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Site Updates Archive - February 2006
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Twisted Sims: New Shirt Collection
Written at 15:58 2006n Friday 3 February 2006 by Carrie (lizholsimer).
I have added a new shirt collection for your adult female Sims today. Click here to check it out! You can also discuss it by visiting this thread in the forums.

Coming 2/6/06 - A new house for your Sims! Be sure to check out the project thread for updates!
pinkys simsoap: beds,beds and more beds
Written at 05:31 2006n Saturday 4 February 2006 by camilla cisneros (pinky5172).
Beds,beds,and more beds! I have a surprize update for you all! Bed
linens! For you superbowl fans,the Broncos and the Steelers! I have A
bulls bed abd SanFranciso too. For you non sport fans...
Ohhhh...........A Hawain print and a red dragon too!You will find pic
in the photos in file under name Beds,beds,and more beds. Check them
out at Pinkys' Simsoap or at the Depot simulation station! Enjoy Hugs

Pinkys Simsoap

Depot Simulation Station

The Sims Lounge .com: Affiliates wanted!
Written at 10:02 2006n Saturday 4 February 2006 by Joshua Humber (TheSimsLounge).
TheSimsLounge.com will be opening in the future at some point, and we would like to have some affiliates (we link to you and you link to us). If you are interested, please e-mail: fishistheice@thesimslounge.com
Sims Area Productions: Sims Area Productions/SiMusic UPDATE
Written at 21:42 2006n Saturday 4 February 2006 by Brandon (girzim).
As we promised, the interview is now open to read! The interview to Cheetah from TheSimsZone.co.uk



AND ABOUT ::SiMusic::
Oops... we made a mistake!
We saw the BEP video "My Humps" and we couldn't see the half of the video because we accidentaly erased part of the video after editing, so we made the video again and we have a new version and is still nominated at the SiMusic Awards.

to watch the new video go to:

to vote at the SiMusic Awards go to:

and to vote at the SiMusic Requester go to:
Sky Sims: New downloads
Written at 16:38 2006n Sunday 5 February 2006 by Nadiah.
New clothing downloads in kids' section (masc.), we also have changed this section, updating old downloads. We also have new special objects: a bike that really works, and two new dolls, one of them is the famous Homer Simpson. Enjoy!
Twisted Sims: New House
Written at 03:56 2006n Tuesday 7 February 2006 by Carrie (lizholsimer).
I have added a new house today. It is a mid-sized home for your Sims and features a kitchen, garage, a large bathroom, 2 bedrooms, a den and computer room. It also has a pool area and is furnished with the basic necessities. The cost of this house is 67,189 simoleons. It requires both the University and Nightlife expansion packs. Click here to check it out!

Coming 2/10/06 - New eye colors for your Sims!
Coventry Corners: the Complete Sim Updates !
Written at 14:51 2006n Tuesday 7 February 2006 by Crissy Perry (Crissy).
we have a pretty big update for you today and a brand new creator to the family!
please welcome Amanda !

we have a new head master tutorial by Vashti
and another new tutorial by Violet Kitty

new skins by Tom and Simsgal
new lots by Amanda and Vashti
new object sets by Crissy, Skadi and Simsgal
and new wall sets by Simsgal

our Themed section has also been updated

The Complete Sim
Sims Divine: Sims Divine updates 7 Feb
Written at 15:26 2006n Tuesday 7 February 2006 by mummysim.
Sims Divine updates this week with new recoloured curtains, Lime and Lilac bedroom set, undies for the YA plus skins for females, walls and floors, a new rocket lamp and patio sets. Not all on the screenie.

We have a competition running at the moment "Most beautiful Sim"! Enter and get a years worth of donation items from our site. Runners up get a donation item of their choice. Details are in our forums. Do pay us a visit soon! Hugs Mummysim x

siMHz: Stony Dining
Written at 19:23 2006n Wednesday 8 February 2006 by aleksandra (aleks).
hi everybody!!!
in these days, i have create a new set, it is a dining set, and it's calling "stony". there are 15 new mesh and recolorations, Oak wood and Pine wood for 13 objects, (the ceilling lamp and the vase have not recoloration), the fireplace are only recolorations of EA game objects. there are so 44 files in totality. i really enjoy the textures objects...
i wish you a great day! and a fun sims 2 play!


