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Site Updates Archive - December 2006
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Sims Area Productions: SAP returning before 2006 ends
Written at 01:15 2006n Sunday 3 December 2006 by Brandon (girzim).
Hello! Yes, as I said before on a really old message, this is the only way we can communicate with the people...
We had to design again the whole website, including logos, series pages and others...

but here is the news, we have everything ready to return on DECEMBER 20.
So see you until that date...


Sky Sims: New downloads
Written at 13:59 2006n Sunday 3 December 2006 by Nadiah.
Today we have new clothing for your teen sims (masc.) and a new collection for teen sims (fem.): "Introduction to society". Enjoy and thanks to Kimberly!
Sims Divine: Sims Divine update 3 Dec
Written at 17:09 2006n Monday 4 December 2006 by mummysim.

This week at Sims Divine we have many new lounge sets on offer for free including a christmas one. We also offer a 6 pack snow groundcover and georgous stained glass bay windows.

Come and see us soon Sandy & Mummy x
Written at 23:35 2006n Tuesday 5 December 2006 by Betsy (BetsyArts).
Happy Holidays to all!!! I've got a warm winter livingroom, a country rose bedroom and a beautiful outdoor patio w/ stone hot tub and wall for you today!! I hope that you find something that interests you!!
Sims2Arena: Update Dec.06 Sims2Arena
Written at 02:18 2006n Wednesday 6 December 2006 by Petra (Arenia).
Opportune for the weather a outdoorset :8
also a bedroom and something for buildings.

Have a nice day, your Arena-Team
Sublime Sims: Sublime Sims updates with Divine Gardens By Prysmangel
Written at 14:22 2006n Friday 8 December 2006 by Kathleen Lynch (vashti0402).

Today Sublime Sims updates with a gorgeous lot called Divine Gardens by Prysmangel.


Simcastic Designs: Lots of Updates at Simcastic Designs!
Written at 05:46 2006n Sunday 10 December 2006 by Melissa (Simcastic1).
There is a lot new at Simcastic Designs, and even more than pictured!

First, we now have a total of 4 creators besides myself there now.

And onto the updates!
There are many more sports bedrooms added since the last update:

As well as MANY new Walls and Floors created by Lilymayrose

New lots from Anna220, Lilymayrose, and Grandmasterslime!

And many new objects by myself and SusanJoan19...from Bathrooms to seperate items!

We hope you enjoy!
TS2 DownUnder: 11th dec Update & TS2 DownUnder 2nd B'day
Written at 00:07 2006n Monday 11 December 2006 by Kassie (Kassie).
Happy Birthday to Us!!!

TS2DU is 2 years old YAY, we couldn't of done it without Fire, who has hosted our little site since day one. Thanks hun!!
And to our staff you have all been a great support through out our ups & downs of the site & sticking it out with us. You guys are fun to be around & to work with, thank you for all that you do.
And last but not least to our members. Thank you for stopping by & downloading our creations & for taking the time to leave feedback it really does mean a lot.
To our regular members who stop by everyday to chat & play..... awww we just love you guys, what can I say *hugs*

Before I get teary-eyed & bore you any more, we have set up the party in our update room, with games to play like trivia, Sim Sillies, The Aussie Sim Comp and more and you can win lots of simoleons to go shopping with.

We have a HUGE update for you as this is our last update for year. Most of us will still be here, to play & chat.
Nat's moving out of state so she will be every quite till she gets settled into her new home.

Too many downloads to list & I think I've babbled enough don't you? LOL
Here is just a taste ...... (see image)

Happy downloading
May you all have a safe & happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year!!

TS2DU Staff.
:: Sims 2 Inlimite ::: Sims 2 Inlimite Updates
Written at 05:32 2006n Tuesday 12 December 2006 by Mickey (Mickey).
Some of our new downloads:

1 Female Adult Everyday Outfit
1 Female Adult Undies
1 Female Adult Swimwear
1 Female Adult PJs

Hope you like our creations! :)

Mickey @ Sims 2 Inlimite

Sublime Sims: Sublime Sims Festival of Christmas Update
Written at 20:19 2006n Tuesday 12 December 2006 by Kathleen Lynch (vashti0402).
Hi Guys

Today Sublime Sims kicks off a week and a half long Festival of Christmas update where we give you at least two presents a day. This commences with
-Santa Baby Sim by Vashti
-Christmas Walls by Jacquline

Sims2 Marktplatz: Update incl. new Mesh-Set!
Written at 23:03 2006n Wednesday 13 December 2006 by Sims2Marktplatz.
After our move to the new server, we can
present you a new Update finally again:
Especially with pride we present a bedroom
from Michi which she has meshed for us!
Furthermore, we have some Furniture-Recolors, one Dog,
one House, one Neighborhood, one Pet-Accessories-Set,
Clothing for the Sims-Woman and Wall&Floor-Set for You!

