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Site Updates Archive - November 2006
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Eclectic Sims: Toddler TuTu
Written at 16:49 2006n Saturday 4 November 2006 by SnowStorm.
New @ Eclectic Sims: I've just posted a new toddler mesh, a TuTu. I had meant it for Halloween, but didn't get it finished intime:( Included with the mesh are 5 tutu outfits, Enjoy!
Betsy's Little Sim Shoppes: ***11/04 Update***
Written at 18:45 2006n Saturday 4 November 2006 by Betsy (BetsyArts).
i have a nice Maxis Livingroom and 5 Adult Female skins for you today. Hope that you see something that you like!!
Sky Sims: New downloads
Written at 19:52 2006n Saturday 4 November 2006 by Nadiah.
New clothing for the winter time: outfits for teen sims (fem.) and a new collection: "Collection Whis for children". Enjoy!
:: Sims 2 Inlimite ::: Totally Sims 2 is now :: Sims 2 Inlimite ::
Written at 04:43 2006n Thursday 9 November 2006 by Mickey (Mickey).
That's right our old website:
Totally Sims 2
has now totally changed! We got a domain name, and changed the old name to

Sims 2 Inlimite

We hope to see you there soon, because since we changed the name and moved to the domain we have added some new downloads:

- 3 new outfits for adult women
- 1 swim wear for adult women
- 1 swim wear for teen girls
- 1 4 pack eyebrows set

Much more coming soon!

Written at 20:53 2006n Friday 10 November 2006 by Sims2Marktplatz.
Today we have two Houses, one Island, one Fox,
one Diningroom, one Bedroom, one Bath,
one Set of Floor and new Clothing for Sims-Women for You!

Eclectic Sims: New Pet beds & Recolors
Written at 23:47 2006n Friday 10 November 2006 by SnowStorm.
New @ Eclectic Sims: I've just uploaded two new pet beds. Both are single tile and allow only cats and small dogs and puppies to use them. Included are 7 recolors for one and 8 recolors for the other. Five of each are from Luthien.
Sky Sims: New downloads
Written at 20:12 2006n Saturday 11 November 2006 by Nadiah.
Today you can find the second part of the "Whis Collection " (now for toddlers) . We also have new and great affiliates and a new: Now you cand download from Sky Sims the song "Dulce Locura" recording in simlish by the famous Spanish band "La oreja de Van Gogh". Thanks Nano! Enjoy!
Simfusion: Simfusion - Up Date - Happy Holiday Edition Theme
Written at 21:39 2006n Saturday 11 November 2006 by Fangree_Craig (minisite_craig).
Happy holiday Edition Theme
Simfusion.co.uk has our new Christmas Theme up based on the sims 2 holiday lineup and will be our christmas season theme, a bit like what we done last year when we were The Sims 2 Minisite exept this theme will be much better.

Hi there,

It has been a busy few weeks over at Simfusion with the release of Pets which I have been playing non stop for the past few weeks and future EA sims titles being announced there has been plenty to keep me busy both in the game and on the site.
There is lots of new content been added to Simfusion over the past couple of weeks and some development changes and shifts have also been going on.
Below I have put together a list of all new features and developments on Simfusion in the past few weeks.

New ContentArrow

Pets Cheats

We have got all The Sims 2 Pets Chats for PC along with a Tutorial on how to use the cheats on Pets.

The Sims 2 Holiday Pages
Or Sims 2 Holiday Pages are up.

Holiday Screenshots
You can find the holiday Screenshots Here.

Pets Wallpaper
We have a range of pets wallpaper in our new wallpaper section.

Pets Buddy Icons
We have added some Pets Buddy Icons top our Avatar Superstore. (Registration & Log In Required)

The new Quiz section is open with two quizzes for you to take part in all about how well you know The Sims 2.

We have an EA RSS Feed with all the latest News and stuff from EA.

Release Watch
EA announced several new Sims titles in the past couple of week's and we thought we would make it simple for you to remember when all these new title's are due to be released. We have set up a new page called Release Watch and in that section you will find all the information you need about when the new titles will be released.


Site Development & Repairs

New Downloads Section
The Downloads Section has been up dated with a new securer and better script, you will notice that the whole section where you download the Packs has changed, there is more info on the actual downloads page and each pack has it's own downloads page unlike the old download system. You will also need to Read our Licence Agreement and Agree to it before you can download the packs.

Game Shop New Script
We have installed a new script in the Gameshop, you can now buy your items from our game shop with amazon.co.uk without having to leave this site using our new Cart system.

Video's Script Repaired
Some of you may remember that we had a videos section a while back but we had to close it down because the script was full of bugs, well the script has now been fixed and all knowing bugs have been fixed, so head over to the videos section to watch cool Pets, Glamour and Holiday videos.

