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Site Updates Archive - January 2006
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siMHz: dream glass bathroom
Written at 11:11 2006n Wednesday 4 January 2006 by aleksandra (aleks).
hi everybody!:)

i have create a new set, it is a bathroom, there are 16 new objects mesh and 2 recolorations...it is a donation set.
i thank you for your visit and i wish you a very happy new years!

Written at 08:14 2006n Thursday 5 January 2006 by Brandon (girzim).
SiMusic AWARDS 2006 voting now open!

Important news about Sim Brother 3.

And more...

Sims Divine: Dec 5th New Updates
Written at 11:46 2006n Friday 6 January 2006 by Sandy (Tallpoppy).
Hello Everyone,

Gosh its 2006 already time flies.

Sims Divine has New Free updates for you today,
and we have actually got our Donation section up and running.


Coventry Corners: it's bumper Week at the Complete Sim !
Written at 03:01 2006n Saturday 7 January 2006 by Crissy Perry (Crissy).

this week we have some really awesome work released for you!
today we have:

the Fire Ice and Forest Formal Gowns by Tom
a beautiful Victorian wall set by Jacqueline
the Very Berry Livingroom set by Simsgal
and Crissy gives us a new night life starter, a new table cloth package and an outdoor light re-color
Sky Sims: New design and downloads
Written at 19:33 2006n Saturday 7 January 2006 by Nadiah.
New design of the web, totally different. Also you can find new downloads in: teenager (fem.) - concretly 3 casual outfits, one PJ and one formal dress - ; maternity - look for the new instrutions to use this type of clothing, they are in the same page -; single objects - all Harry Potter books with different covers around the world-; and sets - pink instruments-.
Sims Area Productions: SAP's "SiMusic" UPDATE! NEW VIDEO!!!
Written at 21:12 2006n Monday 9 January 2006 by Brandon (girzim).
NEW "SiMusic" VIDEO!!!
Black Eyed Peas - "My Humps"

http://www.geocities.com/sims_area_productions/simusic/index.htm CLICK ON THE URL



Coventry Corners: bumber week continues
Written at 04:24 2006n Tuesday 10 January 2006 by Crissy Perry (Crissy).
Simsgal has given us a beautiful wall and floor set - Floral Bonanza, and the Very Berry Bedroom set
Tom has made a brand new male teen boardy and swimmer set
and Crissy adds a new door glass insert, a new clothed table set and a new nightlife starter home.
pinkys simsoap: log Cabin
Written at 18:22 2006n Wednesday 11 January 2006 by camilla cisneros (pinky5172).
Hi! Well here it is! Its very basic, very simple. Most real log cabin are! In fact most were just one room. This one how ever is 1 bedroom one bath with large kitchen and livingroom! It runs under $20,000 and is unfurnished. As for mine... I have furnished it using the rustic set as well as some other pieces i have! I have put some pics in the photo section to give you all an idea of how it looks and can look! Thank you all for your support and fun.! Now if i might ask i had fun doing this set and house! Any one have any ideas for another such project? Furniture and house in theme mode? Thank you all! hugs pinky


More of my work can be found here too!
The depot
Addicted 2 Sims: 5 new beddings
Written at 16:13 2006n Thursday 12 January 2006 by diana.

Happy new year simmers and simsters.

First update at Addicted 2 Sims this years are 5 new bedcovers.

You will find them under bedding page 4.

Hope you like them!
Sky Sims: New downloads and designs
Written at 19:56 2006n Thursday 12 January 2006 by Nadiah.
Today we have new downloads in teen's section (masc.). The toddler's section (fem.) has been updated, old downloads and images have been modified. We also have new affiliates and tops, please vote for us, it is just a click and it helps us a lot! We have also modified our link buttons and the signs of casual, undies, etc. See you!
Coventry Corners: Bumper Week continues
Written at 05:59 2006n Saturday 14 January 2006 by Crissy Perry (Crissy).
simsgal gives us the Springtime Bedroom set
Skadi has made another beautiful lilac wall set
Tom has outdone himself with elder hair colors and a beautiful white gown
and Crissy has made for us a new starter home, another clothed table set and designer wall phones
Sims Divine: Sims Divine updates 14 Jan
Written at 02:43 2006n Sunday 15 January 2006 by mummysim.
Sims Divine updates this week with some gorgeous party dresses and lipsticks from Nikki, while Mummysim updates with some new casserole pot meshes, picture, bathroom set and a recoloured pick up truck.

