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Site Updates Archive - January 2003
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Sim Insane: Siminsane - Now Ad Free!
Written at 14:17 2003n Saturday 4 January 2003 by Tiger.
Siminsane is moving servers to a faster-loading a-free one. The move will be over by tomorrow, so stay tuned: It's gonna be an interesting year. Also, we will be giving free ad-space away. Buttons only, no banners or popups.
Jendea Simitecture: New Design, New Things, New Forum
Written at 11:30 2003n Wednesday 8 January 2003 by Jendea (TSZ) (Jendea).
I think (*think*) that I finally worked out enough of the kinks in the new site design to merit an announcement - lol. So I am officially inviting everyone to come on over and see the new stuff and say HI in the forum.

Ultimatum: The Tributes: Hacked Objects update!
Written at 13:03 2003n Monday 13 January 2003 by Benjamin (deslayerette).
Visit Ultimatum: The Tributes for the latest hacked objects: Uber Caffeine Station, The LOVE Machine and Vacation Phone Replacement. All objects are now compatible with Unleashed and Vacation.
Sims Match: New Walls by Shaybear
Written at 00:56 2003n Wednesday 15 January 2003 by DJ (dalejr410).
New walls have been added to Sims Match (simsmatch.com) by Shay Bear : ) They are looking really nice : )
Sims Match: Moni's Sims
Written at 00:57 2003n Wednesday 15 January 2003 by DJ (dalejr410).
You can find several files from Moni's Sims on Sims Match (simsmatch.com) now!! All of her files will eventually be added to our database. You can come and check out the previews now : )
The Sims Weekly: Updated Treasure Hunt Diner and . . .
Written at 04:48 2003n Friday 17 January 2003 by Caitlyn Sadie (caitlynsadie).
We've almost hit 100 downloads! I'm throwing a big party at the messageboard when it happens! Visit today!
BuilderSIM: Adds House's.
Written at 15:32 2003n Friday 17 January 2003 by Donna Hillman (BuilderSIM).
Updated with House's on Lots 4, 68 and 69.
Sims Revolutions: Updates
Written at 21:36 2003n Wednesday 22 January 2003 by rhonda pringle (laprin).
We've added skins to both our "Hip Hop" and "Quiet Storm" (lingerie) collections.

This site is themed like a radio station. The skins section is divided into "Playlist". You can then choose your skins based on musical style - Hip Hop, Rock, Classical, etc. ..get it?
Lots of heads and skins.
Creations for the Sims by Tara Elisabeth: Gowns from Golden Globes 2003
Written at 02:16 2003n Thursday 23 January 2003 by Tara Elisabeth (Tarah).
Creations for the Sims by Tara Elisabeth updates with gowns from Golden Globe Awards 2003.
Sim Abyss: Sim Estate Prosponed and New Downloads.
Written at 18:21 2003n Sunday 26 January 2003 by Cool_J.
Sim Estate has unfortunately been prosponed and will be back on your screens some time in the very near future.

More work has been added to Ultra Sims in the meantime, and of which has caused a lack of updates. Sorry :(

Ultra Sims is curruntly just running on low power and will be update every so on until I get my schedule sorted out :D

Two more houses have been added to the downloads and there are three more houses coming up soon (they have already been built, but they need sorting out). Look out for lots more downloads coming your way very soon! (Big Brother II will hopefully be here sometime in summer!)

Sim Sirens: Sim Sirens Updates!
Written at 01:17 2003n Thursday 30 January 2003 by Amy Choy (simsirens).
Sim Sirens have moved! You can find out more at its new home.

As for the update, there are three new outfits and one new model! You can find the outfits in Formals, Swimwear, and Lingerie/Sleepwear. The model can be found under where else? Models!