Sublime Sims: New Updates at Sublime Sims!
Written at 02:50 2006n Sunday 12 November 2006 by Kathleen Lynch (vashti0402).
New elemental fairy outfits for girls, new pet - Australian Terrier X Chihuahua and 3 new lots only requiring base game!

Come and see the Sublime!

Betsy's Little Sim Shoppes: **11/16 Update**
Written at 20:15 2006n Thursday 16 November 2006 by Betsy (BetsyArts).
Hope that you find something that you like!!
TS2 DownUnder: 17th Nov Update
Written at 05:55 2006n Friday 17 November 2006 by Kassie (Kassie).
G'day Simmers

A few reminders today....
For all webmasters we have our new topsite list if any of you would like to join you can http://thesims2downunder.csg2.net/topsites/

All new registered members get §100 upon registration and a further §500 if you say hello in the Welcome Wagon forum.

In our TS2DU Shop Kassie has added the Elouera Dog Kennel with matching walls.

Ok onto the updates

From Donna
- Comfy Pet Pillows
- Tan Embossed Living Room Set
- Snowmen Trio Paintings
- Holiday Snowmen Paintings
- Ye Olde Shopping Village
- Holiday Bedroom

From Kassie
- Tulips in 6 Colours
- Cedar Pets Kennel
- Dark Wood Pets Kennel
- Dark Wood Fish Tank
- Blonde Fish Tank

pinkys simsoap: wow this is too cool
Written at 07:16 2006n Saturday 18 November 2006 by camilla cisneros (pinky5172).
Hello to all!

I hope this note finds all my fellow sim fans having tons og simming fun!
Isn't Pets fun? I sure am enjoying it! I have news and updates for you all!
Lets see...I now have my own recolor site! I have joined with Puterwitch,
at her site, Objects for Sims 2. So much talent and so little time...lol
I have an update at "Pinkys recolors" called Mission Check!
Next I also have many of my recolors available at the sims depot! Where I
am proud to say,I won an award for creator of the month! Talk about being jazzed!
I have an update there too a light teal and yellow ginham set that i think is just
darling. By the way membership is free.
And last but not least I did a second autumm set called autum and you will find it
at Pinkys' Simsoap, my yahoo group.
thank you all for your time many hugs to all and great simming fun to all! The links for
All three sites are at the end of this note!
hugs again Pinky

The sims depot


object for the sims2/Pinkys'recolors

http://www.objectsforsims2.com/ or http://www.objectsforsims2.com/recolors/index.htm

Pinkys' Simsoap


just copy and pate if link are not working or stop in at simsoap and let me know!

hugs again Pinky

Simcastic Designs: Football Bedroom Sets
Written at 08:07 2006n Saturday 18 November 2006 by Melissa (Simcastic1).
Now your sims can show off their team spirits by decorating their rooms in their favorite football teams!


Current teams include Chicago Bears, Pittsburgh Steelers, NY Giants, Dallas Cowboys, and the Indianapolis Colts, with more teams being added daily.
More to come, and if you would like to see your particular team in a bedroom, just drop me a line at webmistress@simcasticdesigns.com to request your team.
I hope you enjoy!
Sims2 Marktplatz: Weekend-Updates
Written at 21:27 2006n Saturday 18 November 2006 by Sims2Marktplatz.
Many new Things!
Houses, Pets, Room-Sets,
Wall-Sets, Clothing and more!!!

Simsdivine: SimsDivine updates! Its our birthday!
Written at 15:14 2006n Sunday 19 November 2006 by Nina (FashionDiva).
Hello all,

Its Simsdivine's Birthday its been 1 year! Yay!

So enjoy our new updates:

Sandy presents a few new sofa sets to please you all.Free!
And a few dining sets too, in our premium section.

Mummysim has created an all new bedroom set full of colors and joy for your sims!



Sky Sims: New clothing for teens
Written at 16:41 2006n Sunday 19 November 2006 by Nadiah.
Today we have new clothing for your teen sims (both masculine and femenine). We also have adapted some sections to the new version of the web (that it is still in beta version and, in consequence, incomplete), among them: elder (fem. and masc.), make up, young adult (both masc. and fem.), etc.
Sublime Sims: Sublime Sims celebrates Skadi's Birthday!
Written at 09:32 2006n Monday 20 November 2006 by Kathleen Lynch (vashti0402).
Hi Guys

Today Sublime Sims celebrates Skadi's Birthday and everyone gets the presents!

