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Site Updates Archive - October 2011
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BeautySims: Updates from 03.10.-06.10.2011
Written at 12:19 2011n Monday 3 October 2011 by Blackbeauty583.
BeautySims: Updates from 07.10.-09.10.2011
Written at 22:41 2011n Thursday 6 October 2011 by Blackbeauty583.
Sky Sims: New sims 3 donwloads
Written at 18:50 2011n Sunday 9 October 2011 by Nadiah.
We are back!

Today you can find new clothes for the younger ones:

- 3 new clothes for toddler female.

- 2 new clothes for toddler male.

BeautySims: Updates from 10.10.-13.10.2011
Written at 20:55 2011n Sunday 9 October 2011 by Blackbeauty583.
Cheap Jordans: Cheap Jordans
Written at 09:05 2011n Wednesday 12 October 2011 by Cheap Jordans (asd1310).
Natural Running in an unnatural world requires shoesPeople have been experimenting with barefoot running for a long time, but in recent years the activity has gained mainstream notoriety and science-based credibility. Most coaches, elite athletes, physiologists and other medical experts agree that running barefoot in very small doses on soft surfaces can help improve your running mechanics and teach your body to land lightly at your midfoot Cheap Jordans , but they also agree that you should wear some kind of running shoes most of the time."Throw your shoes away for good? Sure, if you have perfect mechanics and you've been living barefoot all of your life Nike Air Max ," says Dr. Mark Cucuzzella, a West Virginia University professor and 2:25 marathoner who has studied barefoot and minimalist runners in relation to running injuries. "But that's not the majority of runners. Most runners absolutely need to wear shoes when they run."If you're used to running in a traditional training shoe with a built-up heel Nike Shox, running barefoot can be a fascinating experience of freedom and can be the first step in developing natural running mechanics. Running unshod your foot naturally seeks out the ground by landing at the midfoot/forefoot, where it receives sensory interaction Supra Shoes , or afferent feedback. This sensory input immediately tells the rest of the body how to move efficiently with light footsteps, a high leg cadence cheap ugg boots , a relaxed but consistent arm swing, an upright posture and a slight forward lean from the ankles. 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True, the calcaneus (heel) bone is a large bone Supra Shoes UK , but it was designed to take the lower impacts of a walking gait and help balance the body as it rolls forward, as well as to help support and balance the body in a standing position as the rear point of a tripod.Accepting large impacts on the heel bone from heel-strike running on the roads barefoot sends tremendous shockwaves (or impact transients) up your body. Those impact transients can have numerous negative affects upstream as your body tries to offset that force and remain balanced Soccer Jerseys, including various forms of tendinitis, illiotibial band strains and adverse sheering in the pelvis and lower spine."It's no different than somebody hitting you on the heel with a sledgehammer with 300 to 400 pounds of force Manchester United Jersey," says Daniel Lieberman, the Harvard University evolutionary biologist who concluded in a study released in January 2010 that running with midfoot footstrikes Cheap Jordan Shoes , either barefoot or in shoes, is better and less impactful than heel-striking. "So if you're going to do that Cheap Jordans , it makes sense to wear shoes. A shoe makes that comfortable. A shoe essentially slows that rate of loading enormously - by about sevenfold in a typical shoe - and that's what makes it comfortable and that's why a lot of people can wear shoes and heel-strike."Many proponents of barefoot running point to Ethiopia's Abebe Bikila as the patron saint of barefoot runners. But even though he won the 1960 Olympic marathon through the streets of Rome, there's much more to the story. Having run barefoot for much of his life Nike Air Max 2011 , it wasn't a huge leap for Bikila to consider running without shoes. What most people forget is he continued to run - and win - marathons while wearing running shoes, including the 1964 Olympic marathon in Tokyo.Even though Lieberman's study concluded that barefoot running with a midfoot stance was more efficient and less impactful than running with a heel-striking stance in shoes Cheap Nike Shox , he doesn't mean you should run your next big city marathon barefoot. Nor should you train regularly without shoes or run on the roads without shoes, at least according to most doctors UGGS For Cheap , podiatrists, physical therapists Cheap UGGS , coaches and elite runners. Running barefoot on the roads or running barefoot most of the time is just not practical or safe.Some foot types cannot handle the impacts of barefoot running, such as feet with hyper-mobility UGGS On Sale , hypo-mobility or imbalances in the forefoot that need correcting by an orthotic. Also, tissue in muscle Cheap UGG Boots , tendon, ligament UGG Boots Outlet, skin and the fat pads under your feet can take a long time to adapt to hard impacts, contact with abrasive surfaces and the full range of motion that occurs when barefoot. Work boots Jordan Shoes , men's and women's dress shoes, cowboy boots and many other types of sneakers have elevated heels Cheap Jordans , which means most of us are accustom to a limited range of motion, dampened feedback Nike Air Max , a layer of protection and a shortened Achilles tendon. Even small amounts of barefoot running (or walking) can leave feet sore and fatigued, but too much barefoot running can lead to injuries like plantar fasciitis Nike Shox, a inflamed Achilles tendon or strained calf muscles.Most of America's top professional and collegiate distance-running coaches utilize some form of barefoot running or barefoot strength and proprioception drills in small doses. 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BeautySims: Updates from 14.10.-16.10.2011
Written at 22:18 2011n Thursday 13 October 2011 by Blackbeauty583.
BeautySims: Updates from 17.10.-20.10.2011
Written at 23:27 2011n Sunday 16 October 2011 by Blackbeauty583.
888lz: Style of the boots are still
Written at 03:36 2011n Thursday 20 October 2011 by 888lz (888lz).
Gossip Girl Studios, Queen B and S are very fond of wearing a flange-style Ugg Jimmy Choo,Uggs Bailey Button Kids<span lang="en"> the Fa Lanjia tights on the legs look more slender! Exports in the winter boots this year launched a series of vibrant color snow boots,Ugg Bailey Button Triplet side can refuse to open, comfortable and warm appearance, but in the same way and cute!

