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Site Updates Archive - February 2003
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Sims Revolutions: Feb 3 - Big Update
Written at 17:29 2003n Monday 3 February 2003 by rhonda pringle (laprin).
Sims Revolutions adds 16 beautiful female heads and 24 great skins to the "Hip-Hop", "Country", "Classical" and "Rock" collections. Be sure to stop by the "Listening Room" and groove to the hottest love songs (in honor of Valentine's Day)while you shop.

Sims Off Limits: Sims Off Limits has moved!!!!!!
Written at 20:32 2003n Monday 3 February 2003 by Sandra (naughtygirl).
Sims Off Limits has moved!!! http://sims_off_limits.tripod.com/index.htm
new skins!!!!!!!
Written at 07:12 2003n Wednesday 5 February 2003 by SIMSAHOY.
BuilderSIM: Updates with Walls
Written at 17:21 2003n Wednesday 5 February 2003 by Donna Hillman (BuilderSIM).
Updates with Walls,
** this is my first attempt at walls, I hope you like them!
SimX_International: Sim X-This Time It's The Boys,So Get Voting!!
Written at 23:06 2003n Monday 17 February 2003 by Web Master (simx).
Sim Brother X is coming and we have posted an update which includes the boys poll,there is only one week to decide so get voting!