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Site Updates Archive - December 2004
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SmallSims: SmallSims Updates
Written at 03:22 2004n Friday 3 December 2004 by Jennifer (jenie).

Touch of Color Bedroom....plus 7 new Misc. objects:)
SimsTR :: Turkey's Sims Site (Türkiye): SimsTR (Turkey) is Back!!
Written at 20:55 2004n Friday 3 December 2004 by Erdem (simstr).
After facing important server problems two weeks ago, Turkey's Biggest The Sims Site, SimsTR had to shut down the site temporarily.

SimsTR re-opened on 2-December with the latest back-ups. Although site is working fine for now, webmaster warns you about the possible broken links. (%90 of the links are tested to be fine -wbmaster)

Tüm Sim fanatiklerini sitemize tekrar bekliyoruz!!!

SimsTR is designed as a Turkish Sims Portal which would recompense the absence of an offical Turkish Sims Site, since July 2000.

SimsTR provides a powerful guide and internet portal by its forums/technical help sections, polls, ask to webmaster option, download sections including programs, man-woman skins, links to pages of best stuff in the web.

Guides such as Sims History, Sims Tips, Strategy Guides reviews of Sims Expansions & tips about them and news from Sims World and Maxis.
Sims Revolutions: 12/5 Updates with Finds for Sims 1 and 2
Written at 18:10 2004n Sunday 5 December 2004 by rhonda pringle (laprin).
Whoa, there's lots of wonderful downloads to be had this week! You can find a sampling of some of the very best downloads for Sims 1 and Sims 2 in Around the Dial.

While we aren't creating right now we have lots in storage. No better time than the end of the year to clear out our closets. Much of it will be added to the Yahoo group - so stay tuned!

SmallSims: Parsimonious Updates
Written at 04:23 2004n Tuesday 7 December 2004 by Jennifer (jenie).


--please remember i am part of staff at
Parsimonious and i have permission to
use this photo--
SmallSims: SmallSims Updates 12/9
Written at 02:12 2004n Thursday 9 December 2004 by Jennifer (jenie).
SmallSims: 12/10 Parsimonious Updates
Written at 19:07 2004n Friday 10 December 2004 by Jennifer (jenie).

Moorish Medina Living Rooms
(comes in a light and dark version)
The Sim-Surplus: Sims 2 Flash Tutorials
Written at 19:09 2004n Friday 10 December 2004 by Brent Powell (haloparatrooper).
Sim-Surplus.Com will soon be opening its tutorials section which will include flash video tutorials that show you, step by step in video what to do and how to recolor eyes, add images to clothes, make clothes, change hair color and more. We hope to have a few up by Christmas and even more up by January 1st. Check the site out, www.sim-surplus.com
The Sims Big Brother: The Sims Big Brother
Written at 17:10 2004n Sunday 12 December 2004 by Charlotte (NicksHunny).
This is the new thing, let your little simmie's into this fun game
Go onto the link below and watch, nominate and vote! So apply today.........

WorldSims: SimStuff.com Adds Objects Database
Written at 11:07 2004n Wednesday 15 December 2004 by ManagerJosh (ManagerJosh).
Heads Up Folks! SimStuff.com has launched its new database for the community to upload your custom objects for The Sims 2. It's a slowly growing database of different surfaces and objects, however we hope to see everyone submit more!

Upload and exchange downloads with people around the world your custom objects and other custom content!

Why do you want to pay other sites to do this for you when you can simply do this for free at SimStuff?

Choose SimStuff.com today as the "alternative" choice to bigger exchange names out there.

You can Submit or Download Any Custom Content Item you created here
SIMS EXPRESS: Object Textures for Sims 2
Written at 19:52 2004n Wednesday 15 December 2004 by Sterics.
Today we updated with 10 new textures for objects for Sims 2.

SmallSims: 12/16 SmallSims
Written at 23:54 2004n Wednesday 15 December 2004 by Jennifer (jenie).
Mint Kitchen and 7 new walls:)

SmallSims: 12/16 Parsimonious--pic--
Written at 23:59 2004n Thursday 16 December 2004 by Jennifer (jenie).
Sim Big Brother 2: Sim Big Brother 2
Written at 00:40 2004n Friday 17 December 2004 by Ryan (luckydogryan).
Sim Big Brother is back with the second season with twist and surprises. The twist will be new and fresh even Big Brother hasn't came up with. You decide who is going to be evicted next on Sim Big Brother 2.

SmallSims: SideWalkSims MarketPlace
Written at 13:53 2004n Tuesday 21 December 2004 by Jennifer (jenie).

Chrismas Update includes a new layout plus new skins from Tropicallili and Jennifer...And Mlek brings you a new dining set plus a christmas fireplace, present and other goodies:)
SIMS EXPRESS: Walls and Floors
Written at 15:02 2004n Wednesday 22 December 2004 by Sterics.
Today we updated with new walls, floors and ground textures. Click here for walls (All these wood walls have their own floor in the game). Here for floors and here for ground textures (includes the original ground texture from the game).

Hope you like them!
SmallSims: 12/27 SmallSims
Written at 05:40 2004n Monday 27 December 2004 by Jennifer (jenie).
Simplist Sims!: Simplist Sims New Downloads!
Written at 11:38 2004n Tuesday 28 December 2004 by Sean Middlemore (simplistsims).
I have made a few new downloads come and see!

Sims Revolutions: 12/30 Sims Rev Yahoo Adds Skins
Written at 01:43 2004n Friday 31 December 2004 by rhonda pringle (laprin).
We hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and wish everyone a fantastic New Year! As promised, we have updated the Yahoo group with several of our older "un-released skins". These skins will be available exclusively here for a limited time since we are running out of space. Enjoy!

SmallSims: 12/31 Parsimonious--pic--
Written at 04:54 2004n Friday 31 December 2004 by Jennifer (jenie).

Opens Sims 2 wall and floor section
--138 new walls and floors by kate
---20 new floors and ground covers by matt