You must sign up in the forum, to be able to access downloads!

Eclectic Sims: Animated Magic Litter Box
Written at 03:51 2006n Thursday 14 December 2006 by SnowStorm.
New @ Eclectic Sims: I've just posted the Animated Magic Litter Box. Who wants a nasty litter box hanging around. This new item will automatically scoopup the offending cat droppings and deposit them in the handy receptical. This prevents those icky does from having a disgusting snack! The box comes with a mix and match rug. I've posted several recolors with the mesh.
Sublime Sims: The Festival of Christmas Day 1-4
Written at 22:47 2006n Friday 15 December 2006 by Kathleen Lynch (vashti0402).
Hi Guys

In the last four days of our Festival of Christmas theme, Sublime Sims has updated with

-Christmas themed CAS house by Vashti (requiring Sims 2 only)
-An Australian Christmas Lot by Tom
-Santa Baby Sim by Vashti
-Christmas Walls by Jacqueline
-2 Christmas themed outfits by Jacqueline
-Christmas themed Lingerie and Slip sets by Skadi

Lots more presents to follow!


Sims Divine: Sims Divine free update 16 Dec
Written at 03:45 2006n Saturday 16 December 2006 by mummysim.
Hi Simmers

Our update this week includes the beautiful victorian "precious moments" toilet, pitcher and bowl meshes in pink and blue by
Mummysim. (Part of an ongoing project).

Sandy has continued making beautiful windows and doors to adorn your sims homes plus a super
coffee table recolour. For bodyshop she presents an adorable black tunic and cropped pants female adult outfit.

We hope you like our update this week and hope the festivities are going well for you all.
Come and see us soon xx
Sims2Arena: Update 12/16
Written at 06:43 2006n Saturday 16 December 2006 by Petra (Arenia).
Today only livingrooms in different colors.

Have a nice weekend, your Arena-Team
Simcastic Designs: Latest Updates at Simcastic Designs
Written at 16:32 2006n Saturday 16 December 2006 by Melissa (Simcastic1).
We all at Simcastic Designs have been busy and having fun, bringing daily updates for you on the site. The latest additions?:

new Sport Bedroom Sets by Simcastic created on request!

New Christmas home and Starter home by GrandMasterSlime!
christmas home: http://www.simcasticdesigns.com/smallhomes.htm
Starter home: http://www.simcasticdesigns.com/starters.htm

New Walls and floors by Lilymayrose...featuring her new wood floors!

New objects and Lot created by SusanJoan19!

And Finally...the latest adopt-a-family has been added!

We hope you enjoy!
Blacky´s Sims2 Zoo: Updates from 15th December to 17th December 2006
Written at 00:01 2006n Sunday 17 December 2006 by Blacky (blackypanther).
Good morning!
These are our updates of the last two days and today.
Have fun,
your zoo-team

Sims2 Marktplatz: WeekEnd-Update
Written at 01:26 2006n Sunday 17 December 2006 by Sims2Marktplatz.
We have many Things for You.
New Meshes, Houses, Neigborhood,
Furniture, Clothing and more ...

Have Fun with it
Your Marktplatz-Team

Sky Sims: New downloads, news and screenshots
Written at 16:32 2006n Sunday 17 December 2006 by Nadiah.
- 12 new amazing "Seasons" screenshots.
- New downloads by Cirdanta for the little ones: quilts and toddler (fem.) outfits.
Enjoy everything!
Sublime Sims: Sublime Sims Festival of Christmas continues
Written at 00:11 2006n Wednesday 20 December 2006 by Kathleen Lynch (vashti0402).
Hi Guys

In the last four days of the Festival of Christmas update, we've updated with

-Christmas CAS by Vashti (requires Sims 2 only)
-Red Christmas Dress by Jacqueline
-Christmas Cutie by Vashti
-Clara from the Nutcracker by Vashti
-White Christmas Starter by Tom
-Snowy Lodge by Tom
-Santa Starter by Vashti
-Christmas themed Alpha tops by Simguy


Sim Showroom: Fashion update 23rd Dec. on Sim showroom
Written at 14:32 2006n Saturday 23 December 2006 by Svetica.
Wishing you all merry Christmas and happy New year!