Twisted Sims: New Eye Colors
Written at 13:50 2006n Friday 10 February 2006 by Carrie (lizholsimer).
I have added 5 new custom eye colors for your Sims today. They are available in Electric Blue, Light Brown, Light Green, Peach and Teal. Click here to check them out!

Coming 2/13/06 - A new house for your Sims!
pinkys simsoap: A valentine
Written at 15:34 2006n Friday 10 February 2006 by camilla cisneros (pinky5172).
Just for for and valentines...my valentine to you all a sweetheart set All hearts everywhere hearts! A livingroom set, bedroom set, a bath set, and the kitchen, The are all available at pinkys sim soap! Happy valentines to you all! Perfect for the sim that has everything... the valentine car! A
valentine gift from gigachanger! Enjoy this is just too.. cute...! Available at Pinkys Simsoap too!

Hugs pinky

Coventry Corners: Romance at The Complete Sim!
Written at 15:27 2006n Saturday 11 February 2006 by Crissy Perry (Crissy).
A new valentine sim and the new Love-Heart community lot by Tom. A new wall set by Sarah and a new walls and floors set by Jaqueline. Valentines Day Bedour Set and Round bed recolors by Mir. and a lovely valentines day bedroom set by Crissy! Tomorrow look for our new Bridal Theme Set!....http://www.completesim.net/newcontentb.htm
Coventry Corners: New Bridal Theme Premeiring at The Complete Sim
Written at 07:17 2006n Sunday 12 February 2006 by Crissy Perry (Crissy).
We have 2 beautiful wedding dresses by simsgal and Amanda, Beautiful bridesmaid dresses by Tom and a Blue Bridal set by Vashti and also a Mother of the bride outfit by Vashti.A beautiful Bridal suite by Jaqueline and Simsgal and 2 wedding chapels by Debbie...
Sims Divine: Sims Divine updates 12 Feb
Written at 16:29 2006n Sunday 12 February 2006 by mummysim.
Sims Divine updates 12 Feb

This week Sims Divine updates with valentine goodies...cards from Mummysim and cute male and female underwear from Sandy. Nikki has some skins for those dear elders. We also have our valentine bathroom set in donation by Mummysim and Nikki. See ya there!

Sky Sims: Happy birthday with new downloads
Written at 17:29 2006n Sunday 12 February 2006 by Nadiah.
Happy birthday Sky Sims 2! One year on-line! Thanks to all the people who have helped us to grow up and have visited our page. Thanks a lot, without your support we couldn't do anything. To celebrate it today you can find new clothing downloads in girl's and maternity's section. We also have repaired the Harry Potter's books which had a problem, now they are ok. Welcome to our new affiliates too!
Blacky´s Sims2 Zoo: Babsy´s Menboutique Update
Written at 13:08 2006n Monday 13 February 2006 by Blacky (blackypanther).
Clothing for the Sims2 Men - all Ages
siMHz: Stony After Dining
Written at 18:22 2006n Monday 13 February 2006 by aleksandra (aleks).
hi everybody!
in these days, i have continued my stony set, there are 6 new free objects and recolorations oak wood and pine wood.
there are: a buffet, an end table, a table lamp, a chess table, a tea set, and another chair. i hope you like it.

i thank you very very much for your visit!
i wish you a great day and a fun sims 2 play!

