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Site Updates Archive - January 2004
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urt31.com: Unofficial expansion pack work starts
Written at 21:14 2004n Monday 5 January 2004 by Josh (urt31).
How would all you sims fans like a usermade expansion pack for the best game ever?
The reason I am posting this is because one is in the pipeline yes :

The sims: Real life is planned how do I know all this? I am the project coordinator here is the press release:

"As yuo know Maxis announced that makin' magic, would be the last official ep. Well an unofficial one was today announced. The sims: Real life will bring a much more realistic element to the sims. A group of hackers today began work on one of the biggest projects ever tryed for the sims here is an extract from an interview with Josh the leader of the project:

Is it too early to say, or how do you hope to distribute this expansion? Will it be brought from a website or will it be sold in stores?
It will be downloadable on many websites and we do hope you will be able to order the disk for Posting and Packaging charges. One thing is for sure, we all agree this should be free.

The whole interview is avaliable at www.simmedia.co.uk "

The website for the project is at http://s3.invisionfree.com/The_Sims_Real_Life/index.php?act=site
SimX_International: The SimX Forums Open
Written at 01:44 2004n Thursday 8 January 2004 by Web Master (simx).
SimX have over the last few days had endless requests to start a forum. Now we have so come over, check it out and let the discussions begin!
Sim Abyss: Ultra Sims And SimX Team Up For Revamp!
Written at 00:23 2004n Sunday 11 January 2004 by Cool_J.
The webmasters of both Sim_X International and Ultra Sims have teamed up together to work on a project that will redesign the whole layout of the Ultra Sims website. We felt it was looking a little drab and boring, so we're changing it's style, look and personality!

Big Brother Series Three will still be coming your way, but the site will have a short delay in some updates. Hopefully, the new layout update will have no effect on the Series Genisis.
It may look a little messy and ugly if you catch us in the middle of the revamp, but Ultra Sims will be back up soon. :)

The new revamp for 2004 has commensed!

Sim Abyss: New Ultra Sims Site Launched!
Written at 18:33 2004n Sunday 11 January 2004 by Cool_J.
Now I hate to have to Flood TSZ's Latest Site Update Section (ie. double posting - sorry!), but there is great news at hand! The New Ultra Sims Site has Just Launched!

The new Ultra Sims layout has been improved tremendously, just in time for Big Brother Series Three. Nearly everything has been modified, except our Series One and Two Sections, which we may leave, but we may change it too.

Please, don't forget to vote on who you want to evict on the first day! The previews for both the house and housemates are up, so you can view them straight away! Thanks again to SimX for all it's help!

Who Goes? You Decide!
SimX_International: SimX Updates- News, Poll, Downloads and SB Special!
Written at 00:55 2004n Saturday 17 January 2004 by Web Master (simx).
SimX has been updated! We have a new poll, 2 new downloads, general news and a very special Sim Brother X article in which SB from this site is featured.

simx webmaster Josh
SimSational: SSG Radio
Written at 20:22 2004n Thursday 22 January 2004 by Chris (ChrisSSG).
Tada! After 6 hours of work, we have finally completed the SSG Radio at SimSational Sim Games.

Tune in to our station for music, Sim news updates and competitions. All you need to listen to our station is Winamp, Real Player, QuickTime or Windows Media Player. We recommend you use Winamp but either will work fine.

On our radio page, you can tell whether we are broadcasting or not. The automated indicator on the page is just a back-up if the station is running late, or not at all.

Our head DJ is Ant Crowdie from the UK, and everyone else that runs the station is from the UK so we may be running at a strange time for you! Here are the UK times:

GMT (UK): We are on air between 7am and 7pm. We have Sim news updates at 4:15pm, 5:15pm and 6:15pm.

The times for other time zones and more information can be found at www.radio.simsational.co.uk. Happy Simming!
Sim Abyss: BB3 Launched!
Written at 01:18 2004n Saturday 24 January 2004 by Cool_J.
Yes! Big Brother Three has now launched today (23/1/04) and the first day is now up to view by you, the public. The evictee has left the house and left their trail of destruction with the other housemates. Find out what we mean by viewing Day One.

More surprises to come in Day Two, just as many! Stay Tuned!

Who Goes? You Decide!
Sims Revolutions: 1/24 Adds Citrus Livingroom & More!
Written at 18:12 2004n Saturday 24 January 2004 by rhonda pringle (laprin).
We've added another big update as part of our on-going anniversary celebration!

Under our Specials/Objects we added the "Citrus Livingroom" by Laprin. You can also find matching "Citrus wall and floor sets" under Walls.

Check out new celebrity heads by Shortyboo. We have also updated with 6 heads by Primona.

And finally...We have hot new Finds for you to enjoy in Around the Dial.

Sims Revolutions: 1/28 Sims Rev Yahoo Tuscany Kitchen
Written at 15:09 2004n Wednesday 28 January 2004 by rhonda pringle (laprin).
We've updated the Sims Rev Yahoo Group with an elegant "Marble Tuscany Kitchen Set".