In our donation area we have a 24 piece carpet pack, a beautiful victorian wall set and a brand new spa bath set by Mummysim. Thank you to all our donators.
Twisted Sims: Now Open!
Written at 00:26 2006n Monday 16 January 2006 by Carrie (lizholsimer).
A new website has opened in The Sims community! Our website is called Twisted Sims and it features forums, downloads, image galleries, a knowledge base and lots more for The Sims 1 and 2. Be sure to check it all out today!
The Sims 3 Website: 9 Bluewater Lane Online!
Written at 20:38 2006n Monday 16 January 2006 by Daryl (thesims2website).
9 Bluewater Lane is now online. To download this house, visit www.thesims2website.co.uk

We are also open to offers (money wise) for the purchase of TS2W. Please contact us for more details.
SiManiac: Fashion Show!
Written at 19:02 2006n Tuesday 17 January 2006 by ilknur (xejia).
Our desinger MiNAY has added some new clothing for Sims 2."Water and Fire Series"
Here is some of them... ^-^
Sims Area Productions: SAP's UPDATE!
Written at 08:23 2006n Wednesday 18 January 2006 by Brandon (girzim).
Sad news about ::Sim Brother:: and dates for releases of the Sim-Series.
Interviews coming soon at "Sims Area Productions".



"SiMusic Awards" VOTING still open  and  "SiMusic Requester"
still open.



For more information about what's happening at SAP. Go to:

siMHz: accessories for kitchen
Written at 20:44 2006n Wednesday 18 January 2006 by aleksandra (aleks).
hi everybody!!!
in these days, i have create new objects .
these are free! there are 5 new objects for sims kitchen:
a toaster, a wok, pots, spoons, cup of fruits and vegetables for the wok... i hope you like it!

i thank you for your visit and i thank you so much, for all your messages!!!
i wish you a great day and a fun sims 2 play!

Sims Area Productions: SiMusic UPDATE
Written at 22:15 2006n Wednesday 18 January 2006 by Brandon (girzim).
"SiMusic" requester has ended ROUND 1 and the winner is Kelly Clarkson for "Because Of You".

ROUND 2 has begun and we will pick 2 winners.

Go and vote for the upcoming video at:

And remember to VOTE at "SiMusic Awards 2006" and vote for the video of the year! at:
Sky Sims: New downloads with new meshes
Written at 13:25 2006n Saturday 21 January 2006 by Nadiah.
You can find new downloads with new meshes in the sets' section (a complete toddler's bedroom with furniture in the shape of a train!). There are also new walls and new clothing in elder's section (masc.), which has also been renovated. Enjoy!
Twisted Sims: New Updates!
Written at 16:57 2006n Sunday 22 January 2006 by Carrie (lizholsimer).
Today's update includes a new house by Gordon.

Click here to download it!

Coming 1/23/06

New dresses for your female Sims!

Twisted Sims: Dressy Sims!
Written at 17:20 2006n Monday 23 January 2006 by Carrie (lizholsimer).
I have added 4 new dresses for your female Sims today. Click here to check them all out!

Coming 1/27/06

Casual skins for your male and female Sims! - Preview
Sims Divine: Sims Divine updates 23 Jan
Written at 19:24 2006n Monday 23 January 2006 by mummysim.
Hi there

Sms Divine updates this week with some new trouser and top sets plus lipsticks from Nikki. Sandy provides some awesome new skins too. Mummysim brings you new meshes, a dining set, a dimmer switch, a cup and saucer, a new bedroom set plus lots of walls and floors:

Heres our latest uploads: Hope you enjoy them.
siMHz: Malibu
Written at 14:19 2006n Wednesday 25 January 2006 by aleksandra (aleks).
hi everybody!

i have finish my new set just yesterday... it is Malibu set!
there are 19 new meshes and 2 recolorations, gold wood and brown wood. in totality, there are 57 new files .package.
i thank you so much for your visit and for all your messages!
i wish you a great day, and a fun sims 2 play!!!