Twisted Sims: The Lakewood
Written at 04:18 2006n Tuesday 14 February 2006 by Carrie (lizholsimer).
This 3-story house features a kitchen, 2 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms and various other living areas. It has a spacious deck off of the first floor and a smaller deck off of the second floor. There is also a pool area and lake for your Sims to enjoy. This house is unfurnished and costs 62,892 simoleons. It requires the University and Nightlife expansion packs. Click here to download it!
Blacky´s Sims2 Zoo: Valentine Update
Written at 08:36 2006n Tuesday 14 February 2006 by Blacky (blackypanther).
Many Things for your Sims
Blacky´s Sims2 Zoo: Update 15.02.06
Written at 05:46 2006n Wednesday 15 February 2006 by Blacky (blackypanther).
Simfusion: The Sims 2 Minisite
Written at 16:03 2006n Wednesday 15 February 2006 by Fangree_Craig (minisite_craig).
The Sims 2 Minisite is dedicated to The Sims 2 for PC and Consoles. Our Main purpose is to bring fans all the latest the Sims gaming and development news, guides, tutorials and more.
We are not a Downloads site our main aim is to bring you all the latest Sims news first. i gather all the news streight from EA so it is all official.</br>


TS2M features the following.

Shoutbox- This enables Registered Members to chat with other members quickley and efficentley.

Minisite Radio- Minisite Radio is a radio Panel which lets registered Members listen to a wide range of popular Radio stations on line while browsing the site. stations include XFM london & Scotland, Capital FM, Smooth radio, BBC 6 Music, Smash Hits radio, Q Radio and much more.

Mini Arcade- Registered members can play many of our games featured in the Mini arcade including pac man, Sonic, tetris and much more.

EA Mail's- Everytime i am sent a new EA Mail i will put it up in the EA Mail's Section of the site so that you can read the latest development news from Maxis Tim Le Tournoue and Hunter Howe.

Guides & Tutorials- Coming soon!

Fansite submisions- Registered members can submit there fansite links to us through our Fansite Links database.

Article Submisions- Registered members can submit there Cheats, Tutorials and guides to us using our article submision system.

Members poll- Every couple of weeks we start a new poll for our members to vote in.

Please Register with us so you can use our shoutbox, listen to Minisite Radio and other features that are available only to registered members.

Sims Area Productions: SAP ::BackStabbers begins this SATURDAY!::
Written at 07:23 2006n Thursday 16 February 2006 by Brandon (girzim).
The new series of Sims Area Productions (SAP) is beginning this saturday february 18, the first episode of the first season!
The ::BackStabbers:: site is now open!


The "SiMusic Awards" voting ends this february 26.

The SiMusic Requester ends ROUND 3 this february 28

This is the link to the ::SiMusic:: site


siMHz: Green Glob Study
Written at 10:41 2006n Friday 17 February 2006 by aleksandra (aleks).
hello everybody!
in these day i have create a new set, it is a study room:
The Green Glob set contain 20 new meshes:
3 table ends, 3 bookcases, 2 deskes, chair, stool, table lamp, lighting picture ceilling lamp, neon stick, computer, globe, cactus, curtains
and as usually 2 recolorations: darkwood and pinewood for 18 objects
(the cactus and the globe are not recolored)

i thank you for your visit .

i wish you a great day and a super sims 2 play!!!


Sims Area Productions: BACKSTABBERS begins now!
Written at 02:32 2006n Saturday 18 February 2006 by Brandon (girzim).

Sky Sims: Change of domain and new downloads
Written at 12:30 2006n Sunday 19 February 2006 by Nadiah.
Welcome to the new Sky Sims 2, now we are: www.skysims2.com , without advertising & without problems! Take it into account, affiliattes! So, today you can find new downloads in young adult (fem.). Enjoy! Special thanks to our new host!
Twisted Sims: Groovy Loveseats Collection
Written at 16:17 2006n Sunday 19 February 2006 by Carrie (lizholsimer).
The original Retro Bodacious Loveseat is now available in 5 new colors - Electric Blue, Lime Green, Orange, Purple and Yellow! *Requires University

Click here to download!
The Island Forum Game: Forum Love Island Returns This Friday!
Written at 22:31 2006n Sunday 19 February 2006 by lance (lance).
Back in the summer of 2005 we run our first ever series of this forum game called 'Forum Love Island' it proved to go down well with the viewers, so we are returning the series this Friday. Unfortunately we lost all the previous series due to the forums being hacked, but now after months of preperations and contestant auditions we are ready, set, go! Watch the sparks fly or fizzle in this forum show! Don't miss it!
Sims Divine: Sims Divine updates with skins/meshes
Written at 01:58 2006n Monday 20 February 2006 by mummysim.

