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Site Updates Archive - February 2004
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Sim Abyss: (Celeb) Big Brother Update!
Written at 14:03 2004n Saturday 7 February 2004 by Cool_J.
If you haven't been tuning in to the latest in Big Brother this week on Ultra Sims, then you have missed out on a heck load of stuff!

Another new housemate has entered the house (Day 16), to compensate for Angelina's absence as she is in Confined Isolation! Naughty behaviour beings consequences. Hilary transfered sides after emerging from isolation!

Find out who was evicted last night (6/2/04) and vote for who you want out this week!

And if you REALLY weren't paying attention, then you'd not have noticed the divide! Stay tuned!
Sims Revolutions: 2/8 -Adds sexy skins, paintings and finds!
Written at 17:35 2004n Sunday 8 February 2004 by rhonda pringle (laprin).
Sims Revolutions has added lots of sexy "pop" skins including 9 skins by Laprin and 3 skins by guest artist Madizzo. You can find the skins under the Playlist-Pop female section.
Primona has added a new series of sensuous paintings "The Playa Collection". You can find them under Specials - Decor.
As usual, we've updated the weekly "finds" with lots of goodies located in "Around the Dial".
Last but not least we have a new featured artist (?).
Head on over to check out who it is.

SimsTopia: SimsTopia - Opens
Written at 13:54 2004n Saturday 14 February 2004 by Andrew Topley (topleya).
A new player has joined the sims community and is now tring to make a big mark in the world of simming. They have forums, daily news, links, downloads and more.

Home of Sim Brother: New Sim Brother Website!
Written at 20:34 2004n Saturday 14 February 2004 by Phill (Flipitt).
There's a new Sim Brother website on the way, built by me! The address of the site is:
micky sims 2: New website in town !!!
Written at 15:30 2004n Sunday 15 February 2004 by MICHAEL FARRAR (MICHAEL).
Sims have now spread once again, from the pc to the big screen. Watch the drama and action unfold at SIMSVILLE. Launch date 1st March
Home of Sim Brother: Sim Brother- Starting Date Announced!
Written at 17:48 2004n Sunday 15 February 2004 by Phill (Flipitt).
Yep, that's right, it's now official! Sim Brother will begin on Friday 20th February, make sure you visit
www.homeofsimbrother.bravehost.com now, and don't miss out on the show!
Club Sim: New Site: The Best in Sim Media
Written at 19:19 2004n Sunday 15 February 2004 by clubsim.
You guessed it! Club Sim is a new site that has jus opened. It really is worth a look with it's fabulous layout, excellent for a geocities' site ;)

If you didn't know, we are Ultra Sims' Sister Site, but we're a lot better! (No offense Ultra Sims! :D) Because of this, we will have to start our first Sim Media Series ("I Want That house") a little bit later than planned, due after the final of Big Brother Series Three (Ultra Sims) to due request of the webmaster. We will be bringing you the best in The Sims entertainment and you can have the chance to actually produce a series for us, yourself! All the credits will go to your for that Series. Check on the site (Media section) for extra details!

It's worth a peek! Bye for now.

PS. The "I Want That House" preview is worth a look and the first taster episode (ep.1) may be out very soon on the media section.
Irresistibles Sims: Update: Special Heads
Written at 23:53 2004n Sunday 15 February 2004 by Carmen (Carmen).

Pretty Women’s Heads: 5 new and 3 fixed
Very nice Men’s Heads: 2 new


Home of Sim Brother: Large Delay With Sim Brother!
Written at 18:07 2004n Saturday 21 February 2004 by Phill (Flipitt).
An error with Sim Brother means that it will not begin for a few more week.s We will keep you updated on how well we're doing fixing it.
Sims Revolutions: 2/22 - Adds Purple Haze Room Set, Heads and More "Finds"
Written at 17:28 2004n Sunday 22 February 2004 by rhonda pringle (laprin).
If you're looking for some nice heads, you're in for a treat. This week, we've added 9 heads. We have also added Toni Braxton, Ben Affleck and Claudia Schiffer under Celebrity heads.

We also added a very chic Purple Haze room set by Laprin. It is located on page 2 under our Specials/Objects area.

This week's Finds showcases lots of awesome updates. See what we mean under Around the Dial.

Sims Genius: New Site
Written at 17:45 2004n Tuesday 24 February 2004 by Andrew Hart (andyh271).
A new site is starting called Sim Genius. It can be found at simsgenius.tripod.com (with no www. before it).
Sim Abyss: Big Brother Update!
Written at 17:58 2004n Wednesday 25 February 2004 by Cool_J.
Don't forget to vote for who YOU would like to evict from the Big Brother House. Make sure that your votes get in, because the housemates will only be in the house for another three weeks, maximum.

This week's eviction poll is now up. Jim Carey or Melissa Joan Hart, you decide who goes!
Irresistibles Sims: Carnaval
Written at 13:10 2004n Sunday 29 February 2004 by Carmen (Carmen).

Today, Irresistible Sims has been updated: Carnaval disguises, by
Carmen and Miluka.

Enjoy the new skins!

Get it here:

Irresistible Sims

Sims Revolutions: 2/29 - Adds lots of "Finds"
Written at 17:53 2004n Sunday 29 February 2004 by rhonda pringle (laprin).
Sims creators have been very busy this week and so have we trying to keep up with all the great new downloads. This week's Finds update includes some classic sites as well as some that are being featured here for the first time. You can locate them under Around the Dial.