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Site Updates Archive - October 2003
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Sims Revolutions: 10/4 For You Download Addicts
Written at 17:44 2003n Saturday 4 October 2003 by rhonda pringle (laprin).
Sims Revolutions has updated with several wonderful "Finds" for you this week! You can locate them under Around the Dial.

If you missed out on last week's update, make sure you check out Dashspeed's "Futura" room set under Specials.

Sim Insane: Siminsane Relaunches!
Written at 18:03 2003n Monday 6 October 2003 by Tiger.
Siminsane.com has now relaunched! We feature a load more and a few staffing changes have happened... SimInsane... Are you?
Sims Revolutions: 10/12 Adds "Strictly Hip-Hop" Skins, heads
Written at 17:36 2003n Sunday 12 October 2003 by rhonda pringle (laprin).
Sims Revolutions takes it to the street with a big update - the "Strictly Hip Hop" collection. I have added 18 female skins and 7 male skins located on the last pages of the Hip Hop playlist area. Primona has added 11 fabulous male and female DJ heads located on the last pages of the male and female DJ sections. We also have some hip hop artists: B2K, Eve and Mya to share with you. Check them out under our Celebrity DJ area on page 5.

We haven't forgotten about Finds. Go to our Around the Dial area to see some of the best the Sims community has to offer.
The Sims 2 Home: The Sims 2 Home
Written at 07:41 2003n Thursday 30 October 2003 by rovaira.
Check out our large collection of screenshots, news, reviews, forums, discuss what intrigues you the most about The Sim 2. I can't wait, can you?! :)
The Sims Discovery: The Discovery wants people to sign G - Book.
Written at 22:07 2003n Friday 31 October 2003 by Joshua Van Houten Rezenhower (head_of_tsd).
Hi Simszone fans,
I think its fantastic that TSD and TSZ are both UK fansites. I hope that we can both inspire other UK sim fans with our work and TSZ is great!
TSD needs help though so if its not too much trouble could some TSZ peps come and sign TSD's guestbook.
Thanks just ever so much!
Josh - Head of TSD.