Sims Divine updates this week with some pretty new outfits for adult females by Nikki. Sandy also has some awesome skins for you. Mummysim has a cute scalloped endtable with curtains to match in 2 colours. Also Mummysim has a lounge set in our premier section. We are installing a new script for paypal at the moment but it should all be up and running real soon with new reductions! 5 dollars a month!! Our competition deadline is drawing near so dont forget to enter. The title is Most Beautiful Sim which we ran a poll for. See rules etc in our forums.

Mummysim x
pinkys simsoap: celebrate
Written at 15:20 2006n Tuesday 21 February 2006 by camilla cisneros (pinky5172).
Time for some Irish fun, And as part of out 1 year celebration, and in honor of St Patricks days We will be adding three files everyday to Pinkys Simsoap.

Ok here its is the first days files... A sofa set done in green and a matching recliner.
You will also find a bathroom pic expressly for you partiers! Lol(I’m sure many of you will find this funny) (others... well I am sorry). You will find pic of these uploads in our photo section!
Please enjoy and spread the word! Hugs Pinky

Pinkys Simsoap


Hello to all! It’s a great morning. Day 2s’ uploads are ready for you at Pinkys’ Simsoap.
Enjoy,hugs. Pinky

WorldSims: February 22, 2006 - WorldSims.org Update
Written at 08:31 2006n Wednesday 22 February 2006 by ManagerJosh (ManagerJosh).
Amy Sims gears us up for Spring 2006. Ladies, prepare to let the guys get weak in the knees....

Guys, get ready for summer :-P

All this and more at WorldSims. (www.worldsims.org). Enjoy :-)

You can download them here
pinkys simsoap: celebrate Day3
Written at 15:10 2006n Wednesday 22 February 2006 by camilla cisneros (pinky5172).
Its’ day three of my offerings, and today I have a kitchen counter,a bar,and a bar stool.
You will find them in St pats folder at Pinkys’ Simsoap. Hugs Pinky


Blacky´s Sims2 Zoo: Updates of the Week
Written at 10:50 2006n Thursday 23 February 2006 by Blacky (blackypanther).
Updates from Monday to Friday
pinkys simsoap: Day four is ready
Written at 15:16 2006n Thursday 23 February 2006 by camilla cisneros (pinky5172).
Great day to you all! Ok day four is ready for your... use? Inspection... whatever lol
enjoy them at Pinkys’ Simsoap. You will find photos in the aniveresary/St. Pats folder
in photo section. The files are in the files under st.pats/pinky gifts/day? Hugs Pinky

Twisted Sims: The Blue Room Collection
Written at 15:19 2006n Thursday 23 February 2006 by Carrie (lizholsimer).
I have added a new bedroom collection today. It's called The Blue Room and features blue colored items. The collection includes wallpaper and carpet, along with a matching bed, chair, dresser, end table, lamp, television set and alarm clock. All items have been successfully tested in the game. Click here for more info!
Sims Area Productions: BackStabbers NEW EPISODES!
Written at 05:45 2006n Friday 24 February 2006 by Brandon (girzim).
Watch 3 new episodes of ::BackStabbers:: this weekend:

Friday - Episode 2
Saturday - Episode 3
Sunday - Episode 4


And next week, watch another 3 new episodes...
The Sims 3 Website: 10 Bluewater Lane Online
Written at 23:26 2006n Friday 24 February 2006 by Daryl (thesims2website).
10 Bluewater Lane is now online. It is a large 2 bedroom bungalow, which is great for the older generation of Sims. For more information, and to download this house, visit www.thesims2website.co.uk

We have re-introduced 'The Big Screen'. It will advertise houses provided by TS2W, as well as houses created by the community. All you have to do is provide 2 links... one for the external images of the house, and a link to the download of the file. They will be added to the screen for FREE, and will be added within 2 days of recieving them. Just submit the links via the 'Contact Us' page.
WorldSims: February 25, 2006 - WorldSims Update
Written at 14:11 2006n Saturday 25 February 2006 by ManagerJosh (ManagerJosh).
Mabel Pepperstein: Like an Angel...
Abe Pepperstein: Like an Angel...IN LEATHER...
Mabel Pepperstein: She was 12.
Abe Pepperstein: Well, why did she have to wear leather?

