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Site Updates Archive - October 2002
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Written at 02:28 2002n Tuesday 1 October 2002 by SIMSAHOY.
The Sims: Big Bro: SUPRISE!
Written at 22:31 2002n Wednesday 2 October 2002 by Alex Clewes (tsbb).
Hi quick chat my new sit has started up, have a look. It's cool!
Planet Sim: New Updates
Written at 15:26 2002n Thursday 3 October 2002 by planetsim.
Planet Sim has got more updates. We have 10 new Downloads. Also if you want to view Free Will Competition we got it here. Its gone into day 4 and it seems to be quite popular.
Also if you want to join the staff, we need
Wall/Floor Creators and 1more Skin Creator.
The Sims Weekly: Halloween Stuff!!!
Written at 23:52 2002n Monday 7 October 2002 by Caitlyn Sadie (caitlynsadie).
Part 1 of a 3 part Halloween update has been released at The Sims Weeky

new url: www.thesimsweekly.net
Big Brother Resources: Staff Needed
Written at 19:32 2002n Wednesday 9 October 2002 by Webmaster (bbresources).

Think you've got what it takes?

We are looking for enthusiastic members of staff, any age, any location, to report on various big brother related activities on the internet, to keep our viewers informed. We have simple methods of updating and submitting to our website, which would suit first time members of staff, just about anybody really! As well as Big Brother related news articles, we would also like to include simday related... So if you would like to apply, but only really have time for once a week posts, then this is for you! (Some of our existing members of staff operate at more than one website!!)

Get in contact via the website!
"You don't want to miss this!"

Kind Regards, The Website Development Team

Sim Abyss: Three New Lot Downloads!
Written at 00:23 2002n Sunday 13 October 2002 by Cool_J.
There are now THREE new lot downloads on the Ultra Sims website! Two houses and one community lot! Download them now!

Please Give me feed back on whether you can actually download it properly (even though i already know) and whether it works and if you think it could improve!

The first series House from Big Brother can also be downloaded! Keep on voting for who you want in the house!

You Know Where It's At!
Written at 11:42 2002n Sunday 13 October 2002 by SIMSAHOY.
new construction to site
Sim Abyss: Another New Download and a new series...
Written at 21:02 2002n Sunday 13 October 2002 by Cool_J.
There is another download on Ultra Sims for those who like user created house.

But that's not the only thing...

Plans for a short soap sketch are taking place at Ultra Sims!

Look out for the epic series of:- Sim Estate!
THE SIMS CHANNEL: sims dvd video
Written at 07:54 2002n Tuesday 15 October 2002 by SIMSAHOY.
visit dvd section
Sim Insane: SimBrother Staff NEEDED!
Written at 19:59 2002n Tuesday 15 October 2002 by Tiger.
Hi, Tiger here. I'm gonna runa SimBrother series soon on my site, http://www.siminsane.com. I need a report writer... The house is nearly done. Interested? Mail me on siminane@yahoo.co.uk
Sim Media: Sim Brother 2, out now!
Written at 09:33 2002n Wednesday 16 October 2002 by Sim Media!! (Jonnie566).
The second series of the simsxtreme's sim brother has begun! This series we are making it more interactive with puzzles. a weekly quiz with prizes, easy to vote polls and more!
Find us

Ultimatum: The Tributes: For hacked Sims objects
Written at 11:12 2002n Saturday 26 October 2002 by Benjamin (deslayerette).
For hacked Sims objects, visit my site! Check out the rejuvenating sofa, the downtown hot tubs and the skill booster objects.
Sim Insane: WANTED : STAFF
Written at 10:02 2002n Sunday 27 October 2002 by Tiger.
Siminsane has openings for staff. Siminsane will change to 'The Siminsane Network' soon, offering what we do now, Up-To-The-Minute-News and Weather and great hosting plans. We need staff to help update, and we are looking for PHP-Programmers. If you would like a job, please email me at siminsane@yahoo.co.uk and I will try to respond right away. Thankyou.
Ultimatum: The Tributes: UPDATE! New hacked objects
Written at 11:22 2002n Thursday 31 October 2002 by Benjamin (deslayerette).
New hacked objects including Right-at-home cash registers, downtown beds, uber bookcase and many more!