Sky Sims: New object downloads
Written at 16:43 2006n Thursday 26 January 2006 by Nadiah.
New objects in all sections: new set for kid's bedroom with new meshes (follow the instructions to download the meshes correctly), also new amazing single objects: a round bed, two trampolines and a playground. Enjoy!
Twisted Sims: New Casual Skins
Written at 16:51 2006n Friday 27 January 2006 by Carrie (lizholsimer).
I have added 4 new female skins and 2 new male skins today. Click here to check them out!

Coming 1/30/06 - A new house for your Sims! Be sure to visit this thread for updates and previews!
Ultimate Sim: The latest information on Sim Games
Written at 17:12 2006n Friday 27 January 2006 by Martin Porcheron (mporcheron).
Ultimate Sim is now online (although official launching 15th Feb). We have the latest news and reviews for all the Sims games before most sites.

Ultimate Sim also runs Spore News, the best place to go for the latest on Spore!
The Sim City Gallery: Sim City Gallery for Sims 2 Update! (SimsHost)
Written at 01:56 2006n Sunday 29 January 2006 by Kelly Krawczak (SimCityGallery).
Some Renoir Paintings have arrived at the Gallery. I also added Silver and Gold colors of the Buckaroo outdoor lamp. Mix & Match the metals and new glasses for the Almost Deco wall lamp in Decor.


Sim City Gallery for Sims 2
Downloaders will need a SimsHost Subscription

Twisted Sims: Hasbrouck House
Written at 15:45 2006n Monday 30 January 2006 by Carrie (lizholsimer).
I have added a new house for your Sims today! It was named after one of the mansions in the Casteel family series of books by V.C. Andrews. The cost is around 110,762 simoleons and was built using a 3x2 lot. It is fully furnished and features a spacious kitchen, 2 full baths, a study and 2 bedrooms. There are also sitting areas and 2 decks for your Sims to enjoy. This house requires University and Nightlife. 3 of my custom paintings were also used, which are included in the zip file. Click here to download it! Please feel free to also discuss it in the forums.
Sims Area Productions: ::SiMusic:: BIG UPDATE!
Written at 06:33 2006n Tuesday 31 January 2006 by Brandon (girzim).
Valentine's Day is coming and our gift has arrived to SiMusic website, is a new video featuring Kelly Clarkson! Go and check it out.

The voting for the VIDEO OF THE YEAR is still open, go and vote for your favorite video of 2006.

The ::SiMusic REQUESTER:: is beginning ROUND 3. Winners of ROUND 2 are:
- Fall Out Boy and Madonna.
What videos? Check it out at:

Sims Area Productions: ::Sims Area Productions:: UPDATE
Written at 06:38 2006n Tuesday 31 January 2006 by Brandon (girzim).
February is coming and a Series is starting. We made a little bit of changes on the release calendar but you will enjoy it anyway.
SO, the Series that begins at the end of february is... find out next monday on the website of SAP:

The interview to ChEeTaH will be posted this february 4. Where? At ::Sims Area Productions::

siMHz: swimmingpool objects
Written at 14:13 2006n Tuesday 31 January 2006 by aleksandra (aleks).
hi everybody!
this week i have create new objects for the outdoors and for the swimming pool, it is "malibu pool toys " objects. there are 8 new meshes and recolorations.

a pool ladder, a diving board :white
a ball,a ring, a pool armchair: blue green pink orange
a surfboard: 3 colors
a sunshade, a sink :gold wood and brown wood

i hope you like it!!!
i wish you a great day and a fun sims 2 play!

Simpathetic: New skins at Simpathetic - family friendly
Written at 20:23 2006n Tuesday 31 January 2006 by TL Meyn (tlmeyn).
Facial Skins - family friendly.

A variety of skin tones and looks. The same four models are used to show the varying looks possible by changing the skin tones.The model have no additional makeup, nor have their facial features or hair been chenged. The skins have standard Maxis bodies and thus are FAMILY FRIENDLY. I have nothing against "realistic" nude skins personally, but am not sure they are apporpriate for young children. So mothers can download these for their kids without concern.