Today we update with
-Lady Deathstrike Eyes by Simguy
-3 shades of recoloured glasses by Simguy
-"Skadi's Nook" moderately priced lot by Vashti
-Purple Metallic lippie by Vashti


Sky Sims: New downloads
Written at 13:41 2006n Friday 24 November 2006 by Nadiah.
Today we have a new colletion: unisex clothing for children. You can also find gorgeous quilts for all the family in the single objects section. Enjoy!
Written at 21:36 2006n Friday 24 November 2006 by Sims2Marktplatz.
Today we have two Houses, one Dog,
one Pet-Accessories-Set, one Bedroom, one Bath,
one Set Stairs, one Set of Murals, one TerrainPaint
and new Clothing for Sims-Women for You!

You must sign up in the forum, to be able to access downloads!

Simcastic Designs: Ohio State Buckeyes and a new creator at SD!
Written at 05:34 2006n Saturday 25 November 2006 by Melissa (Simcastic1).
Simcastic Designs is thrilled to present to you Lilymayrose as the newest creator to Simcastic Designs! Lily is a beautiful creator with awe inspiring lots, as well as a wonderful friends, so it's such a joy to have her on the team!

And her first items that she's uploading are her walls and floors! There are 30 Siding, 39 Poured/Stucco walls, and 12 stone floors have been added so far in the last few days!

Today's update for Simcastic Designs includes those 12 stone floors by Lilymayrose, and the Ohio State Buckeyes bedroom set by me.


We hope you enjoy!

Simcastic Designs: New Community Lot and Bedroom Set Avail!
Written at 05:14 2006n Sunday 26 November 2006 by Melissa (Simcastic1).

Lilymayrose has created a wonderful Cememtary for you! Pleasantview Memorial Gardens comes with a coffee shop disguised as a chapel and beautiful surroundings in which to visit all your ancestors in one fell swoop.


And a new addition per request to the Football Bedroom Sets! The Arsenal Gunners are now here to help you show your team spirit!


We hope you enjoy!
Melon Fresh: Latest update
Written at 19:49 2006n Monday 27 November 2006 by MelonFresh.
Here is a beautiful Sim made by Kitcat
Simfusion: Simfusion Reaches 1000 Members
Written at 20:32 2006n Monday 27 November 2006 by Fangree_Craig (minisite_craig).

We set ourselfs a target back in July when we had about 300 Registered members on Simfusion to try to get 1000 by christmas and we have beat it.

Yesterday our 1000th Registered Member joined Simfusion making us beat our target which we are very pleased with.

We would like to give a big Thanks to everyone who has joined since we opened back in January and we hope many more of you will Register with us. It has been a good year on the site and we hope you will all carry on coming back for all your latest simmy stuff.


:: Sims 2 Inlimite ::: Sims 2 Inlimite Update!
Written at 21:47 2006n Tuesday 28 November 2006 by Mickey (Mickey).
Today we have updated with 4 new outfits for Adult Females! They were made by Mickey. I hope you guys like them!

Visit us at Inlimite!

TS2 DownUnder: Update
Written at 03:20 2006n Wednesday 29 November 2006 by Kassie (Kassie).
A nice size update today

Donna (RN923)
- Crimson & Gold Set
- Jewel_Tone Lamps
- Jewel-Tone Mission Furniture

- Pink Dog & Cat Display Case
- Teal Dog & Cat Display Case
- Blue Dog & Cat Display Case
- Poinsettia Kitchen

- Black n White Swing
- Pink n White Swing
- Blue and Charcoal Swing
- Floral Lime Living Room
- Floral Peach Living Room
- Christmas Kitty Painting
- Christmas Paintings ~ snowflake, tree, star
- Black & White ~ Peace and Love Windows (Request)

TS2DU Staff
Sims2Arena: 11/29 Sims2Arena
Written at 14:22 2006n Wednesday 29 November 2006 by Petra (Arenia).
Today I will show you something about our board.
A house, a bed- and bathroom,
dog Maxi, two doghouses, also walls and floors.

Enjoy your Arena-Team

:: Sims 2 Inlimite ::: Sims 2 Inlimite updates
Written at 04:51 2006n Thursday 30 November 2006 by Mickey (Mickey).

1 new casual outfits for Adult Females!
1 new formal wear for Adult Females!
1 new formal wear for child girls!
5 new Lipstick/Lipgloss sets!

All made by our very own KittyKatH2o! Thanks Kitty!

Come visit us soon!


Sublime Sims: Sublime Sims updates with Elven Fencing By Tiggerypum
Written at 14:23 2006n Thursday 30 November 2006 by Kathleen Lynch (vashti0402).
Hi Guys

Today Sublime Sims updates with beautiful Elven Fencing by Tiggerypum!