Wachowt Glass Sliding Doors - Birch, Cherry, and Walnut
~ Chic Table Lamps - 12 colors, mesh credit to Sandy at ATS
~ Woodland Walls - By Request, 2 patterns
~ Barrow of Flowers - 5 flower colors and a white barrow
~ Wood Planters - 5 colors and a white planter
~ Valentine PJ's - Heart designs in Blue, Pink, and Purple
~ Campus Coffee House Makeover Challenge
(Please see the Challenge Corner for details)

Blacky´s Sims2 Zoo: Our Updates from the 15th, 16th and 17th February
Written at 23:13 2009n Sunday 15 February 2009 by Blacky (blackypanther).
New meshset



and many more...
Blacky´s Sims2 Zoo: Our Updates from the 20th, 21rst and 22nd February
Written at 23:13 2009n Saturday 21 February 2009 by Blacky (blackypanther).
Welcome to - Primitive times - Stone age

With this topic of our 3 day special update we want to celebrate our 50,000 user and also would like to take the opportunity to thank ALL of you for your long year loyalty and support.

50,000 user! Who would have even dreamed of this about 40 months ago? Well, we didn´t and neither did a lot of others in the community.

130 (!) new downloads are waiting for you. You can now play with your sims in the primitive times - stone age.
You won´t miss a thing. Starting with stone age furniture over to dinosaurs for your own Jurassic park - everything is available.

We wish you lots of fun with this special update

Let´s celebrate!
Your Zoo-Team

Sugah's Place: Sugah's Place celebrates over 100,000 visitors!
Written at 15:28 2009n Friday 27 February 2009 by Sugah (Sugah_Sim).

Be Jeweled - 2.26.09

*4 stunning, unique new Sims by Zayury and Astral Faery - Moonstone, Ruby, Azura & Rose*
*2 new coordinating sets - Desert Jewel and Bejeweled Onyx - featuring gorgeous, original gem inspired art by Z*
... and two gifts ...
*A lovely new Sim model by Emily - Sapphira - and 2 fabulous new jewel-toned dresses by Hunter*

Enjoy and thank you for all your support!
Sugah's Place

Thyme 2 Sim: February 28th Update
Written at 05:15 2009n Saturday 28 February 2009 by Donna (DLB923).

~ 10 Oak Street Revisited
~ Pull Toy Paintings
~ Retratech Economy Desks
~ Pyramid Candles
~ Touch of Teak French Doors and Arches
~ Extorp Sofas in Earthtones
~ Country Walls
~ Restroom and Justa Doors

We also have a new game play challenge, called "Livin' Life To The Max!"
Please see the Challenge Corner for details!