Sorry, but that was some of the first thoughts I got when Amy Sims uploaded this leather outfit. It reminded me of the radio comedy "I'd Rather Eat Pants" NPR put on a few years ago.

Anyhow, Happy Saturday Everyone! It's a rather small update to wrap up the week, but I couldn't wait to share it with everyone. Ladies, I think Chanel would love to have this gown in their store windows on Rodeo Drive.

All this and dozens more outfits for your downloading pleasure at WorldSims.org

You can get these two outfits here.

Eclectic Sims: 2/25 - Eclectic Sims - Toddler Mesh & Clothes
Written at 16:45 2006n Saturday 25 February 2006 by SnowStorm.
New @ Eclectic Sims: I've just posted another new toddler mesh. This is a pleated dress with under skirt and undies peaking out. I've posted 9 new skins with it.
Coventry Corners: The Complete Sim Updates!
Written at 17:39 2006n Saturday 25 February 2006 by Crissy Perry (Crissy).
The Complete Sim updates with the Harry Potter Theme! Check out the Gryffindor bedroom and also we have 'Lost' added to our Themes. Dont forget to check out the Weasley twins!
Sims Area Productions: SiMusic Awards: LAST CHANCE TO VOTE!
Written at 09:02 2006n Sunday 26 February 2006 by Brandon (girzim).
The polls are closing for the "SiMusic Awards" this february 26. You only have today to vote for your favorite music video.
Black Eyed Peas, Lindsay Lohan, Gwen Stefani or My Chemical Romance? YOU DECIDE!
THIS IS THE LINK: http://www.geocities.com/sims_area_productions/simusic/awards/index.htm

And the REQUESTER is ending the final round this february 28.
The "SiMusic Requester 2" will be announced soon.
THIS IS THE LINK: http://www.geocities.com/sims_area_productions/simusic/index.htm
Sims Divine: Sims Divine
Written at 21:38 2006n Sunday 26 February 2006 by mummysim.
Hi friends


Sims Divine updates this week with a brand new kitchen set by Mummysim including new meshed counters and overhead cupboards plus more. Susie has made some pretty bedroom sets with walls to match and Sandy has made a lot and some skins. Our competition is still running until the 15th March so hurry with your entries. Details in our forum.

Mummysim x
Coventry Corners: The Complete Sim Updates!
Written at 10:22 2006n Monday 27 February 2006 by Crissy Perry (Crissy).
Today we have 5 beautiful wall sets, 2 new skins and a new lipstick collection by Simsgal. 5 beautiful new skins by Amanda and a beautiful sim by Vashti.Also 3 new terrains by Feleyra
siMHz: Star Flower
Written at 10:55 2006n Monday 27 February 2006 by aleksandra (aleks).
hi everybody!
this week i have remade my site web... it is a little bit better now. i hope you like my new site.
and i have create a new set, it is "starflower" set... it contains 6 new meshes and it have 4 colors. it is mean that there are 24 new files .package in totality.

i really hope you like my new site and my new objects set!
i thank you for your visit! i wish you a sunny day and a fun sims 2 play!


Twisted Sims: New Recolored Objects
Written at 16:05 2006n Monday 27 February 2006 by Carrie (lizholsimer).
I have added 5 new objects today. They include a Bright Blue Bearlybutts Chair, a Cherry Lounger, a Green Puffy Recliner, an Orange Framed Coffee Table and a Purple Barstool. All of them are recolored existing objects from The Sims 2. Click here to check them all out!