Straight-type boots with pants or skirts are ideal! With the tough pants! And the western skirt of the children! In addition to a short section of snow boots, snow boots decorated with early spring is a good choice. Tube rivets and star's personality makes snow boots around the mouth! Snow boots to wear Ugg Bailey Button, I believe you will be the focus! Mrs. Tom and two choose a dark narrow leg pants, a pair of low boots, casual, light complement each other, plus a knitted cardigan, you can three modeling. Hilary Duff one pair of motorcycle boots, high heels have the same color of leather, handsome, has a type Tailemosen foot lace stockings and a long sweater, long legs revealing high-heeled boots no doubt. Narrow-leg pants and shirt with lace boots bat is another style. Deep V-shaped high-heeled boots, pantyhose more slender bare legs, upper body and then put a coat or knit cardigan, absolutely delicious! Hit U.S. drama "Vampire Diaries" female love more and more fans. Uncle jeans boots with fairly simple style of play Elena, is a good girl next door dress up yo!

888lz: Style simple and neat
Written at 03:39 2011n Thursday 20 October 2011 by 888lz (888lz).

The little girl wearing a winter essential, snow long shirt, tight pants leg,Christian Louboutin Mens good figure, wear is young. Sports Street style ah. Harem pants, turtleneck,Christian Louboutin Boots Sale neat, short hair, this girl will be a good man Oh. Black and white fur boots is the highlight of the ah. Leather pants to wear very tide. Will feel dull black, from the material breakthrough. 10 years of dynamic elements of the decorative lace skirt is very lively. Upper body of the sweater is irregular stitching, great personality. Publicity light beige plush pullover coordination Huaqun right. Plush sleeved pullover feel a little cape, cloak is 10 Oh, the autumn and winter fashion items. A small black bag, so this winter to IN. In the closely watched Christian Louboutin Heels, toe wedge heel, spring and summer of 2011 the influx of people's money. MM is not prepared to lose a pair of oh. Style is very sweet and cute. 10 popular summer pants, sweater material, and winter wear, you can wear a shirt, oh, support is good. A very chic high-heeled shoes. Only the tall piece pants are suitable for MM, or wear will be significantly short legs miles. The movement of wind in the end who is the same style of MM, gray upper body, lower body replaced by black. Replacement of shoes, fashion shoes, the overall style of clean and clear.

