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Site Updates Archive - December 2010
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Sky Sims: Special download sims 3 (advent)
Written at 17:13 2010n Wednesday 1 December 2010 by Nadiah.

Every year Sky sims celebrates the count down to Chritmas with a special Advent Calendar. We have just included the new advent calendar 2010 in Downloads' section. There we are going to post one new download for your sims 3 every single day from now - 1st of December- until Christmas.

Starting now then. For the very first day of Advent we have posted 2 downloads, you can find them in the new Advent section inside Downloads. And, as a gift, we have already included the surprise download for tomorrow 2nd of December. Go and see! Enjoy!
Sky Sims: New downloads- Advent Calendar
Written at 19:02 2010n Sunday 5 December 2010 by Nadiah.
Hello again!

Sorry for being late, but these days we are having some problems with the Internet service, so we apologize!

Now we are back with the downloads' from the 3rd, 4th, and 5th of December. Find them in Downloads - Advent Calendar 2010.

Enjoy them!
BeautySims: Updates from 06.12.-24.12.2010
Written at 21:51 2010n Sunday 5 December 2010 by Blackbeauty583.
Sky Sims: New sims 3 downloads
Written at 20:15 2010n Wednesday 8 December 2010 by Nadiah.
Hello everybody!

We have just included 3 new downloads in our "Advent Calendar" section. Check them out! Enjoy!
Sky Sims: New sims 3 downloads
Written at 19:11 2010n Sunday 12 December 2010 by Nadiah.
Hello everyone!

During next week I'm not going to have access to the Internet, so today I bring you an advance for the whole next week's Advent Calendar. 8 new downloads that you can already find in Downloads - Advent Calendar.

Have a wonderful week!
Blacky┬┤s Sims2 Zoo: Blackys Sims Zoo Updates
Written at 09:03 2010n Tuesday 21 December 2010 by Blacky (blackypanther).
BeautySims: Updates from 25.12. and 26.12.2010
Written at 11:03 2010n Saturday 25 December 2010 by Blackbeauty583.
BeautySims: Updates from 27.12.-30.12.2010
Written at 21:15 2010n Sunday 26 December 2010 by Blackbeauty583.
BeautySims: Updates from 31.12.2010-02.01.2011
Written at 21:49 2010n Thursday 30 December 2010 by Blackbeauty583.