Sky Sims: New Christmas downloads & more
Written at 15:49 2006n Saturday 23 December 2006 by Nadiah.
Sky Sims 2 wish you a Merry Christmas! To celebrate this time of the year we have lots of new downloads: gorgeus Christmas clothing, brilliant new quilts for the little ones, and a shopping center ready for your Christmas shopping.
Enjoy everything and: Simply having a wonderful Christmas time!
Sims2 Marktplatz: XMas-Update
Written at 02:59 2006n Sunday 24 December 2006 by Sims2Marktplatz.
Here is the second Christmas-Update from us and our Users.

We wish you all a beautiful Christmas celebration
and much joy of our Update.

Today, there are following gifts for you
One Christmas-Market, a House, two Animal-Pairs by Babajaga666,
one beautiful Christmas-Set and a House by Wölfchen,
XMas-Presents, a Christmas-Elf and Christmas-Pictures by Lupin,
one House and Christmas-Pictures by Innocenza,
one Christmas-Market-Sign by Guderun, Walls &Floor by Topsi
and two Cap&Scarf-Sets by Vampyrelle.

You must sign up in the forum, to be able to access downloads!

Sublime Sims: Sublime Sims Festival of Christmas update finishes
Written at 12:10 2006n Sunday 24 December 2006 by Kathleen Lynch (vashti0402).
Hi Guys

Today Sublime Sims Festival of Christmas update finishes. In the last four days we have updated with
-Santa's Grotto Toystore by Vashti
-Mrs Claus by Vashti
-Teen and Adult Christmas clothing by Vashti
-the Sugarplum Fairy and the Nutcracker soldier by Vashti
-Christmas Walls by Jacqueline
-Icicle Walls by Delhi
-The Gingerbread House by Tom


Sky Sims: New downloads
Written at 20:27 2006n Wednesday 27 December 2006 by Nadiah.
A new section is today opened in Sky sims 2: sims! Download model sims for your game! We also have a lot of new downloads: new quilts, clothing for teenagers, one amazing house and a new shop: The Dolce Shop.
Eclectic Sims: Animated Magic Litter Box Recolors
Written at 22:23 2006n Thursday 28 December 2006 by SnowStorm.
I've just posted 5 great recolors by Luthien of my Animated Magic Litter box.

Blacky´s Sims2 Zoo: Blackys Sim2 Zoo Update
Written at 08:56 2006n Friday 29 December 2006 by Blacky (blackypanther).
We have nice things for your sims...

Come and visit us...

Simcastic Designs: Newest Update from Simcastic Designs!
Written at 06:02 2006n Saturday 30 December 2006 by Melissa (Simcastic1).
We have been having fun and updating daily at Simcastic Designs! here is just a sample of some of the items you'll find there now:

2 Welcome Way small home created by SusanJoan19

Psychedelic New Years and Purple Haze Night Clubs by SusanJoan19:

Alien Skins by SusanJoan19:

New Young Adult Clothing by Simcastic:

Detroit Redwings Bedroom by Simcastic:

Snow Covered Plants by Simcastic:

New Wallpapers by Lilymayrose:

We hope you enjoy!
:: Sims 2 Inlimite ::: 3 New Downloads
Written at 02:01 2006n Sunday 31 December 2006 by Mickey (Mickey).
Some of our new downloads:

3 Female Adult Everyday Outfits

Hope you like our creations! :)

Mickey @ Sims 2 Inlimite


Sublime Sims: Sublime Sims New Year's Eve Party Collection
Written at 12:33 2006n Sunday 31 December 2006 by Kathleen Lynch (vashti0402).
Hi Guys

We thought we'd finish the year up on a high note, so today we're finishing the year up with three gorgeous party dresses by Vashti


The Staff of Sublime Sims

Eclectic Sims: Toddler Fur Coats
Written at 20:19 2006n Sunday 31 December 2006 by SnowStorm.
New @ Eclectic Sims: I've just uploaded a Toddler Fur Coat with 3 free maxis match skins and 5 pay skins.