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Site Updates Archive - November 2003
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The SimsCentre: New Site: The SimsCentre (TSC)
Written at 21:21 2003n Sunday 2 November 2003 by A Walker (simscentre).
On 31st October 2003 and brand new UK Sims site was launched called The SimsCentre or TSC for short. It is nearly complete and would like some help from UK Sim fans via email.

Email us at mysimscentre2003@yahoo.co.uk for more information.

Our web address is www24.brinkster.com/simscentre/
The SimsCentre: PLEASE READ! TSC Website Update
Written at 13:42 2003n Tuesday 4 November 2003 by A Walker (simscentre).
If you have recently visited our website you may have not been able to gain access. Well, that has now been sorted and we are back better than before. Our forums are now working after transferring to another provider.

Our first ever poll is published on our home page so please vote. (It's not a hard one).

Got a Sim fansite. Please email us and we will add you to our list.

Please come and visit if you havn't already. (The site was launched 31 Oct 03 and has had over 1060 visiters already!) Please sign our guestbook when you visit. Any ??? please email us at mysimscentre2003@yahoo.co.uk.

Aden, [TSC Webmaster]
Sims Off Limits: Sims Off Limits Changed Location
Written at 18:16 2003n Wednesday 5 November 2003 by Sandra (naughtygirl).
From now on, you can find us here:

I'm trying to get a new free hoster, suggestions are welcome.

I need staff members and affiliates too. ^^

Contest still open to votes!
Sweet Nothings Salon & Boutique: 11/7 - Update at Sweet Nothings
Written at 22:18 2003n Friday 7 November 2003 by Lisa G. (Diskette66).
Finally an update! This one is 14 new skins (always free!). Hope you like em!

SimTycoon Gamer: New Makin' Magic House
Written at 15:37 2003n Tuesday 11 November 2003 by Carrie (simtycoongamer).
I have designed my first house using the Makin' Magic expansion pack for The Sims. It's called Mystical Mansion and is located on 79 Crumplebottom Court. This medieval style mansion has 5 bedrooms, 2 full baths and a spacious kitchen. There is also a back porch and 2 terraces off of the 2nd floor. It's ยง37,837 and comes unfurnished.
Sweet Nothings Salon & Boutique: 11/13 - New ladies skins
Written at 23:42 2003n Thursday 13 November 2003 by Lisa G. (Diskette66).

Sweet Nothings Salon & Boutique

5 new skins for the ladies

Always free at Sweet Nothings
Sweet Nothings Salon & Boutique: New childrens skins
Written at 23:43 2003n Thursday 13 November 2003 by Lisa G. (Diskette66).
New skins for girls!

Sweet Nothings Salon & Boutique
Sims Revolutions: 11/16 "Sexy Senorita Skins", paintings, heads and finds
Written at 17:11 2003n Sunday 16 November 2003 by rhonda pringle (laprin).
We are back with a new skin theme. Ten sexy "senorita" outfits can be found on pages 2 and 3 of our World Beat section. We also added 3 female beauties under DJs and a collection of paintings called "The Cha Cha" and "Senorita" series located under Around the Dial.
The Sims Adventure: SimXtreme2 goes gold...
Written at 14:03 2003n Monday 24 November 2003 by David (ShiponiX).
The upcoming sequel to SimXtreme has finally gone gold and will be released world wide by the end of the month. The first game was a free download on Thesimsadventure.com and so will the sequel be.
the original was downloaded over 10000 times and was also published on thesims.com' front page as the first sim based israeli game.