Tokyo Shibuya street style, tailored pants, orange vests,Christian Louboutin Sandals very bold with. In addition to the body, but also the courage to taste and temperament! Shibuya is the wind Oh. Blonde big bold cape side by side, or even black, but also memorable. Select a MM cloak in fashion this year oh. Something more formal, although primer shirt and leather leggings, but take the shawl knitted fabrics, elegant lady's temperament.
888lz: Skills test
Written at 03:41 2011n Thursday 20 October 2011 by 888lz (888lz).

Christian Louboutin Outlet Is not so heavy, no one can control, and long legs supermodel Wu Yaxin stance is very helpless. On one pair of large Christian Louboutin Boots is very cute and lively. In this issue of the boots, Kevin Tsai said his number, he will buy the boots! Because Kate Moss by fashion - - inside the socks, full of surprises, even for a large extent self-evident beauty friends, in this scenario has become a target of an attack, what to wear what is wrong. This pair of Christian Louboutin Peep Toe has my mother's generation would wear shoes, too old-fashioned leather pants, criticism, people can not find focus. This relatively small S said the time to go home and watch to wear a pair of red Christian Louboutin Pumps&#12290; Red is really hard to ride, but also large areas of red, and this is the skills test. Then the boots for the legs do not really wear the MM for short. Shoes and hit the small S, but a wooden fine salt on the card is red boots, a small S immediately throw in the towel, enough boots on the position of the eyes of Canadian online actress. Three pairs of boots a positive contrast! Wu Yaxin more suitable leg type, with folding legs were wearing thin. Mu Xi Yan's boots wider leg less the requirements of the application in the pubic region game ING.
BeautySims: Updates from 21.10.-23.10.2011
Written at 23:32 2011n Thursday 20 October 2011 by Blackbeauty583.
BeautySims: Updates from 24.10.-27.10.2011
Written at 22:54 2011n Sunday 23 October 2011 by Blackbeauty583.
mbt shoes: Moncler In Vendita In Italia,Moncler Outlet
Written at 07:45 2011n Tuesday 25 October 2011 by helloworld (helloworld).
Benvenuti nel nostro negozio outlet Moncler,offriamo nuovo 2011 sconto Moncler in vendita, prezzo più basso e di miglior servizio clienti qui,essere in attesa di tua venuta.
north face outlet: north face outlet
Written at 12:01 2011n Tuesday 25 October 2011 by fangfang (agoose1).
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north face outlet: north face outlet is cheap!
Written at 12:02 2011n Tuesday 25 October 2011 by fangfang (agoose1).
North encounter denali <strong>cheap north face jackets</strong> hoodiepaper is utilized, The North encounter Jackets a good deal much less might be the North encounter Jackets forests in inclusion to the North pment will help you inside <strong>North Face Men's 3 in 1 Jackets</strong> your adventure.The North encounter is actually a well-known brand name title of America,which was founded in 1966.Its headquarter.north encounter denali jacket is situated in Sanfrancisco,America.So far,it <strong>The North Face Denali Fleece Jacket Black</strong> has turn out to get the only producer all higher than america whose usages consist of ski suits,packsacks, tents and stuff like that.In a word,it nearly addresses just about every <strong>The North Face Women's Pink Ribbon Denali Jacket</strong> among the ourdoor products.Now.white north encounter mens in America,when it arrives to outdoors products,the 1st aspect occurs to their views might be the North Face.The North encounter was designed by two outdoors enthuasiasts,Doung and Thomkin.They created this brand name title only making use of the purpose the reality that outdoors equipments are actually p.MEN’S DENALI HOODIEpoorly made at that time as well.

BeautySims: Updates from 28.10.-30.10.2011
Written at 12:38 2011n Friday 28 October 2011 by Blackbeauty583.
Sky Sims: New sims 3 downloads
Written at 19:38 2011n Friday 28 October 2011 by Nadiah.

We are back with new downloads for the sims 3:

- New clothing for teenager female (1) and adult/young adult fem. (2).

- Halloween Special : 3 new sets of paintings based on the artist Fabiana Kofman.

Happy Halloween everyone!
BeautySims: Updates from 31.10.-03.11.2011
Written at 15:49 2011n Monday 31 October 2011 by Blackbeauty583.